R.I.P Dev Anand

I went to office this morning, totally unaware of Dev Anand’s demise. I was little early today and only one of my teammates was in.  The conversation that followed was –
Me : Hi, Good Morning
Him : Good Morning. How was your weekend?
Me : It was great! Couldn’t have asked for a better one. How was yours?
Him : Was working both the days. Watched any movies? Saw Desi Boys?
Me : Nahhhh….I watch very selected new movies. I’m happier with my old black and white collection
Him : Is it?
Me : Yup and the next new movie I’m gonna watch is Don 2
Him : Ok…if you are so much into old films then there’s a sad news for you
Me : Sad news? What happened?
Him : Dev Anand is no more
Me : What? How can that be….When? How?
Him : I dont know the details

By then I had switched my laptop on and the first thing I did was to read the news. All that I could say was – this year’s been so unfortunate! Coming to think of it, they had turned old and fragile, were suffering and in pain. They’ve been relieved from all the worldly sufferings and have gone to be reunited with their old friends. But it’s not that easy to accept it, though we all know that death is the final destination, that all our lives come to an end someday. We’ve seen them and known all our lives,   ever since we can remember and all of a sudden we read that they are no more. It’s like losing a family member.

The only movie of Dev Anand that I have with me at the moment is Namoona but it was late by the time I got back home from work, so couldn’t watch it. May be some time later during the week…I had made a list of 10 songs but it’s already past midnight and it’ll take time to search for youtube links. So, keeping up the trend of last 3 days, here’s one song picturised on Dev sahab in Rafi’s voice.

I didn’t know that this song existed until I watched the movie and saw the song. And had completely forgotten about it until I heard it again on Vividh Bharati this afternoon on Dev Anand special Sadabahar Nagme. It has it’s own charm and it’s cute.

It’s from Love Marriage (1959), written by Shailendra, composed by Shankar Jaikishan, sung by Rafi and picturised on Dev Anand and Mala Sinha.

Lara lara la  
(Kahan jaa rahe the, kahan aa gaye hum – 2
Kisi ki nigahone se – 2
Takra gaye hum – 2) – 2

Kho chale saare nishan, main yahan dil hai kahan – 2
Soye hai ke jaage, chakra gaye hum – 2
Kisi ki nigahone se – 2
Takra gaye hum – 2
Kahan jaa rahe the

Lara lara la  ho ho ho….. Lara lara la  

Yeh subah masti bhari, yun hanse jaise pari – 2
Kismat ko shayad, yaad aa gaye hum – 2
Kisi ki nigahone se – 2
Takragaye hum – 2
Kahan jaa rahe the

Ajnabee apna hua, sach mera sapna hua – 2
Saare jahan pe, lo chha gaye hum – 2
Kisi ki nigahone se – 2
Takragaye hum – 2
(Kahan jaa rahe the, kahan aa gaye hum – 2
Kisi ki nigahone se – 2
Takra gaye hum – 2) – 2
Kahan jaa rahe the

Lara lara la  ho ho ho…..hmm hmm hmm….. Lara lara la  Lara lara la

You will live in our memories forever! RIP, Dev Anand!


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6 Responses to “R.I.P Dev Anand”

  1. dustedoff Says:

    Yes, RIP Dev Anand. Such a great entertainer… I’ve watched Love Marriage years ago, but I’d completely forgotten about this song. Thank you for reminding me! It’s a lovely song, so peppy and sweet and loving. 🙂

  2. tnsmani Says:

    it would be great if you reveiw in your impeccable style and write about following movies of Dev Anand, It would be great if you could upload in ww.meguplaod.com and give us the link too. example http://www.megaupload.com/?d=CVNTD8KI for tyaag.

    devanand movies iam looking forward from your blog are Hum Ek Hain ,Ziddi ,Aage Badho ,Mohan ,Udhaar , 7 movies with Suraiya,Nirala ,Madhubala ,Natak (stage),Khel, Dilruba ,Birha Ki Raat , Aandhiyan, Taxi Driver,Aaram ,Zalzala , Nadaan, Rahi and Baadbaan, Milaap, Jaal, Sarhad and Kinare Kinare.

    These are those movies which are not available easily online. can u upload and review them???

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      Thanks for dropping by. The only movies that I have among the ones you have mentioned are Taxi Driver and Jaal. But am not at home at the moment, so cant watch them too. I will do it at the earliest opportunity.

  3. harvey Says:

    Yes, sad news, na?
    But as you said it is also a deliverance for them from their bodily pains. And basically I feel happy for them (Shammi and Dev), since they had a fulfilling life and both of them gave their best to the world in their own ways!
    They will remain immortal through their films!

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