Happy Mother’s Day

Mother – The very first person who we learn to love in life and the one who we learn to love from.
Mother/Ma/Mom : The first word that a child learns to speak
Mother : Every child’s first teacher, role model, friend, confidante, guide, a necessity at every stage

It’s unbelievable that a person is capable of loving another so much. God forgot to set a limit to mother’s love. There’s this invisible bond that ties a mother to her child, no matter how far or near they are, a mother always seems to sense her child’s needs.

It’s strange how our relationship with our mothers changes with time – When we are small, our mother means the world to us. Then as we grow, we make friends and move ahead in life. We are in such a great hurry to grow up that we dont like mom fussing over us, we find her love and care irritating. We find her over possessive. And then one day we realize that she’s someone who’s always been there with us through thick and thin, always giving us all her support, someone who we can always rely on, someone who we can share everything with, someone who always has something nice to say, a best friend one can ever get.

It usually happens that we realize only too late in life that we should have spent a little more time with our parents, given them more importance – that’s something they deserve. Why does it always happen that we tend to take people who mean the most to us for granted? Why do we always expect them to understand and spare us for somebody else? We all love our mothers, our parents, but just loving them is not enough. We also need to show it, tell them how much they mean to us. It makes them feel so much happier.

Mothers are special and we need to make them feel so more often, not just on this day. This post is dedicated to all the wonderful mothers out there –

1. Koi aane wala hai (Mera Qasoor Kya Hai,1964) : The delight that a couple feels when they realize that they are expecting and all that they do to welcome their child into this world is something that can be never expressed in words. Just the news of a child’s arrival fills their life with so much of happiness.
Aane se pehle hai woh mere nigahon mein
Ankhiyan bichhaye baitha main bhi hoon raahon mein
The joy of impending parenthood is depicted so beautifully in this song.

2. Mera sooraj hai tu (Aradhna, 1969) : This song has become symbolic representation of a mother-son relationship in Hindi films. Be it a son or a daughter, a child is always the apple of mother’s eyes. With time, things change, we grow, our priorities in life change, but one thing that always remains constant is mother’s love. It’s something that can only increase with time.

3.Chanda mama door ke (Vachan, 1955): Feeding a child, putting him/her to sleep is not an easy task. Mother has to run behind the child, play with them, play multiple roles at the same time and yet a mother never complains of it. Bringing up a child is a full-time job. Only a mother can manage work, home, children at the same time and that too with such perfection.

4.Tu kitni achhi hai, tu kitni bholi hai (Raja Aur Runk, 1968) : A mother’s thought is never alone, it always has her children in them. She spends sleepless nights changing karvats, I mean diapers and attending to her child and yet she never tires. She finds happiness in her child’s happiness, her heart breaks into million pieces when she sees her child hurt. Her child’s well-being is everything that a Mother ever asks for.
Mere liye jaagi hai tu saari saari ratiyaan,
Meri nindiyaan pe apni nindiyaan bhi
Tune maari hai, o maa o maa

5. Maa mujhe apne aanachal mein chhupa le (Chhota Bhai, 1966) : We usually take our mothers for granted and dont value them as much as we should. They deserve a lot more than what we give them. And no matter how big we grow and how successful we become, we will always feel the need for our mothers in life. Life without a mother is just so incomplete.

6. Usko nahin dekha humne kabhi (Dadi Maa, 1966) : How can we talk about mothers and not talk about this song. I still remember the first time I had heard this song on radio when I was in hostel, along with Tu kitni achhi hai, I had literally cried. If there’s anybody on earth who’s equivalent to god, then it has to be our mothers.

7. Chham chham chham chale woh ma (Sahara, 1958) : Parents always want everything to be the best for their children. It’s a mother’s love and care that moulds a child to what he/she becomes later on. It’s always the mother who lays the foundation, teaches her child to love, learn, dream, hope, forgive and the list just goes on and on.

8. Mere ghar aayi ek nanhi pari (Kabhi Kabhi, ) : Another example of how an arrival of a child brings in so much of happiness to parents. Their entire life begins revolving around their child. For every parent, their child is always the best in the world and they can go to any extent to protect them and to make their dreams come true.
Dekh kar us ko jee nahin bharta
Chaahe dekhun usse hajaar baar

9. Main kabhi batlata nahin (Taaren Zameen Par, 2007) : Tujhe sab hai pata, hai na Ma – that part is so touching! One of those few songs of recent times that I really like. This a song that we all can relate ourselves to – At one point of time or the other we all have felt the same way. It reminds me so much of the day I left home and went to hostel for the first time.

10. Maa meri maa (Dasvidhaniya,2008) : It’s strange how we find mothers fussing over us irritating but when we are away from them, that’s exactly what we crave for the most.

It’s been almost 13 years I’ve been away from home, from my parents.  And everytime I call home, the first thing mom says is – I was waiting for your call the whole day. If I call in the morning today and in the evening the following day, she says – it’s been ages since I spoke to you.

Her day remains incomplete if any of us (my brother, sister and me) dont call and speak to her.  Any child in the neighbourhood learns to speak and she starts talking about how we were at that age, the way we used to pronounce certain words. Everything that happens around her in her day today life reminds her of us. At times it’s hard to believe that she manages to live without us.

Mothers are little emotional, their love knows no boundaries, they always think that we are too young to take care of ourselves and we cannot do anything right….but that’s how god has made mothers and we love them the way they are. Happy Mothers Day! 🙂

P.S : I came across this song in one of the musical groups in facebook this morning. It’s so good I  just couldnt help sharing it here –
Maa, pyaari maa, godh mein teri khela bachpan

14 Responses to “Happy Mother’s Day”

  1. Nasir Says:

    A fitting tribute to Mother’s Day Archana. There’s no substitute for mother’s love.

    I believe we should celebrate every day as the Mother’s Day. However, as we step more and more into the future we tend to forget our filial duties. Parents can feed and give education to, say, six siblings. But nowadays we find that six siblings cannot look after their parents. We are not looking into the happy exceptions but this seems to be the general rule today. Anyway…

    I know it is not possible to put all the relevant songs in a single post. However, the one song that I missed above was LELO LELO DUAaYEn MAA-BAAP KI…

    And thanks for the belated post Archana and here’s wishing you all the best for future postings too.

  2. sunheriyaadein Says:

    Thank you Nasir sir!
    Parents can feed and give education to, say, six siblings. But nowadays we find that six siblings cannot look after their parents.
    It’s such an irony, that children dont want to take up the responsibility of looking after their parents, they are not around when they need them the most.
    It really hurts seeing things like this happening around.

    That song has such touching lyrics. I hadnt actually thought of doing this post. But at the same time I felt it was an auspicious day to make a comeback. So just sat down and wrote whatever came to my mind, included songs that were at the top of my head. I know I have missed out on lots of songs, but if I get to stay regular, then will definitely use them for Father’s Day post.

  3. Sharmi Says:

    Touching post 🙂

  4. junktrailer Says:

    Very well written 🙂 iand thank you for reminding me its mothers day…
    (p.s: so its you in the photo with mom? I heard someone claim its one of our cousins)

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      Grrrr….in our family nobody else could have been that small/big when that pic was taken. It’s me and that’s for sure!
      Am glad you actually read the post 😉

  5. harveypam Says:

    I have to scold you! Pehle kyu nahin bataya ki naya article post kiya hai karke!
    Aur woh bhi Mother’s day ka. Agar main abhi Baarish ke review ke khoj me na aata to dikhta hi nahin!
    Bad girl!
    Paar jao, itna achha post likha hai isliye maaf kiya.

    koi aanewala hai is sweet. Nanda and Dharam do make a good pair. my fav child expecting song is: jeevan ki bagiya mehkegi, but it is everybody’s darling isn’t it?

    Chanda hai tu is a nice song, but it just doesn’t do anything to me except make me feel sleepy. But it is the right one to show mother’s love for her child.

    Loris are so beautiful and there are so many beautiful ones out there. You know my loris post as it is. And of all those I think the one I like the most is aa jaa ri aa from Do Bheega Zameen.
    Also love chanda mama door ke… not only because of Geeta Bali.

    maa mujhe apne aanchal main chhupa le was completely new for me, although the child actor looks constipated through out the song.

    usko nahin dekha hamne kabhi was my aunt’s favourite, but I find it a bit kitchy!

    cham cham chale woh maa was totally new as well. This must be some weepy film, what with Meena blind and all. Love the line:
    main to maiya kabhi nahin byah rachaunga, saas-bahu ke jaghde me nahin aaunga! 😀

    mere ghar aayi ek nanhi pari is indeed sweet!

    I love Taare Zameen Par! Such a touching story and film. tujhe sab pata hai na maa, is indeed touching.

    Thanks for introducing me to Mumma song from Dasvidhaniya. I think I must ahve listened to it at least 20 times since then!
    I even made my mom listen to it over skype. But it was the same situation like in the film, she didn’t undesrtand a word, since the conenction was so bad! 🙂

    BTW you’ve forgotten the main faunction of a mother for the child. She is responsible for all psychological problems you have! That is so convenient! 😀

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      I’m sorry, Harvey!
      Aap ke farmaish pe kuch nagme
      Kuch aapke pasand ke aur kuch mere
      Aap ko manane ke liye –

      Hans rahi hai chandni, machal ke ro na doon kahin
      Aise koi ruthtaa nahin…
      Aise mat sataiye, zara taras toh khaiye….

      Dil jalane ke liye, thandi aahen na bharo….

      Achha ji main haari chalo maan jao na….

      Jaan mere rooth gaye, jaane kyun humnse
      Aafat mein pad gayi jaan

      Tum bhi jaloge haath maloge, rooth ke humse haan

      Jeevan ki bagiya mehkegi is a super cute song! Chanda hai tu makes you put to sleep? I’ll try listening to it next time I suffer from insomnia 😉

      May be the child was actually constipated and couldn’t find a bathroom around 😛
      I only heard this song on radio for years, saw it for the first time only a month ago

      A weepy film – exactly my thought on seeing Meena Kumari doing the role of a blind mother, but the song’s cute.
      I had seen Dasvidhaniya just for that song and I’m glad I did. And I am super glad that you liked the song.

      You made your mom listen to it on skype? That’s so sweet of you!
      I haven’t tried that with my Mom. I’m so sure she’ll start crying if I do that. Gaana sunna, sunana is something that I share with my Dad.

      Oh yes, the psychological problems and for losing their children too, at least in Hindi Films

  6. thandapani Says:

    I love all these songs.

    Abhi thodi hi der pehle beti ka phone aaya tha 🙂 I know exactly when her call will be coming through. 🙂

    I love my two twinkling stars, even though they are both taller than me. My house is complete when they are both here and we are all together and doing mundane things together 🙂

    Don’t fret about being far from your Mom, Archu. Even though she misses you I am sure she is happy that your doing your own thing in the world.

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      Glad you like all these songs 🙂
      Awww, that’s so sweet! And I can completely understand when you say your house is complete when both your kids are home!

      Thank you so much! That she is…she is happy for me.
      I wouldn’t have left home in the first place had it not been for Dad and Mom. I know it was hard for them to send all of us away from them but they wanted us to stay in hostel at least for 2 years, so that we get the hostel-life experience in life and learn to be independent and responsible. And I’m so glad that they did it – let us go out and explore the world on our own. We all are what we are today because of them.

  7. Renita Ghosh Says:

    No matter what the name of a mother is, mother, mom or just plain Ma, her essence in our lives will be precious. I came across a girl who is a web sensation, but very down to earth. She sings and dedicates all her songs to her mother:http://bit.ly/J9RVh8. You don’t need just one day to tell her how much you love her, right?

  8. shrikant Says:

    have been waiting for your reviews on rajesh khanna films phir wohi raat, bandish, hum dono, angaarey, nasihat , naukri etc..since 2 years i guess….do post the reviews..s your reviews are exceptional and in detail….see the loist of films in my post below rafi fest…

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      Thank you Shrikant and sorry for making you wait for so long. I really hope I get to watch a movie soon and I promise I will watch a Kaka’s movie and review it at the earliest opportunity.

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