K for Kishore – I (Kishore sings for Rajesh Khanna)

I am not as regular on my blog as I would like to be. Let me see if I can complete this post today. Almost everybody knows that Shammi Kapoor and Rafi are the love of my life. But they also know that it was Rajesh Khanna and Kishore Kumar who came into my life before them. It was because of these two that I started watching old films and listening to old songs. And though I have been planning to do a post on Kishore Da for a long time, I have never been able to so it so far.

It’s impossible to select just a handful of his songs and list them as favourites. I was planning to do a post on songs that Mukesh (22nd Jul) and Rafi (31st Jul) have sung for Rajesh Khanna (18th Jul), as a tribute to all three of them. I started with it but haven’t finished it yet, though the list is ready, description isn’t. Since Mukesh and Rafi didn’t sing many songs for Kaka, it wasnt a very difficult task. But how and where do I start with Kishore’s songs?

Kishore Da was the voice of Rajesh Khanna and most of their songs were just magical, they were so popular and they still are even today. Today, on Kishore Da’s birth anniversary, I thought of doing a post on those songs of this duo which are not as popular as the others. I dont know if they were big hits and popular when they were released but these are some songs which we dont get to hear them as often as the likes of Meri sapno ki raani, Yeh shaam mastaani, Zindagi ka safar, O mere dil ke chain…etc today. There are loads of such songs but these are 10 of my favourite songs, in no particular order. I’m further restricting myself only to solo songs –

1. Ladkhadane do mujhe (Palkon Ki Chhaon Mein, 1977) : This is one movie that I had liked a lot. Simple, sweet and it had a very good plot. Rajesh Khanna is in love with Hema Malini, who’s in love with Jeetendra, even secretly married to him. When Rajesh learns about her past, he decides to help her find her love, though he himself is heartbroken. A perfect setting for a song complete with daaru ka tadka. Kishore is marvellous as always.
Maut ke baad sahi milne ka vaadha karlo
Humne bhi kaunsi jeene ki kasam khayi hai

2. Saath mein pyaara saathi hai (Dil Daulat Duniya, 1972) : This is one very romantic song, seductively so! And we can hear that in Kishore’s singing. I havent seen the movie so dont know how it was but I really like this song a lot.

Aise mein ab tum hi kaho neend kisse kab aati hai

3.  Chhalkao jhoom ke paimaana khushi ka (Phir Wohi Raat, 1980) : This song has a very happy feel to it – a typical birthday song. But when we watch it, we can sense an impending danger, especially with some characters lurking around suspiciously. The first time I saw this movie (I was still in school), I had seen it from the middle, somewhere in between. Since I had missed the beginning, I didnt know what movie it was, never knew the name. Few years later, when I had gone home for summer vacation (when I was in hostel) and realized there was a Rajesh Khanna movie coming on tv, I sat down to watch it. This time around I made sure I watched it from the beginning,I already knew the name this time as I had seen it’s trailer. Half way through I realized it was the same movie but then there was a power cut and I couldnt watch it fully. Though I remember the story, most of it, I had completely forgotten the songs. One day I was watching  a Danny-Asha Bhosle song (Nepali) on youtube and in the comments section someone had mentioned that there is a Hindi song with a similar tune. And I couldn’t rest peacefully till I knew which one it was. I searched and searched and finally found it – Sang mere nikle the saajan from Phir Wohi Raat. I was little sad that I had seen the movie and didnt remember it’s songs. So I sat and watched all the songs of this movie that day and that’s when I re-discovered Chhalko jhoom ke also.

4. Aaiye aapko main apne (Joroo Ka Ghulam, 1972) :  I simply love this song! Rajesh looks so cute, especially that image of him sitting with flour all over him is so very adorable. And love the way it’s sung. I can’t help laughing everytime it goes Aur yeh…main hoon.

5. Pyaar ki waadiya de rahi hai sada (Jaanwar, 1983) : I had heard this song on radio and always thought of this it as a “cntrl+f” song, where hero and heroine have been separated and hero’s wandering all over searching for his love. It has that longing and desperation in Kishore’s voice that gives the feel to it. I happened to watch it only recently and from the time I have seen the video I’ve been wanting to see the movie. Songs used to be an important part of the story, and that’s one thing I love the most about Hindi films. Looks like Zeenat has lost her memory and Rajesh is trying to remind her of who she is and what they once shared.

6. Ruk meri jaan (Bundal Baaz, 1976) : Yet another song which I had heard very often on radio but never watched. I haven’t seen the movie yet and came across this song on youtube only recently. It’s a catchy song and entertaining too but I feel sad to see Ranjeet so helpless. Bechare ki image ki toh dhulai kardi . And Rajesh looks like a safedi ki chamkaar 🙂

7. Tera dil kya kehta hai (Aashiq Hoon Baharon Ka, 1977) : I dont remember the story though I think I have seen this movie. I vaguely remember the climax, ie if it’s the one where Rajesh is left on an island/or surrounded by waterbody where there are alligators all around. And Danny also makes it a point to leave some raw meat behind so that it’s smell would attract the reptiles and they would attack Rajesh. I had found the way Rajesh escapes from there very funny. I only remember the songs of this movie – the catchy title track, Purab Aur Paschim inspired song in the club – Mashriq se jo aaye and this one.
The best thing that I like about this particular song is Yunhi raston pe chalte jaye hum aur manzil kabhi bhi na aaye.

8. Ek raja ka ek beta tha (Tyaag, 1977) : This movie had some great songs. I love this one and a duet Hum tum tum hum hum tum ek nadi ke hai do kinare.  I like the chemistry that Rajesh shares with the kid and the way Kishore sings it – the conversational/story-telling like tone it has – esp tum jaichha hi pyaala pyaala. Though this song is not a complete solo song, I just cant help posting it.


9. Aisa rangeen sama hai re (Aanchal, 1980) : It’s picturization is OTT, but I still like this song because it makes me feel good and brings a smile on my face everytime I listen to it. It’s also about – we want lots of things in life but dont always get them. But it doesnt mean that we get disheartened and lose hope. A ray of hope always gives you a reason to look forward to and feel happy.


10. Fauji gaya jab gaon mein (Akraman, 1975) : There were few more songs in my mind and I had reached the end of this post even before I realized. After debating a lot between  Yeh mera jeevan tere liye hai from Babu and this one, I chose this because it’s so colorful to start with. And the narration is so entertaining – a total paisa vasool performance, esp Mera Baapu saath mere Jarnail Singh ban baitha and Rum ki botal part!


As always, I’ve reached the end of the post too soon. Be it popular or lesser popular songs, Rajesh Khanna and Kishore Kumar have left a legacy behind and they’ll continue to live in our hearts forever.

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10 Responses to “K for Kishore – I (Kishore sings for Rajesh Khanna)”

  1. raja Says:

    Waah, kuchh yaadein taaza kar deen!!! It’s been ages since I’ve heard “ladkhadaane do mujhe”, “tera dil kya kehta hai” and “fauji gaya jab gaon mein”. I saw these movies when they were released but since then they’ve completely gone off the radar for me. I remember liking Palkon Ki Chhaon Mein (simple movie, shorn of glamour).

    Of all the songs in this list, my 2 favorites are “saath mein pyara saathi hai” from Dil Daulat Duniya (1972) and “aaiye aap ko main apne” from Joroo Ka Ghulam (1972). I just love these song – Rajesh and Kishore combine beautifully in them. They SO deserve to be better-known. Joroo Ka Ghulam had another fun song – “baras gayi re taras gayi re”. Love that one too!!!

    Thanks for this lovely tribute to both Kaka and Kishore, bitiya. Nice to see songs, other than their famous ones, also get their moments in the sun, albeit briefly.

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      Thank you, Papa! I had fun doing this post. I discovered so many other songs too 🙂
      The only place I hear these songs once in a while is on Vividh Bharati. And I just look them up on youtube when I have time. Listening to songs on radio, I form a perception and try to visualize them. Because I havent seen many of these movies, it’s fun watching the video and actually seeing how they are picturised.

  2. shrikant Says:

    Good that You posted the good songs from those films which media does not highlight much. What about songs like Joshe Jawani Tauba Re Tauba, Bye Bye Miss Goodnight Kal Fir Milenge, Kitne Sapne Kitne Armaan, Thokar Mein Hai Meri Sara Zamana,Saasu Tirath from Souten, Aao Kanhai Mere Dham from Mere Jeevan Saathi, Jamuna Ke Jalme from Awara Baap , Aa Janeman Aaj Tujhe Ek Tohfa from Awaaz, and my personal favourite from Bhola Bhala – Kal Tak Mein Akela Tha …Waqt Waqt Ki Baat Hai.
    Can You Add these songs to this list?

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      I was hoping you would see this post. I havent been able to see any movies of late but thought I would at least do something.
      Thank you for all these songs. Well, I did have Thokar mein hai meri sara zamana in my list but it didnt make it here. I had few more songs in my mind but I had already written about the first 10 that came to my mind and I didnt want to change that. I will do a part II of this series if I can come up with another 10 not so very well-known songs of this jodi.

      • shrikant Says:

        Also do add Koi Na Tere Pehle Thi Na Tere Baad Hogi from Amardeep, Dil Kya Chahe from Oonche Log. Have given you another 10 songs. really high quality of songs of both rd-kishore-rajesh khanna and also of others like lp with rk-kishore

      • shrikant Says:

        ya many times i have sent you the list of films which i want you to reiview thats cause i love the way you do justice to rajesh khanna’s films. do review them…waiting since 2 years for your review for those particular films. iam 24 year old Superstar Rajesh Khanna’s fan. I wrote an artcile on him 2 weeks before his death. Heres the link do read http://www.thejetnewspaper.com/subpages.php?ID=1049#.UCCfjPaPWDs

      • sunheriyaadein Says:

        Yes, Shrikant, I do have another 10 songs now. Thanks 🙂
        That was a very detailed analysis of Kaka’s films and his career.
        40 years and 180 films from IIFA reminds me of his dialogue on stage at IIFA –
        Izzat-e, shohrat-e, ulfat-e, chahat-e
        Sab kuch iss duniya mein rehta nahin
        Aaj main hoon jahan, wahan kal koi aur tha
        Yeh bhi ek daur hai, woh bhi ek dar tha….

        I had tears in my eyes when he said that. It was a very touching moment.
        And the very next moment he said –
        Lekin yeh sab cheez main aap ko kyun bata raha hoon
        Aap toh sab jaante hai, yeh toh public hai sab jaanti hai

        And I was smiling ear to ear at that

        P.S : I didnt see an option of leaving a comment on your article. Hence, am writing about it here itself.

  3. Ava Suri Says:

    I know only 3 songs from here, 1. saath me pyara saathi hai, 2. Fauji gaya jab gaon me, and the joroo ka gulam one.

    From Shrikant’s list, I remember Bye bye miss goodnight and the beautiful one from Mere jeevan saathi Kitne sapne kitne armaan.

    Bahut achcha post, Hope you write many many more!

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      Insha-allah, Ava! Thank you 🙂
      I hope ke iss blog mein jo peechle 1.5-2 saal se patjhad chal raha hai waha thodi si bahar aa jaye and I get to write more regularly.

  4. harveypam Says:

    Thanks to you listened to ladkhadane do mujhe and fauji gaya jab gaon me after so many years! Thanks Archana!

    One forgets saath me pyara saathi hai so often! Nice one!

    Chhalkao jhoom ke paimaana khushi ka was totally new for me! Never heard it! Funny! I knew sang mere nikle the sajan, but got acquainted with it only 2-3 years back. Although the original wa sknown to me since my childhood days.

    aaiye aapko main apne ghar ki ser is funny, it being so sarcastic!
    pyar ki wadiya de rahi hai sada was somewhat popular when it was released but then disappeared into oblivion.

    Poor Ranjit in ruk meri jaan! It is funny and has a good rhythm!
    Wonder if tera dil kya kehta hai was shot is Switzerland
    somewhere! Yunhi raston pe chalte jaye hum aur manzil kabhi bhi na aaye is indeed sweet! The whole song has an unusual melody!

    Neither heard of ek raja sa ek beta tha.

    aisa rangeen sama hai re is cute!

    fauji gaya jab gaon me was very popular during its time!

    The songs of Alag-Alag are hardly heard nowadays, but they were somewhat popular during those days
    dil me aag lagaye was one of my fav during that time

    mere sang sang aaya tere yaadon ka mela from Rajput was also popular

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