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Ziddi (1964)

May 29, 2010

Ashok (Joy Mukherjee), is the youngest son in the family of Judge Sachin Shankar (Ulhas) and Mumtaz Begum.

He has two brothers and a younger sister (Lata Sinha). Both his brothers  are married and one of his sisters-in-law is Bela Bose. She hardly makes an appearance for 2 mins, what a waste of character!

Sachin is a pretty strict parent who wants everybody at breakfast table by 8 AM and expects all his sons to go to work and earn their living. The other two are great sons as per him who are professionally and financially settled in life and his only complain is about Ashok, who’s still in bed when everybody else has already gathered for breakfast. And he’s also not happy about Ashok wanting to become a writer.

Ashok goes to meet a publisher (Murad), who also doesn’t approve of his choice of profession because he thinks Ashok doesn’t look like a writer!!! (Now what’s that supposed to mean?)

Mr. Chaterjee (Asit Sen) makes an entry here and the publisher tells him that he has been summoned to Ooty by Thakur Mahendra Singh (Raj Mehra) as the Manager of his Tea Estate. And apart from looking after the Tea Estate his job would also include keeping an eye on Asha (Asha Parekh), Thakur’s daughter. He gives Mr. Chaterjee Asha’s photo, where she’s posing beside an elephant with a gun and gives him a brief introduction saying – “Yeh Thakur saab ki beti hai, Asha. Aur uski teen hi shauk hai zindagi mein – Sheron ki shikar, haati aur ghodon ki sawari and aadmi ke kapde pehena aur unko neecha dikhana” (This is Thakur’s daughter, Asha and she lives just for three things – to kill tigers, to ride horses and elephants and to wear men’s outfit and to make them feel inferior).

Ashok also sees Asha’s pic and is totally smitten. He has a feeling that if he gets to meet her he can come up with a story that would establish him as an Author. He takes her pic and goes on the road singing Teri surat se nahin milti kisi ki surat . Judge spots him singing by the swimming pool and takes him back home. Finding Ashok’s behaviour weird, he feels Ashok must be suffering from some illness and calls a Doctor. Doctor says he’s fine, it’s just that he’s suffering from loneliness –  which he finds all the more weird – lonely in a house full of peaople?! Doctor then goes on to explain that they should get Ashok married. At this, the entire family literally runs out of the house in search of a girl, leaving bewildered Ashok behind.

Ashok runs away from his house and goes to Ooty.

Judge is furious to find Ashok gone and is all the more angry when he discovers Ashok’s note that says :  “Zindagi bhar gadha na reh jaun, isi liye romance aur adventure ki talaash mein jaa raha hoon” (I don’t want to remain a fool all my life, that’s why I am off in search of Adventure and Romance).

He’s almost robbed off his belongings in the train by Mohan Choti while he’s asleep – And this scene is hilarious…Ashok’s dreaming about Asha and is blabbering in his sleep. That’s when Mohan Choti enters his compartment and what follows is very funny – extremely situational monologue from Ashok and Mohan’s expressions just perfect to blend with the scene. This is once of my favourite scenes in the film.

When Ashok finally wakes up and realizes that his suitcase is nowhere around, he follows Mohan and jumps out of the train behind him. Just then they hear a gunshot and Mohan drops Ashok’s suitcase and runs away. Ashok then spots Asha with a gun and she screams at him for scaring her prey away – according to her, the tiger she was about to shoot ran away because of Ashok 😛

She takes her jeep and drives away. Ashok retrieves his belongings and starts walking towards some civilization from the jungle he is in. Back at Thakur’s (Raj Mehra) house, everybody’s searching for the jeep. The new Manager was arriving and Mahesh (Mehmood), their driver was supposed to go to the station to receive him but both the Jeep and the driver are missing.

Seema (Nazima), Asha’s sister is sure that Asha must have taken the Jeep and Thakur is very angry about the whole affair and promises to scold Asha when she gets back. Lakshmi (Sulochna), Thakur’s wife, is hurt that Seema isn’t very fond of her sister and keeps complaining about her. And both Thakur and Lakshmi are busy blaming each other for spoiling Asha. In between this, Asha drives in complaining that somebody scared her prey away. And on being asked about Mahesh, she tells her pet, Majnu (an elephant) to bring him back. Poor soul was put in a drum and kept under Majnu’s invigilation.

Both her parents are extremely fond of her and they easily forgive her for all the pranks she’s upto and overlook them. As a result, Asha is such a spoilt brat, stubborn to the core and quite irritating as well.

Mahesh is then sent to the station to bring the Manager. On his way he sees Ashok walking with a suitcase and assumes him to be the new Manager. So he brings him home and introduces Ashok to everybody as the new Manager of Mahendra tea State.

Asha is furious to see him home and tries all the possible pranks to get him kicked out. She isn’t very successfull in doing so but she doesn’t give up.

 As a punishment for taking the Jeep in the morning, Thakur prohibits her from going to the Jalsa (a local fete) that night. And Ashok is instructed to keep an eye on her and make sure that she doesn’t even step out of the house.

Stubborn and bent on proving how inefficient Ashok is, she sneaks out of the house and in a hurry mounts an untamed horse and sets off. When Ashok realizes this, he goes behind on another horse, saves her and brings her back home, literally drops her on her bed and locks her room from outside. But she calls Majnu below her balcony, jumps on her back and goes to the Jalsa and dances to Raat ka samaa jhume chandrama.

Ramdas (Dhumal), is the Supervisor of the Tea Estates. He has a very pretty daughter Sheela (Shubha Khote) who’s madly in love with Mahesh. But Ramdas doesn’t approve of their romance and picks up a quarrel with Mahesh for the silliest of reasons.

Ashok takes up his job as the new Manager the following day. It’s almost 12:30 in the afternoon, he tells Ramdas to break for lunch at 1 and heads home for lunch himself.

Mahesh also takes a break saying he’s going to meet Sheela. On his way, Ashok sees Asha perched on a tree branch chewing Sugarcane, he flirts a little with her and she instructs Majnu to pick him up and throw him in the well, which Majnu obediently follows.

Mahesh sees Sheela getting lunch for her father and walking towards the Tea Estate. He asks her for some food and they climb the clock tower where she feeds him. He sets the time to 11insh hoping to spend some more time with her. Ramdas is hungry and keeps waiting for his daughter who doesn’t turn up. When he glances up to the clock tower to see the time, he is surprised  and figures out that something’s wrong.  So he sets out to investigate. When Mahesh sees him, he runs away at such a speed and without even looking around that he also ends up in the same well as Ashok. They somehow manage to get out.

 And now, Ashok feels it’s time to do something to tame Asha. But he has to get across Majnu before reaching Asha. So he prepares himself for the mission.

He manages to make friends with Majnu. And with his help, he sort of kidnaps Asha and sings Pyaar ki manzil mast safar. Now that Majnu is on Ashok’s side, Asha decides to sell the disloyal Elephant. She sits on Majnu and begins the auction. Ashok comes disguised as an Arabic and buys the Elephant for a huge amount. When she dismounts after the deal is done, he jokes with her saying, he had bought the entire package for that much, ie the elephant along with her on his back!

There’s a lot of drama in between. Ashok comes across a letter sent by Mr. Chatterjee, the original supposedly new Manager of the estate – who has written saying he fell ill and couldn’t come on time but now that he has recovered, he would be arriving soon. It’s just because Mahesh thought he was the Manager, he was brought to the house and given the job. He’s worried and thinks of going back home. When Mahesh learns the truth he decides to help Ashok. They both go to receive Mr. Chatterjee, who comes marching to the background score of “So he’s a jolly good fellow”. They take him to a fake graveyard haunted by Sheela clad in a black saree and they tell him that all the people killed by Asha are burried in this graveyard.

She hates Managers and there’s a slot especially reserved for Managers. At this Mr. Chatterjee runs away from there and is never heard of again.

Seema was out of town all this while and Ashok had never met her. One evening he’s sitting in his room typing his story and reciting some lines (he has quite a shayarana andaaz, the way he flirts around with Asha, the lines he uses –  they are very poetic and very very romantic), a dog happens to sneak in and Seema comes following the dog. He’s pleasantly surprised to discover another pretty lady in the house. And she’s a very sweet girl and they get along very well from the very beginning. When he notices Asha observing them, he makes fun of Asha and she walks away in a rage.

At the Jalsa, when Mahesh spots Ramdas sitting with Ashok, he drapes a dupatta over him and Sheela introduces him as Roopmati, her widowed friend to Ramdas. Ramdas falls madly in love with Roopmati. He continues pretending to be Roopmati at few more occassions.

 At one of them he flirts with Ramdas as Roopmati and then fools him and sneaks out of the house with Sheela singing Main tere pyaar mein kya kya na bana and at another Roopmati agrees to marry him provided that he gets Sheela married first. But some Astrologer had told Ramdas that he would die if Sheela gets married and has a child. When Mahesh discovers this, he confides in Ashok about it. And Ashok decides to help Mahesh,  disguised as a Sadhu baba, he  tells Ramdas to get his daughter married within seven days or else he’ll die. Ramdas’s in a dilemma now…one astroger told him that he’ll die if he gets Sheela married and now another is telling him that he would die if he doesn’t get her married.

Asha happens to cross by just then and Ashok, disguised as Sadhu baba, takes advantage of the situation, tells her few things about her at which she’s shocked (a Sadhu who knows so much about her) then tells her that she should dress properly…she’s a girl and should behave like one, mustn’t go around hunting tigers all the time…blah blah and at the end he says if she goes on this way, Ashok might choose Seema over her.

She goes back home and sits infront of the mirror, tries on a little make up and even wears a saree. The she goes down hoping Ashok would see her.

She gets mad at Ashok when she sees him sitting and talking so sweetly to Seema.

Seema is going for a picnic with her friends and invites Ashok to join them. He happily accepts the invitation and asks Asha if she would like to come along as well….

Asha : Jahannum mein jao! (Go to hell!)

Ashok : Akele jaane mein mazaa nahina ayega, aap bhi chaliye na (it won’t be fun going alone, why don’t u come along as well)

At the picnic, Ashok and Seema are busy with their sheron-shayari when her friends ask him to sing a song. He says : “If I knew how to sing, wouldn’t I have become an actor?” And then he hears Majnu and realizes that Asha is somewhere around. So he jumps around singing Janu kya mera dil ab kahan kho gaya.

By the end of the song, Asha ties some balloons to the basket in which Seema’s doggy is sitting and the basket flies away. Seema gets all hysteric seeing her doggy so helpless up in the air.

 Ashok scolds Asha and she replies saying : “Badla lena hai na, toh mere Majnu ko gubbare se bandhke suraj pe bhejde. Kutta bahut romantic ho raha tha isi liye maine usse chand pe bhej diya romance karne” ( Take revenge , do the same thing with my Majnu, tie balloons to him and send him to the sun. Your dog was getting very romantic, that’s why I sent him to the moon to romance).

Ramdas gives in and gets Sheela married to Mahesh.

Ashok continues flirting with Seema, even more when Asha is around, just to make her feel jealous. But Seema, unaware of Ashok’s intention, takes everything he says seriously and actually falls in love with him.  They go out one day and Asha sees Seema very happy with Ashok. At this sight, Asha loses her control and shoots Ashok. He falls down in the lake.

He doesn’t appear on the surface….it’s then that she realizes what she has done. Full of regret, she goes running back to the place where she had met Sadhu baba to seek his help. When she deosn’t find him there, she confesses her love for Ashok and starts talking to herself. Ashok, knowing she would come there, swims out and comes right there. For a while he converses with her from behind the bush as the Sadhu baba but after a while he comes out of his hiding and they declare their love for each other and sing Champakali dekho chhu ke jaadu kiya mere pyaar ne.

Ashok writes to his parents about Asha and asks them to come over. Thakur Mahendra Singh and his wife also find out that they are in love with each other and they readily accept Ashok into their family. Only Seema is heart-broken.

Just after Mahesh and Sheela get married, the first Astrologer comes and scolds Ramdas for not listening to him. He tells him the Sadhu who told him to get Sheela married was a fake. Ramdas gets very scared and doesn’t even let Mahesh touch Sheila. Mahesh is so sad –  Pyaar ki aag mein tan badan jal gaya.

Ashok’s family comes over to Ooty and all is well….

 …but how can we have such a simple and smooth climax, right?….So here comes the twist – Judge sees a photo hung on the wall of Thakur Mahendra Singh’s house and that triggers a lot of memories – he immediately refuses to get Ashok married to Asha as he knows of Asha’s parentage –  a father who is an escaped convict, in jail for murder, and a mother whose profession was: prostition. And then everybody is surprised to see Asha drunk – singing and dancing to Yeh meri zindagi ek pagal hawa at a party.

And in between all this, Moti (Madan Puri) makes an entry.

Who is Moti? What’s the secret behind Asha’s family? How will Seema react to all this? Will she take revenge? What happens to Mahesh and Sheela? Does Ramlal ever get to know the truth behind Roopmati?

Not a hard ending to guess at all 🙂

I really like Joy Mukherjee and it’s Rafi’s songs and Joy that made me watch this movie. If you are not very fond of Joy Mukherjee, be content listening to or watching the songs on Youtube for Rafi. Well, I am not scaring anybody away….but there’s nothing much in the movie to like. I did like few things like the scene between Ashok and Mohan Choti in the train, Ashok flirting with both the sisters but it wasn’t right of him to play with Seema’s emotions the way he did, Mahesh and Sheela’s romance which was very cute ( I really like this couple and it wasn’t irritatingly OTT), can’t say the same about Ashok and Asha though, it was too short. Ashok spent more than half the movie pursuing Asha, the rich, spoilt-brat. Everybody looked good, so that was one consolation but other than that, I didn’t find the movie all that great. It was average and one time watchable, but I don’t see myself watching this movie again.

I do adore Asha Parekh but in this movie she was very screechy and irritating. Missed the Love in Tokyo chemistry. But Nazima made up for that, she was very cute and sweet. Wonder how and why Joy didn’t fall for her. I hardly said anything good about the movie….it isn’t all that bad either and I don’t regret watching it. I would rate it 6 (only 5 for the story, extra point for all the other things I liked about the movie. Had Asha been better, it would definitely have scored 7 + for me).


Akashdeep (1965)

November 29, 2009

Mujhe dard-e-dil ka pata na tha…..this song led me to this movie. Had heard it on radio first, then watched the video on youtube.  I just couldnt take my eyes off Dharmendra. And when I checked the other songs in the movie, I liked them as well.  So I ended up buying the DVD.

Though it’s more of Ashok Kumar movie (the fact that I wasnt aware of till I sat down to watch the movie), I wasnt disappointed. Dharamji makes his entry almost after half way through.

It begins with young Shankar staring at the chimney of a mill. He’s a troubled and disturbed guy. He leaves his brother Madhu at home to study only to find Madhu ordering people at their father’s Tea-stall.

Bipin, their father has taken to drinking. When Mamaji comes home and sees Bipin leaving:

Mamaji : Kahan jaa rahe ho, Bipin?
Wife : Naali mein girne
Bipin : Nahin, sab kuch bhoolne
Mamaji : kya bhoolna chahate ho, Bipin?
Bipin : Woh din jo beet gaye, woh din jo beet rahe hai, woh din jo kabhi nahin aayenge
Mamaji : Bhool sakte ho kya?
Bipin : Nahin, yehi toh musibat hai
Mamaji : Zindagi se bhagna aasan nahin hai
Bipin : Haan, yeh bhi thik hai. par zindagi hai toh maut bhi toh aayegi ek din, phir….phir kya karegi zindagi

Kya shey banayi hai aadmi ne peene ko
dekhne mein pani
paani ke andar aag, aag ke baad chingari, phir raag,
phir ban jaati hai samadhi, jispe koi phool nahin chadhata, koi phool nahin chadhayega

Accha toh main chala shankar ke mamu, abhi kuch paise baanki hai , kahin yeh (pointing towards his wife) phool na khareed laaye mere samadhi pe chadhane

Mamaji, seeing Shankar brooding, tells him that Bipin always wanted to become a poet, but then he had to do something to earn a livlihood and look after the family. That’s when he opened the tea-shop. But he was never happy about it.  He couldnt live his dream and to forget the pain, he drowned himself in liquor every evening.  The title track is played in the background

Bipin, before dying tells Shankar that he had a dream but could never make it come true. After father’s death, Shankar takes up the family responsibility. He works and works very hard. He does all kind of jobs.

One day, Mr. Sinha spots him and asks him what he does.

Shankar : I work
Mr. Sinha : Will you work in my Mill?
Shankar : No
Mr. Sinha : Why? Is the place where you work better than my Mill?
Shankar : No, but I can atleast think of buying the shop where I work, but your Mill….the chimneys are too high

And Shankar actually buys that shop, names it “Shankar Bhandar” and this is followed by a chain of his stores and business : Shankar Hardware House, Shankar and Co. Building Contractors, Shankar Timber Mart, Shankar Trading Corporation and so on. He grows up to be a very rich and successful businessman.

 Mamaji has a very important role, the only person whom Shankar turns to everytime he needs an advice, suggestions. Mamaji is a voice of conscince throughout, tries his best to keep Shankar grounded to his roots.

While Shankar has progressed so much, lives in a grand house, Madhu (Mehmood) still works in the same tea-shop, with Ramu (Kesto Mukherjee) as his helper. Wonder why the name of the  tea-shop is Cha Cha Cha 😛

 Shankar hates poverty and tries to make Madhu the General Manager of one of his firms but Madhu rejects his offer. When Shanker complains to Mamaji about it, Mamaji says may be Madhu is happy owning the tea-shop, and living in their old house.  And happy he is though he lives a very plain and simple life! He’s married to Sheila (Shubha Khote) and has a little daughter too. They keep fighting most of the times but in a very sweet way and must say that they both make a wonderful couple.  And this is not over-the-board comedy with Mehmood, he doesnt look forced into the script. He does it just right. And I love Mehmood in such roles.

 Roma (Nanda), their sister is studying in Shimla. After completing her studies she comes back home. Madhu goes to receive her at the airport. But she disguises herself as a pathan and Madhu doesnt recognize her. He comes back to Shankar’s house to tell him that he could find Roma at the airport when he sees the same pathan again. Pathan tries to bully Madhu and they have a small fight where Madhu tries to defend himself. In this process pathan’s turban falls and Madhu finally recognizes Roma.

Shankar buys the shares of Mr. Sinha’s mill. When he goes to meet Mr. Sinha to his house, he sees Vani (Nimmi) outside and asks if Mr. Sinha is home but Vani doesnt answer him. He asks her a couple of times but she doesnt respond to any of his questions. Furious, he asks if she’s dumb. He finally walks away and is driving out, when Vani comes running, stops him and hands him a note. After reading it he realizes that she’s actually dumb and cant speak (She wanst born dumb, she could speak when she was small, but loses her voice due to some reason. She can however hear everything. She can read and write as well).

He feels really sorry for her. When he meets Mr. Sinha he asks him if he can marry his daughter.  Shankar says that he knows Vani cant speak but he still wants to marry her, Mr. Sinha has no objection. On hearing this conversation Vani is so happy, that she goes to her room and starts singing. I want to point out that unlike other movies, she doesnt actually sing the song. She plays the record on a gramophone and just does lip-synch, smart girl! Dil ka diya jalake gaya

In a very quiet ceremony Shankar and Vani get married. Shankar takes over Mr. Sinha’s mill after his death. But the employees, union, board of directors dont accept him as their owner. As predicted, Tarun (Dharmendra) is the union leader.  Roma, dressed up as a pathan again, meets Tarun on her way to Madhu’s house. Her scooter breaks down and Tarun helps her fix it.

Tarun comes to Shankar’s house to meet him. Roma, when she goes to open the door and finds Tarun standing there, she’s surprised. He finds Roma familiar too but cant figure out where he’s seen her before. But the next time he sees her dressed as a pathan, he points out that he knows a girl who looks like him. Roma falls in love with Tarun and we are treated to another wonderful song here Mile to phir jhuke nahin.

There are lots of problems going on in the mill. The union decides to go on a strike and they need fund. All this discussion goes on in Madhu’s tea-shop and Shankar overhears the conversation.  They do a show (after lot of drama) to raise fund where Mehmood performs and this song is hilarious – Jaa raha hoon main zindagi se.

Back at the mill and board of directors meeting, Mr. Desai, also a board member,  opposes to everything that Shankar says or proposes.  There are lots of clashes.

In the meantime, Roma and Tarun are busy romancing. Finally my initial reason behind watching this movie comes…yes, the song: Mujhe dard-e-dil ka pata na tha.

Shankar initially has no problem with Tarun, inspite of him being the union leader.  When he comes to know that Roma is in love with him, he proposes a promotion to Tarun but being the typical egoistic hero, he refuses.  Lots of misunderstandings crop in and Shankar turns totally against Tarun. Roma leaves the house and goes to live with Madhu and Sheila. Vani, who’s expecting, falls down and has a miscarriage. Doctor says that she can never have a child again. Seeing Vani totally depressed, Madhu convinces Sheila to give their daughter to Vani. But Shankar doesnt like it.

The union is almost at war with Shankar. Vani desparately tries to convince Shankar to cool down, shows him the pictures where her father was distributing sweets to the employees in the mill. But Shankar is disappointed that even Vani thinks he’s wrong. She finally leaves the house and goes.

Filomina (Achala Sachdev), who had come to the house with Vani after her marriage decides to leave the house as well

Shankar is all alone.

When Mr. Tiwari (Ramayan Tiwari), Tarun’s father, who’s mentally ill, finds out about Tarun and Roma, he goes to Shankar to talk about their marriage. Shankar is too disturbed with the happenings at the mill to think about it. Tarun bunks work and goes to meet Roma one afternoon and there’s another lovely track – Suniye kya pyaar mein sharmana. During Tarun’s absence, an accident occurs in the mill. In another accident, Shankar gets hurt badly. Nothing seems to be going right.

When Tarun discovers that pathan and Roma are the same person, he feels that she’s been fooling around with him just to pass on the union secrets on to her brother, Shankar.  And they part ways as well. Vani learns that Shankar’s life is in danger and comes back home to stop him from going out. But doesnt find him home. She leaves a note for him and goes to the mill.

I feel really sad for Shankar. Everybody misunderstands him. It’s not that he doesnt like poor people or is dominating. It’s the poverty that he hates.  He has progessed so much, his dream to to take his employees, his family along and move ahead in life but nobody understands him. All his ideas to do so are taken wrongly. For instance, he decides to build houses for all his employees near the mill so that they wont have to travel long, and can come to work inspite of harsh weather. But Desai opposes to this saying he’s trying to take people under his control.  He’s left all alone 😦

After a lot of drama at the climax, the lawyer announces that Shankar has turned the mill into a cooperative soceity, where each employee is an equal shareholder and says :

“Jab tak mehnat karne wala haath aur sapna dekhne wala dimag saath nahin ho jaate, hum mein se koi aaghe nahin badh sakta”

Finally everyone is convinced that Shankar has been doing things for their good all along. He lights an Akashdeep and the movie ends.  And as the saying goes – All’s well that ends well!!!

Akashdeep lights up the sky and shows the way in the dark, similarly Ashok Kumar tries to lead the entire soceity towards a better livelihood, hence the name.

There’s nothing great about the movie (except for the music, of course) it’s still a nice watch. Story sounds extremely predictable and repetitive, but this could have been one of the first movies of it’s kind.  All in all, I enjoyed watching the movie.