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Mukesh sings for Rajesh Khanna

August 28, 2012

Kishore Kumar was the voice of Rajesh Khanna. But Mukesh and Rafi have sung few songs for him and such great ones at that. I had started this post last month to publish it in the last week of July, somewhere around Mukesh’s birth anniversary and Rafi’s death anniversary.  But like it’s said – waqt se aaghe kabhi kisi ko kuch nahin milta, even a post doesnt get published. Hopefully the list of songs that Rafi has sung for him will be ready by 24th Dec.

Mukesh has sung just a few songs for Kaka. In fact, I can think of only 6 such songs. And I like all of them, so here they are!

1. Maine tere liye hi saat rang ke sapne (Anand, 1971) : What a beautiful song this is! I can never do enough justice to this song by writing anything about it. Rajesh Khanna plays the character of a cancer patient in this movie, he knows he’s going to die and has just a couple of months left to live. But he doesnt let that dampen his spirits. On the contrary, he tries living his life to the fullest. I wont start with the dialogues all over again. I wont be able to stop at one or two if I do. I’ve seen this movie so many times but I was never sure who this song was actually meant for (in fact never thought about it). When he gets his jhola and refers before starting the second antara, there’s a hint of sadness, loneliness in his eyes. He doesnt have a heroine paired opposite to him here though he mentions a girl who he was in love with. Is he thinking of her while singing this song or is he singing this to himself, to his life. Now the more I listen to it the more I feel it’s Anand’s  life from his point of view. Both Mukesh and Rajesh Khanna have done an outstanding job and brought out the right emotions in this song.

Gulzar, Mukesh, Salil Chaudhary

2. Kahin door jab din dhal jaaye (Anand, 1971) : It’s quite a strange thing that Mukesh has sung two songs for Rajesh in the same movie! This song is a top top favourite of mine. If I ever have to make a list of my all-time favourite songs, this would definitely feature in it. I cannot explain in words what I feel when I listen to it or watch it.  This is the only time we see Anand sad, weak and vulnerable in the movie. This song reminds me of Solitary Reaper, I think of that poem almost everytime I hear this song.  It’s so poignant – the setting sun, the longing : longing for life and what couldn’t be his, there’s so much of sadness in it and yet it’s so beautiful and so soothing.

Dil jaane mere saare bhed yeh gehre
Kho gaye kaise mere sapne sunhere
Yeh mere sapne yehi toh hai apne
Mujhse juda na honge inke yeh saaye

Mukesh, Salil Da, Yogesh

I had come across this site sometime ago and I saw it today again when I was searching for this song. They have done a complete justice to it, described exactly how I feel when I listen to it.

3. Jis gali mein tera ghar na ho baalma (Kati Patang, 1970) : Another favourite Mukesh-on-Rajesh Khanna song of mine. I grew up listening to this song but saw it for the first time only while watching the movie. And Kati Patang is among the movies I saw right after Amar Prem. And this was the first time I was listening to Mukesh and watching Rajesh Khanna on screen, it kind of felt odd. He declares his love to his best friend’s widow, with a style and a charm that was uniquely his. Any girl would be on cloud nine listening to someone sing such beautiful poetry to her, but Asha, impersonating her friend,  holds herself back but that doesnt discourage him a bit.

Anand Bakshi, Mukesh, RDB

Mr. and Mrs. 55 have written about this song as well and must say they are very good at it!
4. Phool aahista pheko (Prem Kahani) : This is one movie I’ve never been able to get hold of till now. But the songs, be it cheerfully romantic title track or this one, they are just terrific. And the exchange of sher-o-shayaris before the song is masha-allah!

Anand Bakshi, LP, Mukesh & Lata

5. Zubaan pe dard bhari (Maryada, 1971) : Mukesh’s voice is usually referred to as dard-bhari awaaz. And we all know, he was the best when it came to bringing out the sorrow. Nobody can sing tragic songs like him, one of the main reasons why I have resisted him for so many years. And here he is singing Zubaan pe dard bhari. I wonder if he was roped in to sing this song because of the lyrics. But whatever it may be, this song wouldn’t have been the same if somebody else had to sing it. I dont remember much of this movie (probably because I didnt find it all that great) except for the fact that Mala Sinha was in a double role. I have vague memories of Raj Kumar wandering with a cage, and just Chup ke se dil de de and this song.

Anand Bakshi, Kalyanji-Anandi, Mukesh

6. Dil sambhale sambhalta nahin (Raaz, 1967) : This is one hell of a romantic song (Mukesh doesnt sing only dard-bhare songs) and a very catchy one. It’s one of those let-me-go shaam dhalne lagi songs which I totally love. Such beautiful background (blue sky spotted with fluffy white clouds, snow-capped mountains glistening, greenery, cattles grazing) , two very good looking people romancing onscreen and two of the greatest singers singing it for them – all one has to do is just sit back and enjoy and let it’s beauty sink in. They sound so helplessly in love and that just adds to the cuteness factor of this song!

Kalyanji-Anandji, Mukesh * Lata

R.I.P Mukesh!

Can you think of any other song that Mukesh has sung for Kaka?

Happy Birthday Mukesh!

July 22, 2011

When I had done a post on Mukesh last year for his death anniversary, I had listed some of his most popular songs. And though I had said I would be doing more posts on him, I’ve hardly had time to do any posts at all after that.

On this Birth Anniversary of his, I’m listing 3 not-so-very-popular (at least I had not heard them earlier until recently) songs that I have come to love immensely. I wish I had the time to do a longer post, but unfortunately I dont. So here goes my list –

1. Pukaro mujhe naam lekar pukaro (Bhool Na Jaana, 1965) : I’m addicted to this song ever since I discovered it. A friend of mine who’s a big-time Gulzar fan had posted this on his wall on facebook about a month ago. And hardly a day has passed without me listening to it since then. It’s the simplicity of this song that I like the most – beautiful lyrics by Gulzar, awesome music by Daan Singh (I’ve become very fond of this man these days) and superb and heart-felt rendition by Mukesh. As this movie was never released, I doubt if we will ever find out how this song was picturized. But the audio is just so perfect, I would rather settle down with it than have the song spoiled by some inappropriate caste or silly picturization (as is the case with some of the best songs).  At the moment, I find this song totally heavenly –  It’s so melodious and poetic and romantic that it’s combined effect makes me heady everytime I listen to it. And I just cant get enough of it –

(Pukaro mujhe naam lekar pukaro 
Mujhe tumse apni khabar mil rahi hai) 2

(Kahin baar yoon bhi hua hai safar mein
Achanak se do ajnabee mil gaye ho) 2
Jinhe rooh pehchaanti ho azal se
Bhatakte bhatakte wohi mil gaye ho

Kunware labon ki kasam tod do tum
zara muskura kar baharein sanwaron

Pukaro mujhe naam lekar pukaro
Mujhe tumse apni khabar mil rahi hai

(Khayalon mein tumne bhi dekhi toh hongi
Kabhi mere khwabon ki dhundhlee lakeeren) 2
Tumhari hatheli se milti hai jaakar
mere haath ki yeh adhoori lakeeren

Badi sar chadhi hai yeh zulfen tumhari
Yeh zulfen meri baazuon mein utaaro

Pukaro mujhe naam lekar pukaro
Mujhe tumse apni khabar mil rahi hai

*Azal  means from the beginning of creation.

2. Hiya jarat rahat din rain (Godaan, 1963) : This song has such a rustic feel to it. I  love the prelude- the sitar and the flute. It sets such a happy note to it, even visually – a cow and a calf tied to a tree infront of the house, a hen pecking on something on the ground. A kid with a mother goat, puppies sucking milk, chics following the mother hen – all marking a new life coming into existence, spreading happiness and Raj Kumar savouring the sight around him. When the mukhda begins, in Bhojpuri, it just add to the rustic-ness that’s already set by the prelude .  Raj Kumar looks very convincing as a farmer and seems to be in a total bliss with his life and surroundings. But even admist all these, there’s an impending sadness in Mukesh’s voice, which reaches it’s peak in the last antara where a decaying skeleton is shown depicting death – Aas adhoori, pyaasi umariya…I had always loved the audio of this song. Saw the video today for the first time and must say I’m impressed with it. Hats off to Pandit Ravi Shankar for this wonderful composition, Anjaan for lovely lyrics and Mukesh for completing the traingle with his soulful rendition.

(Hiyaa jarat rahat din rain
O rama, jarat rahat din rain)2

(Ambuwa ki daali pe koyal bole) 2
Tanik na aawat chain 
O rama, jarat rahat din rain

(Baswaree mein madhur sur baaje) 2
Birahee papihara bolan lage
Madhure madhura madhu bain,
O rama, jarat rahat din rain

(Aas adhuri, pyaasi umariya) 2
Chhaye andhera sooni dagariya
(Darat jiya bechain)2
O rama, jarat rahat din rain

Hiyaa jarat rahat din rain
O rama, jarat rahat din rain

3. Kaise manaaun piyava (Char Diwari, 1961) : Haunting is the word that comes to my mind when I think of this song. When I had first heard this song, I thought it was too sad for my liking but there still was something very hauntingly beautiful and intriguing about it. And then I saw it’s video and I was mesmerized. From the lyrics I could make out that it had something to do with newly weds and probably the girl was in love with somebody else before she got married to this guy. In such situations, it’s usually just the song playing in the background, if it’s not sung by the people involved – ie the guy or the girl or the betrayed lover singing out all his wrath on bewafai. But the fact that it’s a third person singing this song and the husband confirming that it’s a kashti-waala who often sings this song as he sails across the river outside their house is what I found very interesting. I haven’t seen the movie, so I’m not sure who exactly the person singing it is, could be Nanda’s ex-lover. But I started liking this song  more after I saw it’s video. If only the sound in the video was little clearer.

The emotions are so beautifully described and rendered – the anxiety (ghabraana), shyness (sharmaana), short conversation in between and the confusion (or rather fear of not being able to accept or love the person). The last antara leaves the song on quite mysterious note.

The folk touch to the lyrics with words like “piyawa”, “ekhu” gives the song a desi feel. Everytime I listen to it I keep wondering what context is “Goon mere ekhu naahin” referring to. Whether it’s because she was in a relationship with somebody else before getting married and thinks she’s not worth all that she’s getting now. Also, the second antara that goes –


Saajan mere aaye, dhadkan badhti jaaye
Naina jhukte jaayein , ghunghat dhalta jaaye
Khudse hi sharmaaye, aaj teri parchhaayin

Though the first two lines have a romantic note to it, is the third line in continuation to that or is it something about her being ashamed of herself? I have to get hold of this movie somehow and watch it soon.

Salil Da’s music is awesome and so are Shailendra’s words. Heart-rending singing by Mukesh and must say a very well picturized song!

Kaise manaaun piyava 
Goon mere ekhu naahin
Kaise manaaun piyava 

Kaise manaaun piyava 
Goon mere ekhu naahin

Aayi milan ki bela 
Ghabraaun mann maahin
Kaise manaaun piyava 
Goon mere ekhu naahin

Kaise manaaun piyava 

(Saajan mere aaye 
Dhadkan badhti jaaye) 2
Naina jhukte jaayein 
Ghunghat dhalta jaaye
Khudse hi sharmaaye 
Aaj teri parchhaayin
Kaise manaaun piyava 
Goon mere ekhu naahin

(Main anjaani paraayi
Dwaar tihaare aayi) 2
Tune mujhe apnaya 
Preet ki reet nibhayi
Haye re mann ki kaliyaan
Phir bhi khil na paayin
Kaise manaaun piyava 
Goon mere ekhu naahin

Kaise manaaun piyava

A heart-felt thanks to all these maestros for creating such classic gems. Wonder what and how our lives would haven been without these vintage songs. Like the dialogue from Anand – “Anand mara nahiAnand marta nahin”, all these people are immortal. They’ll live forever in the hearts of millions of people. We have loved you and we will always love you. Happy Birthday Mukesh!