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Ziddi (1964)

May 29, 2010

Ashok (Joy Mukherjee), is the youngest son in the family of Judge Sachin Shankar (Ulhas) and Mumtaz Begum.

He has two brothers and a younger sister (Lata Sinha). Both his brothers  are married and one of his sisters-in-law is Bela Bose. She hardly makes an appearance for 2 mins, what a waste of character!

Sachin is a pretty strict parent who wants everybody at breakfast table by 8 AM and expects all his sons to go to work and earn their living. The other two are great sons as per him who are professionally and financially settled in life and his only complain is about Ashok, who’s still in bed when everybody else has already gathered for breakfast. And he’s also not happy about Ashok wanting to become a writer.

Ashok goes to meet a publisher (Murad), who also doesn’t approve of his choice of profession because he thinks Ashok doesn’t look like a writer!!! (Now what’s that supposed to mean?)

Mr. Chaterjee (Asit Sen) makes an entry here and the publisher tells him that he has been summoned to Ooty by Thakur Mahendra Singh (Raj Mehra) as the Manager of his Tea Estate. And apart from looking after the Tea Estate his job would also include keeping an eye on Asha (Asha Parekh), Thakur’s daughter. He gives Mr. Chaterjee Asha’s photo, where she’s posing beside an elephant with a gun and gives him a brief introduction saying – “Yeh Thakur saab ki beti hai, Asha. Aur uski teen hi shauk hai zindagi mein – Sheron ki shikar, haati aur ghodon ki sawari and aadmi ke kapde pehena aur unko neecha dikhana” (This is Thakur’s daughter, Asha and she lives just for three things – to kill tigers, to ride horses and elephants and to wear men’s outfit and to make them feel inferior).

Ashok also sees Asha’s pic and is totally smitten. He has a feeling that if he gets to meet her he can come up with a story that would establish him as an Author. He takes her pic and goes on the road singing Teri surat se nahin milti kisi ki surat . Judge spots him singing by the swimming pool and takes him back home. Finding Ashok’s behaviour weird, he feels Ashok must be suffering from some illness and calls a Doctor. Doctor says he’s fine, it’s just that he’s suffering from loneliness –  which he finds all the more weird – lonely in a house full of peaople?! Doctor then goes on to explain that they should get Ashok married. At this, the entire family literally runs out of the house in search of a girl, leaving bewildered Ashok behind.

Ashok runs away from his house and goes to Ooty.

Judge is furious to find Ashok gone and is all the more angry when he discovers Ashok’s note that says :  “Zindagi bhar gadha na reh jaun, isi liye romance aur adventure ki talaash mein jaa raha hoon” (I don’t want to remain a fool all my life, that’s why I am off in search of Adventure and Romance).

He’s almost robbed off his belongings in the train by Mohan Choti while he’s asleep – And this scene is hilarious…Ashok’s dreaming about Asha and is blabbering in his sleep. That’s when Mohan Choti enters his compartment and what follows is very funny – extremely situational monologue from Ashok and Mohan’s expressions just perfect to blend with the scene. This is once of my favourite scenes in the film.

When Ashok finally wakes up and realizes that his suitcase is nowhere around, he follows Mohan and jumps out of the train behind him. Just then they hear a gunshot and Mohan drops Ashok’s suitcase and runs away. Ashok then spots Asha with a gun and she screams at him for scaring her prey away – according to her, the tiger she was about to shoot ran away because of Ashok 😛

She takes her jeep and drives away. Ashok retrieves his belongings and starts walking towards some civilization from the jungle he is in. Back at Thakur’s (Raj Mehra) house, everybody’s searching for the jeep. The new Manager was arriving and Mahesh (Mehmood), their driver was supposed to go to the station to receive him but both the Jeep and the driver are missing.

Seema (Nazima), Asha’s sister is sure that Asha must have taken the Jeep and Thakur is very angry about the whole affair and promises to scold Asha when she gets back. Lakshmi (Sulochna), Thakur’s wife, is hurt that Seema isn’t very fond of her sister and keeps complaining about her. And both Thakur and Lakshmi are busy blaming each other for spoiling Asha. In between this, Asha drives in complaining that somebody scared her prey away. And on being asked about Mahesh, she tells her pet, Majnu (an elephant) to bring him back. Poor soul was put in a drum and kept under Majnu’s invigilation.

Both her parents are extremely fond of her and they easily forgive her for all the pranks she’s upto and overlook them. As a result, Asha is such a spoilt brat, stubborn to the core and quite irritating as well.

Mahesh is then sent to the station to bring the Manager. On his way he sees Ashok walking with a suitcase and assumes him to be the new Manager. So he brings him home and introduces Ashok to everybody as the new Manager of Mahendra tea State.

Asha is furious to see him home and tries all the possible pranks to get him kicked out. She isn’t very successfull in doing so but she doesn’t give up.

 As a punishment for taking the Jeep in the morning, Thakur prohibits her from going to the Jalsa (a local fete) that night. And Ashok is instructed to keep an eye on her and make sure that she doesn’t even step out of the house.

Stubborn and bent on proving how inefficient Ashok is, she sneaks out of the house and in a hurry mounts an untamed horse and sets off. When Ashok realizes this, he goes behind on another horse, saves her and brings her back home, literally drops her on her bed and locks her room from outside. But she calls Majnu below her balcony, jumps on her back and goes to the Jalsa and dances to Raat ka samaa jhume chandrama.

Ramdas (Dhumal), is the Supervisor of the Tea Estates. He has a very pretty daughter Sheela (Shubha Khote) who’s madly in love with Mahesh. But Ramdas doesn’t approve of their romance and picks up a quarrel with Mahesh for the silliest of reasons.

Ashok takes up his job as the new Manager the following day. It’s almost 12:30 in the afternoon, he tells Ramdas to break for lunch at 1 and heads home for lunch himself.

Mahesh also takes a break saying he’s going to meet Sheela. On his way, Ashok sees Asha perched on a tree branch chewing Sugarcane, he flirts a little with her and she instructs Majnu to pick him up and throw him in the well, which Majnu obediently follows.

Mahesh sees Sheela getting lunch for her father and walking towards the Tea Estate. He asks her for some food and they climb the clock tower where she feeds him. He sets the time to 11insh hoping to spend some more time with her. Ramdas is hungry and keeps waiting for his daughter who doesn’t turn up. When he glances up to the clock tower to see the time, he is surprised  and figures out that something’s wrong.  So he sets out to investigate. When Mahesh sees him, he runs away at such a speed and without even looking around that he also ends up in the same well as Ashok. They somehow manage to get out.

 And now, Ashok feels it’s time to do something to tame Asha. But he has to get across Majnu before reaching Asha. So he prepares himself for the mission.

He manages to make friends with Majnu. And with his help, he sort of kidnaps Asha and sings Pyaar ki manzil mast safar. Now that Majnu is on Ashok’s side, Asha decides to sell the disloyal Elephant. She sits on Majnu and begins the auction. Ashok comes disguised as an Arabic and buys the Elephant for a huge amount. When she dismounts after the deal is done, he jokes with her saying, he had bought the entire package for that much, ie the elephant along with her on his back!

There’s a lot of drama in between. Ashok comes across a letter sent by Mr. Chatterjee, the original supposedly new Manager of the estate – who has written saying he fell ill and couldn’t come on time but now that he has recovered, he would be arriving soon. It’s just because Mahesh thought he was the Manager, he was brought to the house and given the job. He’s worried and thinks of going back home. When Mahesh learns the truth he decides to help Ashok. They both go to receive Mr. Chatterjee, who comes marching to the background score of “So he’s a jolly good fellow”. They take him to a fake graveyard haunted by Sheela clad in a black saree and they tell him that all the people killed by Asha are burried in this graveyard.

She hates Managers and there’s a slot especially reserved for Managers. At this Mr. Chatterjee runs away from there and is never heard of again.

Seema was out of town all this while and Ashok had never met her. One evening he’s sitting in his room typing his story and reciting some lines (he has quite a shayarana andaaz, the way he flirts around with Asha, the lines he uses –  they are very poetic and very very romantic), a dog happens to sneak in and Seema comes following the dog. He’s pleasantly surprised to discover another pretty lady in the house. And she’s a very sweet girl and they get along very well from the very beginning. When he notices Asha observing them, he makes fun of Asha and she walks away in a rage.

At the Jalsa, when Mahesh spots Ramdas sitting with Ashok, he drapes a dupatta over him and Sheela introduces him as Roopmati, her widowed friend to Ramdas. Ramdas falls madly in love with Roopmati. He continues pretending to be Roopmati at few more occassions.

 At one of them he flirts with Ramdas as Roopmati and then fools him and sneaks out of the house with Sheela singing Main tere pyaar mein kya kya na bana and at another Roopmati agrees to marry him provided that he gets Sheela married first. But some Astrologer had told Ramdas that he would die if Sheela gets married and has a child. When Mahesh discovers this, he confides in Ashok about it. And Ashok decides to help Mahesh,  disguised as a Sadhu baba, he  tells Ramdas to get his daughter married within seven days or else he’ll die. Ramdas’s in a dilemma now…one astroger told him that he’ll die if he gets Sheela married and now another is telling him that he would die if he doesn’t get her married.

Asha happens to cross by just then and Ashok, disguised as Sadhu baba, takes advantage of the situation, tells her few things about her at which she’s shocked (a Sadhu who knows so much about her) then tells her that she should dress properly…she’s a girl and should behave like one, mustn’t go around hunting tigers all the time…blah blah and at the end he says if she goes on this way, Ashok might choose Seema over her.

She goes back home and sits infront of the mirror, tries on a little make up and even wears a saree. The she goes down hoping Ashok would see her.

She gets mad at Ashok when she sees him sitting and talking so sweetly to Seema.

Seema is going for a picnic with her friends and invites Ashok to join them. He happily accepts the invitation and asks Asha if she would like to come along as well….

Asha : Jahannum mein jao! (Go to hell!)

Ashok : Akele jaane mein mazaa nahina ayega, aap bhi chaliye na (it won’t be fun going alone, why don’t u come along as well)

At the picnic, Ashok and Seema are busy with their sheron-shayari when her friends ask him to sing a song. He says : “If I knew how to sing, wouldn’t I have become an actor?” And then he hears Majnu and realizes that Asha is somewhere around. So he jumps around singing Janu kya mera dil ab kahan kho gaya.

By the end of the song, Asha ties some balloons to the basket in which Seema’s doggy is sitting and the basket flies away. Seema gets all hysteric seeing her doggy so helpless up in the air.

 Ashok scolds Asha and she replies saying : “Badla lena hai na, toh mere Majnu ko gubbare se bandhke suraj pe bhejde. Kutta bahut romantic ho raha tha isi liye maine usse chand pe bhej diya romance karne” ( Take revenge , do the same thing with my Majnu, tie balloons to him and send him to the sun. Your dog was getting very romantic, that’s why I sent him to the moon to romance).

Ramdas gives in and gets Sheela married to Mahesh.

Ashok continues flirting with Seema, even more when Asha is around, just to make her feel jealous. But Seema, unaware of Ashok’s intention, takes everything he says seriously and actually falls in love with him.  They go out one day and Asha sees Seema very happy with Ashok. At this sight, Asha loses her control and shoots Ashok. He falls down in the lake.

He doesn’t appear on the surface….it’s then that she realizes what she has done. Full of regret, she goes running back to the place where she had met Sadhu baba to seek his help. When she deosn’t find him there, she confesses her love for Ashok and starts talking to herself. Ashok, knowing she would come there, swims out and comes right there. For a while he converses with her from behind the bush as the Sadhu baba but after a while he comes out of his hiding and they declare their love for each other and sing Champakali dekho chhu ke jaadu kiya mere pyaar ne.

Ashok writes to his parents about Asha and asks them to come over. Thakur Mahendra Singh and his wife also find out that they are in love with each other and they readily accept Ashok into their family. Only Seema is heart-broken.

Just after Mahesh and Sheela get married, the first Astrologer comes and scolds Ramdas for not listening to him. He tells him the Sadhu who told him to get Sheela married was a fake. Ramdas gets very scared and doesn’t even let Mahesh touch Sheila. Mahesh is so sad –  Pyaar ki aag mein tan badan jal gaya.

Ashok’s family comes over to Ooty and all is well….

 …but how can we have such a simple and smooth climax, right?….So here comes the twist – Judge sees a photo hung on the wall of Thakur Mahendra Singh’s house and that triggers a lot of memories – he immediately refuses to get Ashok married to Asha as he knows of Asha’s parentage –  a father who is an escaped convict, in jail for murder, and a mother whose profession was: prostition. And then everybody is surprised to see Asha drunk – singing and dancing to Yeh meri zindagi ek pagal hawa at a party.

And in between all this, Moti (Madan Puri) makes an entry.

Who is Moti? What’s the secret behind Asha’s family? How will Seema react to all this? Will she take revenge? What happens to Mahesh and Sheela? Does Ramlal ever get to know the truth behind Roopmati?

Not a hard ending to guess at all 🙂

I really like Joy Mukherjee and it’s Rafi’s songs and Joy that made me watch this movie. If you are not very fond of Joy Mukherjee, be content listening to or watching the songs on Youtube for Rafi. Well, I am not scaring anybody away….but there’s nothing much in the movie to like. I did like few things like the scene between Ashok and Mohan Choti in the train, Ashok flirting with both the sisters but it wasn’t right of him to play with Seema’s emotions the way he did, Mahesh and Sheela’s romance which was very cute ( I really like this couple and it wasn’t irritatingly OTT), can’t say the same about Ashok and Asha though, it was too short. Ashok spent more than half the movie pursuing Asha, the rich, spoilt-brat. Everybody looked good, so that was one consolation but other than that, I didn’t find the movie all that great. It was average and one time watchable, but I don’t see myself watching this movie again.

I do adore Asha Parekh but in this movie she was very screechy and irritating. Missed the Love in Tokyo chemistry. But Nazima made up for that, she was very cute and sweet. Wonder how and why Joy didn’t fall for her. I hardly said anything good about the movie….it isn’t all that bad either and I don’t regret watching it. I would rate it 6 (only 5 for the story, extra point for all the other things I liked about the movie. Had Asha been better, it would definitely have scored 7 + for me).

Dekha Pyaar Tumhara (1963)

March 6, 2010

The movie opens with a phone call at the Police Station. The inspector calls few constables and leaves after hanging up.

I was wondering if it was a murder mystery. But the call was to report a petty theft. A lady complains that her purse has been stolen and the girl sitting next to her is missing.

She gives the girl’s description and Police track her down only to lose her again as she enters a house on the way and hides.
In the house, Madhuri (Naaz) hears Shanti (Achla Sachdev) singing Taron ki gori chaand ki gudiya jage ri nindiya to dolls.

Ramesh Gupta (Shyam Kumar) reads in the paper about a wealthy man’s missing daughter – 18 year old, fair, a mole on her left cheek, light eyes and black hair.

Suddenly they realize that Madhuri, one of their aides, also has a mole on her cheek. After confirming that it’s on the left cheek, they (Ramesh and Madan) plot a scheme to prove her as the wealthy man’s missing daughter.

A detective named Sudhakar is killed and Madan’s and Ramesh’s men go to burry him. Prabhu (Bhagwan) happens to reach there at that very moment and discover the deadbody.

He’s attacked but Raj(Subi Raj) arrives and they both fight with them.

Raj and Prabhu learn about Shanti – that her daughter was stolen and that Sudhakar was investigating the case. They impose as detectives and take over the responsibility of finding her long-lost daughter.

On their first day of investigation, they go to a night club in the evening evening to see Helen perform to Chale aana sanam uthaye quadam. Madhuri, disguised as a guy, steals Sadhana’s (Sadhana Coudhary) necklace and hands it over to Madan.

But when the theft is discovered, noone is allowed to leave the club. Madan, scared of getting caught puts the necklace in Prabhu’s pocket.

Prabhu and Raj are also fleeing from police because they don’t want to be caught as imposters. They somehow manage to leave the club.

Prabhu has a big-time crush on Sadhana. When he finds the necklace, he decides to return to it over. Ramesh’s men track Prabhu’s house to take the necklace back but they don’t find it. They even attack Prabhu and Raj but can’t lay their hands on the necklace.

During all this Madan realizes that Madhuri is actually in love with Raj and is scared that their plan would go for a toss if the three of them (Madhuri, Prabhu and Raj) get together.

So he comes up with another plan.

He takes Madhuri to Shanti as her daughter and warns her against Raj saying he’s just pretending to be in love with Madhuri but in real he’s behind her wealth.

Shanti is overjoyed at having her daughter back but she suddenly turns against Raj and doesn’t let him into the house.

Prabhu, on the other hand goes to return the necklace but even there Madan goes and tell’s Mohan Das, Sadhana’s father that it was Prabhu who had stolen the necklace in the first place and he has returned it now just to create a good impression on them, so that he can rob them of their entire wealth once he gains their faith.

Unable to convince the people involved of their innocence, Raj and Prabhu feel helpless. And that’s exactly what Madan and Ramesh had ever wanted.

The bad guys succeed in setting a perfect trap – Madhuri in a place where she can’t defend Raj, anything she tries to do in his favour has a risk of revealing her own secret, that she’s just a character in Madan’s and Ramesh’s scheme and not Shanti’s own daughter; hatred that they implant in Shanti against Raj and Mohan Das against Prabhu and heroes are no longer in a state to do anything to prove themselves innocent of all the accusations because noone is willing to even listen to them.

There are 2 more songs  –

Aaye bahaar mere angana mein
Haye re haye masoom ishare

The title track was deleted, and as per this, one more song was deleted.

What happens next? Will Shanti ever find her real daughter?

Will Madhuri be caught? Will the heroes be able to prove their innocence?

Who’s this gentleman? (I didn’t find this movie listed in imdb, so had to guess the names of the characters, am not really sure who’s who except for Madan Puri, Achala Sachdev and cracktastic villian Shyam Kumar).

I couldn’t even find when this movie was made. Checked few sites, they only had Dekha Pyaar Tumhara made in the 1980’s starring Kamal Hassan. The CD certificate was dated 1963, but am not sure when the movie was actually made.

There’s nothing to rave about this movie – neither the starcast (most of them were OTT, I liked only the bad guys), nor the story. Even the songs are just ok. I really don’t know why I bought this movie in the first place 😛

Luckily the movie was cut-short and it got over in less than two hours. I was happy when it finally ended. First 5 minutes and one could make out what would follow next.

Not a movie that I would suggest anybody to watch –  if you like the songs, watch them on youtube. And if you don’t have anything better to do, re-watch one of your favourite movies 🙂

Baarish (1957)

February 25, 2010

I watched this movie on Valentines day, but was too occupied to put it up here. I truly adore the lead pair of Nutan and Dev Anand, and this movie has some nice songs…these two reasons were more than enough for me. But I had no idea as to what the story would be like. Fortunately or unfortunately, internet was down that day, so I couldn’t even read the review before watching it. But now, I’m glad I didn’t because the review on imdb is not quite true and if I had read it I would have never watched this movie on that day.

Before I start with the story, this movie has nothing to do with Baarish…and if I remember correctly, there was not even a single rain/baarish scene in the entire movie (at least in what I saw, don’t know if there was anything in the deleted/edited parts). But it does begin with this statement –

Translation : Just like how the rain washes away the dirt and brings along new hopes, honesty and sincerity wipes away crime. The story of Baarish begins and is  set against a village backdrop where crime is a way of living.

Gopal (Nana Palsikar) works for Boss (Jagdish Sethi?).

On an errand for Boss, Gopal flees leaving the maal behind when police turn up and goes into a hiding. Ramu (Dev Anand), Gopal’s brother is pretty bossy with the other guys in the chawl. After a petty clash with some guys, where he’s rescued by Mohan (Anwar Hussain), he goes singing Dane dane pe likha hai . Don’t know why but Ramu is obsessed with Kabootar (Dove). He even has a pair of them sticking out of his pockets 😉

He doesn’t know for sure what his brother does, but he knows that he works for Boss and has a hunch that Boss is upto no good.Gopal comes home after a few days. Ramu, who was pretty worried about Gopal’s disappearance, is delighted to see him and the brothers sit down to have dinner.

But before they finish, two of Boss’s men come with a message for Gopal. Gopal goes to meet Boss, who’s furious with him for messing up the deal. Gopal tells him that he’s fed up of such work and doesn’t want to work for him any more. He wants to leave the world of crime and do something legal to earn a living.

But Boss gets him killed. Ramu sees a person stabbing Gopal and feels that Boss is behind Gopal’s death and goes to tell him that he’ll take revenge.

Boss, orders Mohan, one of his employees and Ramu’s best friend, to talk Ramu out of it or else he will have to kill him as well.

He goes to meet Ramu and tries to calm him down. Mohan get s aletter from home. He shows it to Ramu but since Ramu can’t read or write (yes, inspite of being city bred, he’s an illitrate) Mohan reads it himself and tells Ramu that his father is ill and they owe lots of money to villagers. As he’s busy himself and can’t make it, he asks Ramu for a favour – to go to the village and give some money to his parents. Ramu refuses at first but at the end he agrees to do as Mohan says and he sets out for his village.

And the moment he enters the village, there are lots of village belles hitting on him and there’s a little broad-daylight teasing.

Unable to locate Mohan’s house, and with all those girls worrying him, he gets frustrated. And that’s when Chanda (Nutan) calls him from a tree top.

He ignores her and keeps walking. There’s a fun song Yeh muh aur daal masoor ki (love the faces that Chanda makes in this song). He loses his patience by the time the song ends and they both get into a fight. A passer-by comes and helps him by showing him the way to Mohan’s house. But Chanda hears him asking for Mohan’s address and tries to divert him. She is none other than Mohan’s sister and thinking it’s someone who they owe money to, she goes home and scribbles “Sab Kaashi gaye hai, saal bhar baad lautenge” (All have gone to Kaashi and will return back only after a year) on the wall of their house. Then she locks the door from outside, goes into the house (don’t know how she manages to do that) and waits for Ramu to leave.

 But Ramu doesn’t know how to read or write, he tries hard to figure out what’s written but in vain and at the end he concludes that it has to be – “Mohan Lal ke pita Girdhari Lal ka makaan” (Mohan La’l’s father Girdhari Lal’s house). So he sits at the doorstep waiting for someone to come home.

He hears a Kabootar cooing and that brings a broad smile on his face.

He climbs the wall to catch the Kabootar. It flies aways but he discovers something else.

It doesn’t take long for him to figure out what Chanda has been upto. Furious, he breaks the door open and enters the house just in time to see  Girdhari Lal passing away. But just before he dies, assuming that it’s his son Mohan, Girdhari makes him promise that he’ll look after his wife and daughter. Delirious as he is, he can’t even recognize that it’s not Mohan.

But Ramu has no intention of taking up their responsibility. He’s all set to return to the city when Maa (Lalita Pawar) insists on coming with him. She emotionally blackmails him saying that Mohan is all they have now and if only he could take them to Mohan, they would never trouble him again. He agrees to this on a condition that Chanda stays away from him or else he would kill her and not even be sorry for it.

After coming back, he first goes to Mohan’s house but soon finds out that he has been arrested for a theft. He goes to meet him at the prison.

He goes and pleads the inspector to lock him up instead and let Mohan go! But that doesn’t seem to work. Also, Mohan doesn’t want his mother and sister to know what he’s been upto. So, unwilligly Ramu lies that Mohan is out of town and takes them to his house.

Chanda keeps cribbing so much – the house is so small and untidy, if her brother had been there she would have lived like a princess etc etc…Ramu gets so irritated and they keep fighting all the time (but their fights are cute).  Inquisitive neighbours peep in to ask Ramu who they are and where they’ve come from, if he’s married to the girl and their questions just go on and on…

When Ramu goes out to buy grocery, Chanda goes out to get water and the other guys in the neighbourhood worry her and sing Zulf hai (quite a funny picturisation). He returns just as the song gets over and when he sees what’s going on, holds her hand and drags her to the house. And yes, she keeps screaming and telling him to keep away from him.

I don’t know what happens in between –  how they reconcile. In the next scene they are sitting on the terrace singing praises and admitting their love for each other followed by a song Kehte hai pyaar jisko.

As expected, people around start gossiping all the more after they see the two of them singing and dancing on the terrace. Maa and Chanda both feel that the only way to end all this is to get Chanda married to Ramu.

But Ramu refuses to marry her. He feels he’s illitrate and jobless and that Chanda deserves someone better. At this, the mother-daughter duo decide to leave the house and go back to their village. Ramu tries to stop them but they just don’t listen to him. Finally, this is what he says to stop them from going back (can’t help laughing thinking of Chanda’s expression).

Boss tells Ramu that he would sponsor his wedding – so what if Gopal is not there, he’s always seen Ramu as his own brother and as long as he’s around Ramu will never have to worry about anything. Ramu is very  grateful and promises Boss that he would do anything for him in return for this favour.

Chanda and Ramu get married, but just as the ceremony gets over, Ramu is summoned by Boss.

Boss and Harya (Madan Puri), his assistant,  have setup a trap to kill Ramu.

When Chanda hears of Ramu’s death there’s a sad version of Kehte hai pyaar jisko.  And she goes to commit suicide herself.

Will Ramu survive the attack? What happens to Chanda and Maa? Will Mohan ever be released from Prison? Will Boss get caught for all his misdeeds?

On the whole it’s a nice movie. Loved Chanda-Ramu fights and their romance. And the songs, Kehte hai pyaar jisko and Phir wohi chaand. It was nice to see Dev Anand roaming around shirtless/ with his shirt unbuttoned even when we was wearing one 😉 (Now I know where Salman Khan got his inspiration from). I had read somewhere that he was a big sensation in those days, one of the most good looking stars and women went gaga over him. Wonder what effect this had on them.

There were couple of other songs in the movie : Hum toh jaani pyaar karega and Mr. John ya Baba Khan ya lala Roshanadan.

The supporting cast included quite a lot of actors but sad that they hardly had anything to do –

Lots of people and that too people with potential but all these people were hardly used. Lalita Pawar in such a bechari role (forget bechari, there’s hardly any substance in her role) , I somehow couldn’t digest; same with Madan Puri. Kumkum and Mehmood just make an appearance in 2 scenes, Helen in one dance, Nana Palsikar for around 5 mins.

One thing that’s given lots of importance is Kabootar 🙂

It’s neither very evil nor very preachy. It’s pretty entertaining and if I had to rate it, I would give it 6.5 on 10.

Singapore (1960)

January 29, 2010

I accidentally came across a song Tum lakh chhupana chaho on youtube few months back and with Shammi in it I had to watch this movie. Till then, I didn’t even know that a movie named Singapore existed. I had Bigflix (Movie Rental) subscription back then, so I ordered for it and sat down to watch but there was some problem with their DVD and I couldn’t watch the whole thing. And it being a pretty mysterious movie, I was too restless till I got hold of it and watched it fully.

Directed by Shakti Samanta, it’s an Indo-Malaya production.

Ramesh (Rajan Kapoor) and Shobha (Shahikala) are in love. They meet at a club for dinner where they are followed by two men – Chang (Madan Puri) and his aide, who eavesdrop them. Shivdas (K.N. Singh) even taps their table to find out what they are talking about.

We learn that Ramesh is in charge of the Singapore office that deals with Rubber export. He was planning to sell the firm and come to India, as per Shyam’s (Shammi Kapoor)  advice. Shyam is his friend cum employer who lives and takes care of the rest of the business in India. But now he says he has come across something and he might change his mind about leaving Singapore. He also mentions that he might even call Shyam there to Singapore. But he changes the topic when Shobha enquires about what he’s upto, saying he doesn’t want to talk business over dinner.

As it turns out, Shivdas is Shobha’s father. And when he sees Ramesh and Shobha leaving the club he says that Lata (Padmini), his neice is alone at home waiting for Shobha. He invites Ramesh to join him after Shobha leaves but Ramesh says he has booked a call to Bombay at 9 and goes to drop Shobha home.

Lata is worried because it’s so late and tells Shobha to keep track of time when she goes out in the night. Shobha tells her that Shyam, whom she introduces as Ramesh’s boss, is very good looking and is coming to Singapore. And she worries Lata saying once he comes and she meets him, she also might lose track of time.

Ramesh goes back to his office to take the call. He tells Shyam that he’s convinced about  some hidden treasure in their estate and he has also found a map that would lead them to it. Shyam is rather surprised. He thinks Ramesh is drunk and is talking rubbish. When Ramesh asks him why he didn’t reply to his letters, Shyam says he never got any letters from him.

It looks like it’s a trend between them that Ramesh always records his conversation with Shyam. This entire thing is getting recorded when Ramesh sees shadow by his door. He puts the map in his musical cigarette case, the VAT 69 bottle on his table and hides it in the drawer. Then he gets up and goes to the door. He’s hit on his head by two faceless men making him unconscious and then Ramesh disappears.

Shyam, unable to understand what happened to Ramesh who left the call abruptly and went, gets worried. He decides to go to Singapore and check it out for himself when he’s not even able to reach Ramesh again.

He meets Maria (Maria Menado) in the flight to Singapore and they become friends.

One of Shyam’s employees Cha Choo (Agha) comes to the airport to receive him, takes him to his office and gets him introduced to all the other employees. Cha Choo takes him around and they sing and dance to Yeh shehar bada albela.  Next, they go to police and report Ramesh’s disappearance.

On their way back, Cha Choo tells Shyam about a girl named Shobha, who Ramesh was in love with, thinking she might know of his whereabouts. But he doesn’t know where Shobha lives. All he knows is that she is Shivdas’s (proprieter of another Rubber estate) daughter. And on a second note he adds that she’s a very good dancer and is performing at New India Club that evening. So, off they head to New India Club. Unfortunately or fortunately, it’s Lata performing at the club that night and not Shobha but Shyam is unaware of this fact. She dances to Aane laga jeene ka mazaa.

Shyam follows her to the greenroom after the dance and after learning who he is she invites him home. After a lot of confusion he finally figures out that she’s Lata and not Shobha. And he sees Chin Chin Choo (Lilian), one of his employees with Shivdas just as he’s leaving.

He summons Chin Chin Choo to his cabin the following morning and tries to find out indirectly where she was the previous night. She makes up a story and Shyam is convinced that he was mistaken and it was someone else who he ad seen with Shivdas.

He’s still confused about it when he gets a call from Maria who wants to meet him. After noting down the address, he leaves. Maria reveals her feelings for him (I’ve added that part also in the video) and then they sing to Dekho ji dekho sunlo yeh baat.

They go to Maria’s house for dinner and somebody attacks Shyam there – he’s shot at. He’s more surprised than worried thinking about why anyone would want to kill him.

He comes back to his office and narrates everything to Cha Choo. They find the tapes of his conversation with Ramesh and play it. With its help they find the musical Ciagarette case and hence the map.

He meets Lata, and offers her a lift one evening. They are attracted to each other (how could they not be?). They flirt a little and end up singing Hat jao deewane aaye.

He suspects Shivdas is upto something, so he makes a copy of the map to find out his intentions. The next day, he sets out on a picnic with Shivdas, Lata and Shobha. But before leaving he shows the map (duplicate) to Shivdas, puts it in a file and takes it along saying he’s going to the police station with it directly afterwards.

Shobha leaves the two lovebirds together and goes on her own. Shivdas tries to steal the map from Shyam’s file, which he has left in the car and Shobha witnesses this.

Shyam and Lata, on the other hand, are busy singing  Tum lakh chupana chahoge. This is followed by lots of twists and turns. Shivdas is shot dead, Shobha goes missing and Chang and his men are behind Shyam’s life.

Running from them, Shyam reaches a village where the villagers are dancing. Disguised as one of them, he joins lovely Helen and dances to Rasa sayung re rasa sayung sayung re. He somehow escapes from them and goes home.

Lata is desparately waiting for him, unaware of what happened. She asks him about Shivdas and Shobha. She’s grief stricken to learn that her uncle is no more.

At this very moment police come to arrest Shyam. They are informed that it was he who had killed Shivdas. They search the house and find Shivdas’s deadbody in the bathtub. Lata is so shocked that she passes out. She is convinced that Shyam killed Shivdas and asks the police to take him and go.

Maria comes just in time to hear and see Shyam accused of Shivdas’s murder. He’s thus arrested. When police start investigating the case, they find Cha Choo locked in office washroom, gagged and tied. Even the original map goes missing!!!

Cha Choo is taken to the police station where he narrates how few people locked him up in the washroom and raided Shyam’s cabin.  Even police find everything fishy and suspicious. Maria comes to Shyam’s rescue and bails him out.

There’s one more number which Lata dances to Tu kahan kho gaya.

Maria manages to bail him out, but is he really innocent? How did Shivdas’s deadbody end up in the bath tub? What happens to Ramesh and Shobha? Who is Chang? Who does he work for? Who’s Chin Chin Choo? Was it really her with Shivdas that night? Why is Lata so much against Shyam? Is she also a part of the conspiracy? And who’s Maria? What’s she actually upto?

What I liked the most about the movie –  Shammi, of course!!! He was such a feast to the eyes 🙂 This must have been one of his best looking roles.  Shankar Jaikishan’s music – though it sounded a little wierd listening to Mukesh singing for Shammi in Yeh shehar bada albela.

Helen…in the little role she has, it’s not even a role, she’s there just in that one song, but she looks so gorgeous and adorable! And the song Rasa sayung re rasa sayung sayung re is such a catchy number.

Pretty and elegant Padmini, charming Shashikala,  mysterious Maria, K.N. Singh and Madan Poori (in chinky getup), wonderful Agha, missing Rajan Kapoor and lovely Lilian 🙂

Not to forget, the lovely and petite ladies dancing in the background (if only I could have been one of them…*sigh* ) clad in such beautiful attires. I loved their dresses.

Most of the characters are well sketched and significant, but the story goes haywire, especially towards the end. I didn’t like the way they reveal the mystery, in fact, it’s not even kept a big secret in the first place. It could have been done better. Not something that would keep one on the edge but it’s a fun watch.

on the whole, it’s an entertaining package. If not for anything else, I could watch this movie again for Shammi and one glimpse of Helen.

Ajanabee (1974)

January 17, 2010

Let me come come to an end with Rajesh Khanna special week with this movie.

One night, a pretty young girl, Sonia (Yogita Bali), gets down from a Taxi and runs towards the Railway station in Deena Pur asking for a ticket to Bombay.

The train to Bombay pulls off the station before she can board.  She doesn’t have any place to go and decides to wait at the station for the next train, the following morning. She’s carrying an attache case containing jewellery worth lakhs. She deposits it to Rohit, which he safely locks in his safe.

Since Rohit feels it’s not safe for her to wait at the platform he offers to drop her at his quarters, near by and she readily agrees to it.

It’s so obvious that she’s running away from someone and Rohit feels she must have stolen the jewellery but she denies the accusation. She tells him that she inherited them from her mother but there are goons behind her because of it.  And she’s escaping from them. He buys the story and assured that she’s safe and comfortable there, he goes back to the station.

Sitting on his chair in his office, he goes back in time and lives in flashback for a while thinking about how he first came across Rashmi (Jeenat Aman).

He’s riding a motorcycle on his way to his uncle’s (Asit Sen) house for his cousin’s wedding. On the road he sees a car ahead of him and they have a race. After a while,  Rashmi’s car runs out of petrol. Attempting to help her and also not wanting to lose an oppotunity of spending some time with a lovely dame, he empties all the petrol from his motorcycle into Rahmi’s car and decides to travel along in her car. But before he can get in, she drives off. With no petrol, he gets stuck and finally manages to get a lift in a lorry.

He meets her again for his cousin, Shanta’s sangeet, – she happens to be Shanta’s friend. When forced by everybody, he sings Ek ajnabee haseena se, saying it’s a true story.

They meet a couple of times during his stay there and they fall in love.

Her father, Diwan Sardarilal (Hari Shivdasani), is looking for an assistant for Moti Babu (Prem Chopra), her brother-in-law, who has been looking after the business now. And Diwan feels Moti Babu is over-burdened with work and responsibilities. Rashmi presents Rohit to Diwan and he agrees to hire him.

Rashmi has a hunch that Moti Babu is not as honest as he appears to be and tells Rohit about it. Rohit immediately begins auditing the records and discovers that the entries are not correct and a huge sum of money has been missing.

Moti Babu, scared that the truth will come out, plots against Rohit. Since Rashmi is so fond of him, the best way to get Rohit out of his way would be to somehow make her dislike him. As a part of the plan, they have a celebration with lots of Bhaang followed a dance Satra baras ki.

And with the help of Bahadur and Bijli he manages to prove that Rohit tried to rape Bijli and has cheated on Rashmi. As per Panchayat’s decision, a punishment, he’s thrased in front of the villagers and asked to leave the place immediately.

Moti Babu is celebrating his victory with Bahadur and Bijli. Rashmi happens to witness this and is disgusted. Much against Diwan’s and Moti Babu’s wish she leaves the house and runs away with Rohit singing Hum dono do premee . They go to Bombay and get married in a temple.

Two men show up at his office and they wake him up from his reverie. They introduce themselves as Inspector Tiwari and Inspector Sinha and enquire about a girl with an attache – Sonia. They tell him that she has stolen some valuables and has run away, and they are investigating the case. Though suspicious, Rohit doesn’t reveal her whereabouts. He goes to his quarters and confronts her. But she tells him she hasn’t stolen anything and gives him her mother’s letter. After reading it he’s convinced that she’s innocent.

He comes back to his office. It’s raining very heavily outside. Standing by the window he stares out and gets into a flashback mode again. This time the newly wed Rashmi and Rohit are singing Bheegi bheegi raaton mein in the rain.

Brought up the way she was, Rashmi doesn’t know much of household work. She has a tough time trying to learn how to cook. They get acquainted with Chetan Kumar (Asrani), who lives in the floor below and become friends with him. He also helps her develop her culinary skills

Rohit works for Bombay Publicity, an Ad Agency and Rashmi, on the other hand gets bored sitting at home the whole day with nothing to do. Since she has a good knowledge of colors she starts painting (inspired by Chetan) and wants to gift the painting to Rohit on his birthday. One fine day Chetan suggests her to start modelling.

Having seen how his boss, M.M. Puri (Madan Puri) deals with models, Rohit’s not happy about the modelling idea.

(That’s one of the models with M.M. Puri – I found her so much like Rakhee Sawant)

But Reshmi, with a wealthy background is not used to live the way she is living and doesn’t like compromising for every little thing. And she remains adamant about her decision until Rohit gives in. Indifferences start creeping in but Rohit is understanding and does all he can to keep Rashmi happy, though his ego keeps coming in between (sounds conrtadicting?). In no time she becomes a top model and even goes on to win a beauty pageant. And she’s so thrilled about it.

Soon after, she realizes she’s expecting. She wants to pursue her career and thinks it’s not the right time to start a family and even thinks of going for an abortion. But Rohit wants the child. So she decides to keep it. One day Rohit calls and when she goes down to Chetan’s flat to answer the call, she slips and falls down the staircase. This results in a miscarriage. But Rohit feels she got an abortion done and gets mad at her. They have a row and he walks out of the house. Having realized that he over-reacted, he comes back home in the evening and apologizes but only after a while he finds out that Rashmi has left the house and gone.

He later on learns from Chetan that she had fallen down and had a miscarriage. He calls her but she desont speak to him. He resigns from Bombay Publicity and he sets out to bring her back. He goes to Diwan’s house but learns that they have left the place and gone on a vacation. Noone knows when they’ll come back. Devastated, he goes to his uncle’s house. There’s a letter for him there, a legal notice asking for a divorce. Not knowing what to do next, he seeks employment and with the help of Mr. Saxena (Mama’s friend), he gets the post of a Station Master at a remote hill station, Deena Pur.

Back to present…he’s at work and Mr. Saxena comes to meet him. He’s surprised to see Mr. Saxena at such a remote place. To this , Mr. Saxena says he had come hunting with Diwan Sardarilal, who has put up at a place named Karimganj, near by.

He leaves for Karimganj to meet Rashmi. But he is humiliated by Diwan and Moti Babu because he is poor. He also vows that he’ll earn enough money and get Rashmi back.

But he doesn’t know how to get so much of money. He eyes the safe with Sonia’s attache. And next, he is arrested for Sonia’s murder.

Did Rohit really kill Sonia? Why did he take Sonia to his quarters? And who was Sonia in the first place?  What were his intentions? Is Rohit the Ajnabee who nobody actually knows? Will he be proved guilty? What happens to Rashmi and Rohit’s relationship? Will they get back together or will Rohit be sentenced to death/life imprisonment?

Few loopholes – Though Rashmi knows what Moti Babu is upto, Diwan never gets to know about it. And she also doesn’t do anything to get him caught. What’s Chetan’s profession? It’s never expalined (or was it deleted from DVD?) – he’s shown as an artist who sits at home painting, but once Rashmi decides to take up modelling, he becomes her photographer. And he’s an MC for the Beauty Pageant contest!

It’s a nice movie (though not one of my favourite Rajesh Khanna movies) – Story is quite convincing, but very predictable. Lovely tracks and good performance. But what I liked the most was Prem Chopra’s sidelocks 😉

Ittefaq 1969

January 4, 2010

Movie begins with two police vehicles leaving the Police Station in the night. They drive through the darkness and finally reach a house. Admist many on-lookers the camera rests at Renu (Bindu) for a second, moves in to a room full of paintings

And then to to Sushma’s (Alka) deadbody lying on the bed

and finally to Dilip Roy (Rajesh Khanna) who screams “Nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnn”.

Dilip is accused of murdering his wife. Renu, Sushma’s siter who lives with them,  is the eye witness of this murder and she narrates how Dilip had killed Sushma –

Dilip is a famous artist. Sushma falls in love with him and they both get married. And even this she feels Dilip married her sister for her money. But soon after, they realize how different they are from each other. Sushma loves going to parties but Dilip is usually engrossed in painting and refuses to go out with her. Even on this very day, Sushma comes to call him for a party. It’s their wedding anniversary and some Mr. Sinha is throwing a party for them. But Dilip refuses to move till he’s done with his painting.

They have an argument over it and  he grabs her by the neck and chokes her to death.

Renu having witnessed this calls the police.

CID Inspector Karwe (Iftekhar) takes the report and arrests Dilip though he cliams he’s innocent. While he’s being taken away by police, he almost strangles Renu. He is presented in the court, and even there he threatens to kill the judge. It’s decided that he’s mentally unstable and he is sent to a mental asylum for psychiatric analysis under the care of Dr. Trivedi (Jagirdar) and under the charge of Inspector Diwan (Sujit Kumar).

The Public Prosecutor, Mr. Khanna (Madan Puri) comes to pay Dr. Trivedi a visit to inquire on the progress of Dilip’s state.  They discuss whether Dilip is really insane or he’s just feigning insanity to avoid being convicted.

Dilip is called. He’s wise and sensible one moment and violent and crazy the very next moment. After meeting Dilip, Mr. Khanna is convinced that he’s really mentally unstable. He’s sent back to his cell. But finding life unbearable in the mental asylum, Dilip escapes and seeks shelter in the nearest house he can get into without being caught. When he reaches the house Rekha aka Mrs. Jagmohan( (Nanda), all alone in the house, starts closing all the doors and windows after listening to an announcement on a radio about a patient who has run away from the mental asylum. He somehow manages to get it and threatens to kill her if she makes any noise.

He first makes sure that there’s nobody else in the house. Drenched in the rain he looks for something to change to and finally settles on Mr. Jagmohan’s black t-shirt and red pants.

Rekha tries to call police when he goes to change and he almost kills her too.

Calling bell rings and thinking it’s police he goes to the bedroom upstairs to hide and sends Rekha to open the door after threatening her that he would kill her if she tells anybody about him.

Since she lives near the asylum, Dr. Trivedi and Inspector Diwan have come to give her a word of caution. They advise her to lock all the doors and windows properly and stay.

Inspector Karwe and Inspector Khan, when they they learn of Dilip’s escape, go to Renu’s house to check if he has come there and also to make sure Renu is fine. They are scared he might attempt to murder Renu as well because she testified against him.

Back in Rekha’s house, Dilip lets a sigh of relief when Dr. Trivedi and Inspector Diwan leave, but that doesn’t last for long, for the bell rings again. He goes to hide and Rekha opens the door to find her neighbour, Basanti (Shammi) who has come to borrow some milk for her son.

Rekha, feels terrorized caught in the clutches of this madman and tries couple of times to get him caught but is unsuccessful. After the initial qualms (that includes some quarrels, threats and almost a murder attempt), both calm down and with no choice left, they try to settle the differences. At times he’s so understanding and rational and the very next moment he’s violent….he’s very unpredictible. Rekha is not sure whether to pity him or to get scared of him. They even reach close to becoming friends (there’s some spark, some chemistry betwen the two, but that’s a completely ignored aspect of this movie. It would have been nice to see some romance but considering the plot, the movie wouldn’t have been the same with this twist. I like it the way it is). Exhausted, he fixes himself a glass of Whiskey and some Sharbat for Rekha.

They converse a little over the drink and finally decide to take a nap for a while.

Dilip hears some noise in his sleep and wakes up with a start. With the lights off he can’t spot Rekha so he rummages through the house.  In the process he bursts into the bathroom, only to discover Mr. Jagmohan’s corpse in the bath-tub.

Seeing a dead-body he screams. Police, beleiving Dilip is a danger to others have begun a man-hunt and there are policemen patrolling all over. Hearing Dilip scream, one of the police-officers patrolling outside Rekha’s house rushes in.

He turns out to be Inspector Diwan.

But assured that everything’s in place, he leaves. After that Dilip confronts Rekha about her husband’s deadbody in the bath-tub but she remains adamant that he’s gone to Calcutta and hasn’t returned back.

Dilip takes Rekha and goes to the bathroom but the bathtub is empty.

Dilip beleives he was hallucinating when he saw Jagmohan’s body. He’s no longer in a state to differentiate between what’s real and what isn’t. Tired and confused, he sits down to decide on his next course of action. But before he can do anything circumstances take a turn and he comes across a situation where he has to face the police and the doctor.

How does he face this situation? Does he really see Jagmohan’s corpse or was it just his imagination? Does he manage to escape again? Is he an innocent victim being framed or is he really on a murder spree? Is Dilip really insane?

One of those very few Hindi movies with no songs and dance. When I saw it for the first time, around 9 years back, I was quite surprised by the fact that a  Rajesh Khanna movie didn’t have any  song! But I had really liked the movie and it has always remained one of my favourites in this genre. What I like the most about this movie is that it concentrates on its subject. It’s a pure murder mystery and the story doesn’t deviate from it. Inspite of it being just 2 hours long, it doesn’t include songs, romance or any other masala (thankfully no attempt is made to prolong it). All the characters have a significant role, and they all have given a brilliant performance.

Agar Tum Na Hote 1983

January 1, 2010

Movie begins with Meena (Rekha) singing the title track – Hume aur jeene ki. Ashok Mehra (Rajesh Khanna) and Meena are a very-much-in-love happily married couple expecting their first child.

Ashok, a wealthy industrialist throws a huge party when Meena delivers a baby girl. He sings Sach hai yeh koi .

But shortly after giving birth, Meena suffers from post-delivery complications and dies leaving Ashok devastated and lonely.

Shakur Ahmed  Chacha (Madan Puri) consoles Ashok over his grief and tells him that can’t lose hope and stop living. He has a daughter to care for. And slowly Ashok goes back to work.

Ashok’s company has launched a new cosmetic range of  Emami products but with no proper ad campaigns, the brand remains unknown to public. So his company hires a famous photographer Raj Bedi (Raj Babbar) and gives him the charge of designing ad campaigns and publicity of the product. Ashok pays him an advance of Rs. 50,000 and says he wont interfere Raj in his work but would like to see his designs and plans ready in two months.

Raj sets out in search of a model for the campain. He spots Radha (Rekha) on a beach one morning and follows her to the orphanage where she lives. After a little convincing she agrees to model for him.

She poses in her typical-Rekha-style for Emami products and Raj is happy with the shots he has clicked. He informs Ashok that he’ll be ready with the Ad Campaign soon.

During the shooting there’s a song Dheere dheere zara zara

But Radha and Raj fall in love and they get married.

Now that Radha is his wife, Raj doesn’t want her to appear in Ads and Magazine covers. So he tells Ashok that all the photos he had taken were destroyed due to some problem in reels. Chandu (Asrani), Raj’s assistant, loses his job because he says something about Radha and Raj no longer wants to work with a person who doesn’t respect his wife.

To take revenge, Chandu goes to Ashok and tells him that Raj married his model that’s why he has refused to handover the photographs to him as per the contract. Ashok respects Raj’s feelings as a husband but as per business rules he can’t just let Raj get away for breaching the contract.

Raj sells everything he has (including his house) to pay back the contract amount to Ashok. Radha and Ashok move into a new house. There’s a song here – Kal toh sunday ki chhutti. Then he goes out searching for a new job. Since he had left his earlier project incomplete he’s not able to find a proper job. But he blames Ashok for using his influence and holds that as the reason behind him not getting a job.

He finally gets a job but meets with an accident while working on an assignment, and is hospitalized. He does recover, but his legs are paralyzed and is confined to a wheechair. With no income, it starts getting difficult for Radha to run the household and provide for Raj’s treatment. So she decides to work. She’s so happy about getting a job that she bursts into tears. But when the interviewer learns that she’s in desperate search of a job because her husband is ill, he takes back the offer letter saying with her husband sick in hospital she wont be able to concentrate on her work.

Ashok’s 5 year old daughter Mini ( Baby Shabana), misses her mother a lot. When she asks about her, Ashok tells her that her mother’s gone to god and lies to her that she’ll come back some day. She ties letters/messages to her mother to a balloon and sends them to god.

But god doesnt send her mother back to her.  Tired of waiting for her mother to come, she loses interest in studies and fails in all subjects.  Ashok doesnt know how to deal with her. Tired of Mini’s tantrums, her governess quits her job. Now he’s on a look out for new governess.

Radha sees an ad in newspaper for Governess, but the first requirement is that the governess should be unmarried. Since the pay is good and she feels she can save enough for Raj’s treatment with the money she gets as a governess, she goes for interview. Once she reaches the venue and sees the range of Emami products displayed there, she recognizes it as Ashok’s office. Aware of what had happneed between Ashok and Raj, She decides not to work for him and turns to leave. But one of the employees in office sees her and informs Shaukat chaha about her. He’s shocked to see her there. He offers for more money and hires her as the new governess.

When she goes to Ashok’s house the following morning, Ashok doesnt beleive his eyes when he sees her. He literally piches himself to make sure he’s not dreaming.

When Radha comes home to teach Mini, Ashok sings Hume aur jeene ki

Mini tries to chase Radha with her usual pranks but when Radha doesnt complain to Ashok about it and after the initial qualms they bond very well.

All are happy with this arrangement. One day when Ashok takes Mini to a beach, Radha accompanies them. When Ashok goes to get ice-cream for her, Mini sees some balloons flying and starts running behind them thinking they hold a message for her from her mother. She is almost hit by a car, Radha saves her on time and tells her the truth about her mother – that she’s dead and she will never come back again. There’s a puppet show that they go for after this, and needless to say, there’s a song here – Hum to hai chui mui

As time passes, Mini starts looking at Radha as a Mother-figure.

On another occasion when Mini wants to go out for lunch, Radha and Ashok take her to a restaurant and a local magazine photographer clicks their picture.

Chandu, when he learns about Raj’s accident goes to his house to see him and says he’s really sorry to see him that way. When he learns that Radha has started working and that Raj is alone at home the whole day with nothing to do, he starts coming to give him company. But as the saying goes, old habits die hard, he starts gossiping about Radha.

On the eve of Mini’s birthday, she sees Meena’s photo in Ashok’s cigarette case and takes it for granted that it’s Radha. Mini’s birthday, RAdha and Raj’s wedding anniversary and Radha’s birthday are all on the same day, 15th December. Radha plans to take a day off so that she can spend her anniversary with her husband but Mini says she wont have the party without Radha. So Radha is forced to go to the party where Mini announces that Radha is her mother. Radha doesn’t know how to react to it. There’s a song, a duet version of Hume aur jeene ki.

The same day Chandu tells Raj that Radha’s working for Ashok Mehra. He also shows the photo in a magazine (the one taken during lunch at restaurant with Ashok and Mini) which refers to her as Miss Radha (and not Mrs. Raj Bedi). Raj is furious and feels that Radha has cheated on him in favour of a wealthy lifestyle that Ashok can afford.

When Ashok comes to drop her to her house after the party is over, he gives her a ring and proposes to her. She comes home leaving the ring in the car. Ashok follows her inside only to overhear Raj and Radha having a quarrel due to the misunderstanding created by Chandu’s gossip.

One can’t blame Ashok for asking Radha to marry him, neither can Radha be blamed for hiding the truth. Ashok is heart-broken once again when he learns that Radha is married (I simply love it when he says : Tumhe paaya ek baar, lekin khoya do baar). He doesn’t know what to do with Mini, who had started treating Radha as her mother. So admist tears he packs her off to a boarding school.

But as time passes he understands the circumstances better, and sends an amount of Rs. 5 lakhs to Radha’s house through Shaukat chahcha telling that it’s lottery prize money. With so much of money in hand, she knows she can afford for Raj’s treatment in America (As per the doctor’s suggestion)  and they decide to leave immediately.

But Raj sees Ashok at the airport. And when Ashok offers Raj  a cigarette he sees Meena’s photo in it.

How will Raj react to it? Will he ever realize and accept the fact that the photo was Meena’s and not Radha’s? Will he get to know that the money with which Radha is taking him to America is given by Ashok? What happens to Mini? Will she be able to bear the greif of separation from Radha? And last, but not the least what does Ashok do?

I thoroughly enjoyed watching this film. All of them have given such a great performance. Not a very happy-happy movie but it isn’t sad and depressing either.

A family drama with realistic and natural portrayal of characters, never over the top. Rekha’s dresses and style are worth mentioning when she models for Emami. Rajesh Khanna is sooooo handsome even at 40+. Raj Babbar looks quite sexy donning deep V-neck shirts and t-shirts with jeans. Even his protrayal as an over-possessive, egoistic crippled husband is great. Feels so good to see Madan Puri in such good roles and baby Shabana is cute too, though a little loud at times. What’s with Asrani and his screen name as Chandu? He is named Chandu in so many movies!!!

I have seen most of RK’s earlier films (60”s and 70’s) but not many of the later ones. Now I think I’ll have to start watching more of his movies from the 80’s 😉

Before I end the post, here’s wishing you all a very happy and a joyous new year! May all your dreams come true. God bless you! 🙂