Rafi fest – Ek nazar ek ada keemat-e-dil

I had mentioned about Rafi-Shammi jodi in yesterday’s post, so couldn’t resist posting one of their songs. But I had started this series to share some songs which are not very popular and the ones that I’ve come across only in the recent past.So, that rules out most of the famous Rafi-Shammi songs.

I came across this song just a few days ago on youtube. Though this song doesnt have the lethal effect that most of their other songs have,   it’s still a good song. Something with Rafi and Shammi in it can never be bad! (I cant vouch for the movie…but the songs, yes):-)

I find a striking resemblance in the picturisation of Yun toh humne lakh haseen dekhe hai and this, but it lacks the chemistry between the lead actors of the former and is not as spicy. There’s something missing in it, it feels incomplete. If only Jabeen Jaleel was little more expressive here and her response was a little karara….

It’s a great song to listen to and it’s always a pleasure to watch Shammi but  it’s picturisation fails to keep me glued to it. So, for me this one’s more of Rafi song than a Rafi-Shammi song.

When I first heard the prelude, I thought it was so OP Nayyarish, with the signature tonga beats and all. But checked and found out that it was Bipin-Babul’s composition. It was written by Vishwamitra Adil.

Shammi Kapoor rose to fame with Tumsa Nahin Dekha and most of his movies after that are very popular. It looks like this one just got lost somewhere. Since, it’s so rarely talked about, I always thought it was one of his pre-1957 films.

Aa ah ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ho ho ho
Ek nazzar ek ada, keemat-e- dil aur hai kya
Ha ha… ek nazar ek ada, keemat-e-dil aur hai kya
Ho ho ek nazar….

(Gaal surk hai, chup zubaan hai
Ho na ho koi meherbaan hai) – 2
Kaun hai woh kaho jaane jigar
Ha ha ek nazar ek ada, keemat dil aur hai kya
Ha ha ek nazzar….

Waha waha…

(Uljhi saans kyun dil pe haath kyun
Dil diya toh aisi baat kyun) – 2
Aankh ladegi toh hoga asar
Ek nazar ek ada, keemat-e- dil aur hai kya
Haan  ek nazar

Zulfon mein hai kya, arey gaal par hai kya
Kho  gayi hai jo, woh nazar hai kya
Ha ha ha ha ha ha…chhed chaad ka kaam kar gayi
Hoth khil gaye latt bikhar gayi
Lena ji ab zara apni khabar
Ek nazar ek ada, keemat-e-dil aur hai kya
Ha ha… ek nazar

(Chhodo in adaaon mein dum nahin
Tum haseen ho hum bhi kum nahin ) – 2
Ho na yahin (?) pe milao nazar
Haye…ek nazar ek ada, keemat-e-dil aur hai kya
Ha ha… ek nazar ek ada, keemat-e-dil aur hai kya


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9 Responses to “Rafi fest – Ek nazar ek ada keemat-e-dil”

  1. harvey Says:

    Never ever heard of the film or the song. It is a nice song, but as you say somehting is missing. The exuberance on Shammi’s face is missing in the song. If Tumsa nahin dekha had happened , maybe we would have enjoyed it more!

  2. Vikram Bhatt Says:

    I have the film. You can also view this film free at Bigflix.com at this link – http://www.bigflix.com/home/movies/raat-ke-rahi/1602

    The film isn’t bad, set in Goa against a backdrop of illegal liquor and gold smuggling. The film however wasn’t masala enough to have worked well possibly. Great performances but a weaker stryline and screenplay. Not enough Shammi Kapoor as much as Nasir Hussain and Jabeen too. Between his hits Tumsa Nahin Dekha and Dil Deke Dekho, Shammi did many films like Raat ke Rahi, College Girl etc which were not as huge hits. All songs in this movie are great though and Jabeen’s performance overall is also good.

  3. Vikram Bhatt Says:

    BTW, the scenes between Shammi and Jabeen really are fun to watch…typical budtameez Shammi at best.

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      Thank you so much for the link! I love the songs of College Girl. Though I had heard few songs of Raat Ke Rahi, I had never seen them until recently.
      I dont think I have seen Jabeen’s movie yet. But if RKR has Shammi at his budtameez best, I must watch it soon…Shammi is so irresistible and even more so when he’s budtameez 🙂

      • Vikram Bhatt Says:

        N’Joy the flick. I am fortunate I also have classics like College Girl, Daku, Rangeen Raatein and Gul Sanobar. These early Shammi films are rare and hard to locate now with the few ones out around being on old VHS tapes.

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      Wow!!!! I envy your collection of Shammi Kapoor movies. I’ve been searching for College Girl and Miss Coca Cola but they dont seem to be available anywhere.

  4. Vikram Bhatt Says:

    Watching the film late night will be best as it means less people staying up and lesser net traffic and faster buffering. N’Joy.

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