Dekha Pyaar Tumhara (1963)

The movie opens with a phone call at the Police Station. The inspector calls few constables and leaves after hanging up.

I was wondering if it was a murder mystery. But the call was to report a petty theft. A lady complains that her purse has been stolen and the girl sitting next to her is missing.

She gives the girl’s description and Police track her down only to lose her again as she enters a house on the way and hides.
In the house, Madhuri (Naaz) hears Shanti (Achla Sachdev) singing Taron ki gori chaand ki gudiya jage ri nindiya to dolls.

Ramesh Gupta (Shyam Kumar) reads in the paper about a wealthy man’s missing daughter – 18 year old, fair, a mole on her left cheek, light eyes and black hair.

Suddenly they realize that Madhuri, one of their aides, also has a mole on her cheek. After confirming that it’s on the left cheek, they (Ramesh and Madan) plot a scheme to prove her as the wealthy man’s missing daughter.

A detective named Sudhakar is killed and Madan’s and Ramesh’s men go to burry him. Prabhu (Bhagwan) happens to reach there at that very moment and discover the deadbody.

He’s attacked but Raj(Subi Raj) arrives and they both fight with them.

Raj and Prabhu learn about Shanti – that her daughter was stolen and that Sudhakar was investigating the case. They impose as detectives and take over the responsibility of finding her long-lost daughter.

On their first day of investigation, they go to a night club in the evening evening to see Helen perform to Chale aana sanam uthaye quadam. Madhuri, disguised as a guy, steals Sadhana’s (Sadhana Coudhary) necklace and hands it over to Madan.

But when the theft is discovered, noone is allowed to leave the club. Madan, scared of getting caught puts the necklace in Prabhu’s pocket.

Prabhu and Raj are also fleeing from police because they don’t want to be caught as imposters. They somehow manage to leave the club.

Prabhu has a big-time crush on Sadhana. When he finds the necklace, he decides to return to it over. Ramesh’s men track Prabhu’s house to take the necklace back but they don’t find it. They even attack Prabhu and Raj but can’t lay their hands on the necklace.

During all this Madan realizes that Madhuri is actually in love with Raj and is scared that their plan would go for a toss if the three of them (Madhuri, Prabhu and Raj) get together.

So he comes up with another plan.

He takes Madhuri to Shanti as her daughter and warns her against Raj saying he’s just pretending to be in love with Madhuri but in real he’s behind her wealth.

Shanti is overjoyed at having her daughter back but she suddenly turns against Raj and doesn’t let him into the house.

Prabhu, on the other hand goes to return the necklace but even there Madan goes and tell’s Mohan Das, Sadhana’s father that it was Prabhu who had stolen the necklace in the first place and he has returned it now just to create a good impression on them, so that he can rob them of their entire wealth once he gains their faith.

Unable to convince the people involved of their innocence, Raj and Prabhu feel helpless. And that’s exactly what Madan and Ramesh had ever wanted.

The bad guys succeed in setting a perfect trap – Madhuri in a place where she can’t defend Raj, anything she tries to do in his favour has a risk of revealing her own secret, that she’s just a character in Madan’s and Ramesh’s scheme and not Shanti’s own daughter; hatred that they implant in Shanti against Raj and Mohan Das against Prabhu and heroes are no longer in a state to do anything to prove themselves innocent of all the accusations because noone is willing to even listen to them.

There are 2 more songs  –

Aaye bahaar mere angana mein
Haye re haye masoom ishare

The title track was deleted, and as per this, one more song was deleted.

What happens next? Will Shanti ever find her real daughter?

Will Madhuri be caught? Will the heroes be able to prove their innocence?

Who’s this gentleman? (I didn’t find this movie listed in imdb, so had to guess the names of the characters, am not really sure who’s who except for Madan Puri, Achala Sachdev and cracktastic villian Shyam Kumar).

I couldn’t even find when this movie was made. Checked few sites, they only had Dekha Pyaar Tumhara made in the 1980’s starring Kamal Hassan. The CD certificate was dated 1963, but am not sure when the movie was actually made.

There’s nothing to rave about this movie – neither the starcast (most of them were OTT, I liked only the bad guys), nor the story. Even the songs are just ok. I really don’t know why I bought this movie in the first place 😛

Luckily the movie was cut-short and it got over in less than two hours. I was happy when it finally ended. First 5 minutes and one could make out what would follow next.

Not a movie that I would suggest anybody to watch –  if you like the songs, watch them on youtube. And if you don’t have anything better to do, re-watch one of your favourite movies 🙂


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22 Responses to “Dekha Pyaar Tumhara (1963)”

  1. bollywood lover Says:

    Oh a very lovely review, i never heard about this film. I guess this film was released in 1963. The songs are good, esp.the Helen one. But one thing which i am not sure about, that who is the music director? So dear please inform me about this.

  2. Nasir Says:

    Thanks for the review.
    Somehow I remember the title of this movie. I remembering hearing the female song HO JI HO DEKHA PYAAR TUMHAARA (Suman? probably) in early sixties. Was this song there in the movie? As you mentioned, the movie is probably of 1963. Seems to be a short movie, i.e.14 reels.

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      You are most welcome 🙂
      The title song was deleted from the movie. It is sung by Suman Kalyanpur. Couldn’t find the video on youtube as well (though it has an audio of it)….but yes, I too remember listening to it on radio. Movie was pretty short, but from what I learnt from this link – 2 songs were not in the cd (I’m not sue about the rest, few scenes did look disconnected):
      – Title track (Suman) and Jao jee humne maaf kiya (Rafi + Suman duet). Haye re haye masoom ishare is a cute song though.

      • Nasir Says:

        Is it this one: ACHHA JI MAAF KARDO, THO.DAA INSAAF KAR DO, DIL PAR JO TEER CHALAAYE, USKAA HISAAB KAR DO (Rafi) to which the female voice replies:
        That was a good duet.

      • sunheriyaadein Says:

        Achha ji maaf kardo, thoda insaaf kardo is a Rafi-Geeta duet from Musafir Khana .
        I don’t know Jao ji maaf kiya – though the lyrics looks familiar, am not able to exactly place this song.

  3. Nasir Says:

    Then that song must be from Musafir Khana!
    It seems that there are quite a number of “Maaf Kiya” songs in Bollywood movies.

    Was Naaz married to Subiraj? They had also appeared together in Chhaila Babu and may be a couple more movies.

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      Exactly, quite a lot of songs on Maafi :-). Lots of Roothna and manana goes on in Bollywood.
      I have no clue if Naaz and Subiraj were married. Couldn’t find much info on both of them on the internet.

      • Nasir Says:

        They were the leading pair in Chhaila Babu too (1965) which is remembered chiefly owing to Rafi Sahaab’s song: Tere Pyaar Mein Mujhe Gham Milaa…
        Incidentally, this was the first independent musical venture of the LP duo and not Parasmani though the last named was released earlier in 1963.

      • sunheriyaadein Says:

        I remember the song, but never knew who it was picturized on.
        Tere pyar ne mujhe gham

        Tracked down this comment on youtube that says :
        “The hero of the film Subiraj was married to Naaz the heroin of the film. He was some way related to Kapoor family.”

        Chhaila Babu was also directed by the same director, K.Pervez, so that explains the common starcast.

  4. harvey Says:

    never heard of this movie before. And from teh star cast know only naaz and Bhagwan and the bad guys.
    Wasn’t there a movie with the same title in the 80s as well?
    Thanks for the warning! 😉

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      I had heard the songs on AIR and Vividh Bharati but nothing more than that. I’m actually still wondering as to what made me buy the movie.
      Same here, I knew only Naaz, Bhagwan, Madan Puri, Shyam Kumar and Achla. Remember seeing Subiraj but didn’t really know his name.
      And yes, there was a movie made with the same name in 1985 with Kamal Hassan and Rati Agnihotri in the lead role.

      Anytime…I don’t want others to suffer 😉 It wasn’t that bad but, it’s just that there’s no growth of characters. Even the story doesn’t move forward much…by the time we reach the first song, we can predict what the actual story is, but it’s stretched so much, that one just begins losing interest.

  5. bollyviewer Says:

    Sadhana Choudhary looks lovely. Cant recall ever hearing of her before. And Naaz is of course, great. Maybe you bought this film for her? Or out of curiosity – just to check out Subi Raj as hero? I remember him as an eccentric landlord in an old Hindi soap called Paying Guest, but apart from that, he’s only ever appeared on my radar in small character roles all over the place.

    How does the film end? Might as well tell us, so nobody is even remotely tempted to try and waste 2 hrs on it! 🙂

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      Yup, she looks lovely. But surprisingly, nobody in the movie refers to her by name…so I just used Sadhana for reference here (hoping that was her real name. She was the only other lady apart from Naaz and Achla, so took it for granted that she must be Sadhana Choudhary).
      You are right, I guess I bought it out of curiosity seeing not-so-well-known faces on the cd cover.

      Raj comes disguised as a music teacher to meet Madhuri. When Madan learns of this, he exposes Raj and Shanti’s furious that her own daughter cheated her all this while. Madhuri, out of guilt, confesses that she’s not Shanti’s real daughter and that she is just being used as a pawn. Part of story from Madhuri and a part from Shanti, it turns out that Madhuri is Shanti’s real daughter – Ramesh used to work for Shanti’s husband (Mr. Shanti sounds better na ;-)) and he had a boori nazar on Shanti. When Mr. Shanti passes away, he asks her to marry him and she gives him one tight slap. In return, he kidnaps her little daughter who grows up to become Madhuri. Even Prabhu is proved innocent. All of them get together, and with police’s help, set out to get the bad guys caught. Though the villians manage to outwit the heroes and police in the beginning they are finally caught and punished. So it’s all “Happyz endingz”

  6. memsaab Says:

    1963 seems about right for the film to have been made…they all look that vintage to me 🙂 I guess I don’t need to worry if it never makes it to dvd with subtitles—one less to fret about!

  7. undercover guy Says:

    i need this movie…
    is it available for download?
    can anyone post the download link plz…

  8. Maria Malhotra Says:

    Yes, Subi Raj and Naaz were married. Naaz’s (or Baby Naaz, as she was called) real name is Salma Baig. She died on October 19, 1995.

    Subi Raj is cousin of Raj Kapoor.

  9. Maria Malhotra Says:

    You can see Subi Raj (or Subbiraj) in many movies & TV serials as grandfather, judge, commissioner, etc.

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