Ten of my favourite Shyama songs

Shyama was one of the most beautiful actresses to have graced the screen. She was charming, gorgeous, lively, expressive and there was something very refreshing about her.

It was her birthday on 7th June. Though a little late, here’s wishing her a very Happy Birthday!!!

Her real name was Khurshid Akhtar. Shyama, her screen name, was given to her by Guru Dutt.

I haven’t seen many movies of hers, apart from Bhabhi. Chhoti Behen and Sharda (And she has a bit of grey shade to her character in all these movies). But I love most of the songs picturized on her.

Shyama and Geeta Dutt  – This is one deadly combination. Geeta’s voice suited Shyama’s vivacious-ness so well. Not that I am restricting my list only to this jodi but couldn’t help mentioning it.

1. Ae dil mujhe bata de (Bhai Bhai, 1956) : I didn’t want to include this song in this list as it had already featured in my Geeta Dutt special post. But I couldn’t help it, simply couldn’t move ahead without this one. It’ one of my all time favourites! Ae dil mujhe bata de tu kispe aa gaya hai, woh kaun hai jo aakar khwabon pe chha gaya hai…They say you are in love when kuch kuch hota hai… Hmmm, let me rephrase that – they say you are in love when somebody walks into your life, starts being a part of your every dream, when your every thought begins revolving around him/her and changes your life forever without you even realizing it and you dont mind when you do. And it’s also believed that love makes life beautiful. Filmy symptoms of being in love – You don’t feel hungry, you turn into an insomniac, you’ll suddenly start finding friends in stars and the moon, you smile to yourself, you day dream, you sing songs and dance like noone’s watching.  Well, this song has all of these ingredients and a lot more. The joy of feeling that attraction towards somebody…a tug at the heartstrings is so beautifully expressed in this song. Shyama, bright and glowing, her expressive eyes dreamy and dancing along with her – her happiness  so obvious. Geeta sounds equally happy, even in her plight of not knowing who exactly has taken over her heart. They are in such perfect sync with each other.  I thoroughly love listening to this song and watching it. And Ashok Kumar’s amused expressions are to die for!

2. Dekho woh chaand chhup ke (Shart, 1954) : This movie had very nice songs. After debating over Na yeh chaand hoga and this, I finally chose this one. Very very romantic. Shyama and Deepak pledging their love for each other under the moonlight. Though the video is little melo-dramatic, especially the beginning where Deepak is so nervous,  the song is very sweet – Hemant Da’s voice renders the soothing and subtle effect to it. I love the way Lata sings “Hum ho gaye tumhare….” and Shyama’s response to “Aisa naa ho ke humko raste mein chhod jao, Jaa kar kahin kisi ki duniya nayee basao” …her denial, the brief shake of her head, so brief that one would almost miss it and the smile that follows with the last antaraa. …

3. Lehraaye jiya balkhaye jiya (Shaarda,1957) : Well, Shyama was definitely very fond of dancing all around the house. She uses the space (covers the stage) very well while dancing and I find her pretty graceful as a dancer. She in fact flows with the song…in a state of joyful exuberance.  She’s singing with joy when she gets to know that she’s getting married to Raj Kapoor, who she’s always been in love with. I think I am not wrong about the plot. I went into a shock after watching this movie, so dont remember things very clearly. It’s Asha singing for her here to Chitalkar’s composition.  Shyama also won Filmfare Best Supporting Actress Award for her role in this movie.

4. Yeh  lo mai haari piya (Aar Paar, 1954) : Though Shyama is confined to a car here and can’t dance,  her priceless expressions and her eyes do such complete justice to the picturization of this timeless classic and Geeta Dutt’s flawless rendition. Guru Dutt is great playing hard to get…but for how long can he resist the magic?  It was so difficult to choose just one song from this movie…it’s a true musical treasure house.  I almost chose Jaa jaa jaa bewafaa, though sad it’s such a beautiful song. But finally I settled for this one. It’s very entertaining and one of it’s kind. All of them – OP Nayyar, Geeta Dutt and Shyama are at their stunning best!

5.  Do naina tumhare pyaare pyaare (Shrimati ji, 1952) : Here we have dashing Nasir Khan and young Shyama dancing to a peppy and a romantic duet. I recently came across this song and fell in love with it. Geeta Dutt and Hemant Kumar sound so good together in this. And Jimmy’s composition is awesome  – it’s a simple, sweet and a catchy song. Geeta Dutt’s singing suits Shyama’s chulbulapan so perfectly.

6.  Achha ji maaf kardo (Musafir Khana, 1955) : OP Nayyar’s composition again, rendered by Rafi saab and Geeta Dutt for Karan Diwan and Shyama. Shyama is dancing again in the garden, doing her trademark steps. I especially like the way she actually counts on her fingers to  “Dil par jo teer chalaye unka hisaab kardo” at 1:20 and the way she pats his arms to the same line at 2:56. The last antara would have been so much fun to watch if Karan had shown little more attitude. Everytime I see this song, how I keep wishing it had Shammi Kapoor or Dev Anand or Guru Dutt in it. There’s one more track in the movie Dil de daala which I am very fond of.

6. Mujhe mil gaya bahana teri deed ka (Barsaat Ki Raat, 1960) : Simple and a delightful song. Shyama dancing yet again singing her gratitude to the moon for bringing her so much happiness. She looks so radiant, like a chaand-ka-tukda herself. I had seen this movie very long ago, during the good old Doordarshan days. I don’t remember much of the story, apart from Zindagi bhar nahin bhoolenge and a part of Madhubala-Bharat Bhushan love story. I need to watch this movie again, at least for its songs and for Shyama and Madhubala. Phew, there are so many movies to watch and so many to re-watch!

7.  Saiyan pyaara hai apna milan (Do Behne, 1959) : A very beautiful romantic song picturized on Shyama and Rajendra Kumar. I love the sets, it’s such a beautiful room. And Rajendra Kumar and Shyama make a very wonderful couple. The song, it’s picturization is so serene. And it somehow reminds me of Chhupa kar meri aankhon ko and Ek tera saath hum ko do jahan se pyaara hai.

8. Tumse hi meri zindagi (Apna Ghar, 1960) : Pretty Shyama and handsome Premnath pledging their love for each other. Geeta Dutt and Mukesh sing for them. The prelude is pretty fast and peppy but the song slows down once the mukhda begins. I just realized that all the songs so far have been extremely romantic. It wasn’t intentional but I’m a sucker for romantic songs, so can’t help it. Let me try, at least, try to end the post with two not-so-romantic songs 😉

9.  Tabiyat thik thi aur dil bhi bekraar na tha (Mirza Sahibaan, 1957) : Tabiyat thik thi aur dil bhi bekraar na tha, yeh tab ki baat hai jab kisi se pyaar na tha. Such a melodious song, though a little sad. Sardul Kwatra’s composition is awesome and Lata’s rendition flawless, as usual. For a change Shyama is not dancing with joy. This song is a true example of being helplessly in love. If only they had shown a glimpse of Shammi darling…sigh!!!!

10. Tumhe husn deke (Jabse Tumhe Dekha Hai,1964) :  I hadn’t set any rules for choosing the songs for this post, I just went with the flow –  flow of listing down which ever song came to my mind but I was still focussing on solos and duets.  And now, since I couldnt get a glimpse of Shammi Kapoor in the previous song, I had to include this one. Few days ago I had mentioned in dustedoff’s post that anything with Shammi Kapoor would qualify for my every post. So, here it goes! A terrific qawali picturized on Shyama, Kumkum, Shammi Kapoor, Shashi Kapoor, Om Prakash, Bhagwan and many more.  – one of the most flamboyant qawalis I have ever come across. Fabulous song, glamorous starcast, great dance and all wonderful people…aur kya chahiye, hai na? 🙂

Chhupa kar meri aankhon ko and Oh Chaand jahan are two of my favourite songs but they are not a part of this list as I had already included them in my earlier posts.

There’s one more song that I recently heard on radio and have been dying to get my hands on it’s video. Dil unko utha ke de diya from Baap Bete. I am head over heels in love with this song, but as the video is not available, I decided to put it in the extras. The first 2 lines of the song is sung by Madan Mohan himself and then Lata follows. I hope somebody uploads its video soon on youtube. Log kehte hai dhoondne pe toh bhagwaan bhi mil jaate hai aur hum hai ke yahan ek video ke liye taras rahe hai.

And here’s one more not-romantic performance that I couldn’t list above.

Here’s wishing her good health and lots of happiness. To one of the most stunning and vivacious actresses!


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25 Responses to “Ten of my favourite Shyama songs”

  1. rajnbr Says:

    Aray wah!! Kisi ne kahaa tha (humnay sunaa hai) ki sabr ka fal meethaa hotaa hai, aapne to sabr ka fal pe chaar chaand lagaa diye… jiyo aur jeetay raho… aap jaise aur kai logon ki zaroorat hai puraane gaanon aur abhinetaaon ke chahnaywalon ko…

    ek baar fir se shukriya

  2. dustedoff Says:

    Oh, what a lovely list of songs! Shyama is one of my favourite actresses too – she was so beautiful, and that 100-watt smile and flashing eyes are just irresistible. She’s gorgeous.

    Your list had only a few songs – the ones from Aar Paar, Bhai Bhai, Barsaat ki Raat (of which, by the way, I love all the fabulous qawwalis in which Shyama figures) and Jabse Tumhe Dekha Hai – which I’ve watched or heard before. The others were all new to me. All were lovely, though, and I too fell in love with Dil unko uthake de diya – so melodious and romantic!

    Here are several other Shyama songs that are among my favourites:

    Thandi-thandi hawa poochhe hawa, from the film Johnny Walker:

    Tum saamne aakar jis dum, from Khazanchi:

    Kaare-kaare baadra jaare-jaare baadra, from Bhabhi:

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      I had never seen the video of the first 2 songs, had just heard them on radio. They are beautiful! I didn’t enter Bhabhi zone because I would get stuck with Chhupa kar meri aankhon ko .
      I love all these songs where she dances around the house, though filmy, they somehow look natural. And I keep wondering how she manages to give such lovely expressions in each one of them.

      Her eyes and her smile…mashallah!!!

  3. harveypam Says:

    I can only second dustedoff’s comments!
    Fabulous actress! Lovely eyes, dazzling smile and she was also so good at being evil!
    ‘Kare, kare badara’ and ‘Mujhe mil gaya bahana’ and ‘jaa, jaa, bewafa’ are my favourite Shyama songs!

    I’ve to rush now! Will come back soon later!

  4. harveypam Says:

    From you list I didn’t know the following songs:
    Do Naina Tumhare Pyare Pyare-Shrimatiji
    Saiyan pyara hai apna milan -Do Behnen
    Tumse hi meri Zindagei – Apna Ghar
    Tabiyat thik thi – Mirza Sahiban
    Thanks for these wonderful songs!

    I also like all the qawaalis from Barsaat Ki Raat, all of them picturised on Shyama

    and the longest and profound Na to caravan ki talash hai:

    Thanks for giving me a reason to revisit them!

    ishq azad hai, hindu na musalamaan hai ishq,
    aap hii dharma hai aur aap hi imaan hai ishq
    jis se aagaah nahii sheikh-o-brahaman dono,
    us haqiiqat kaa garajataa hua ailaan hai ishq

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      I have totally fallen in love with Do naina tumhare pyaare pyaare…it’s such a peppy and a happy song. I must have listened to it over 200 times in the last one week.
      Some of them were totally new to me too until recently. I had heard some but had never seen them. So, a great learning experience 🙂

      Yup, that qawaali from Barsaat Ki Raat is amazing! Mindblowing lyrics (hats off to Sahir Ludhiyanvi), awesome music and it’s sung and picturised so beautifully.
      I was trying to avoid qawaalis, as I wanted to focus on solos and duets…but blame it on Shammi Kapoor that I couldn’t do without posting the one from Jabse Tumhe Dekha Hai 🙂

  5. bollywooddeewana Says:

    Lovely post on Shyama, i would never forget rooting for her to get the man in Barsat Ki Raat but alas it had to be Madhubala. Your post on her made me dig up an interview she gave late last year, i’ve posted it on my blog

    That fabulous qawalli from Jabse tumhe dekha hai reminds me of Pali do pali ka from The Burning train

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      I don’t remember much of Barsaat Ki Raat, need to watch it again. Thank you so much for that interview. Loved reading it.

      Pal do pal ka saath from Burning Train is another lovely qawaali. Thanks for reminding me. Off to watch it 🙂

  6. Richard S. Says:

    Sorry that I’ve arrived here so late. 🙂 This is a really nice list. I loved all of Shyama’s songs in Barsaat Ki Raat (speaking for myself, I swear, I would have chosen her over Madhubala in that one – but, oh, what a choice to have to make! 🙂 )… And the Bhai Bhai scene is fantastic, too. Plus, I know a few of the others, and it is great to see her in those as well. And some very good descriptions there!

    Here a couple of my own favorite Shyama songs (in addition to those above):

    From Tarana (1951) (though she doesn’t appear until 1:45; before that, we see the woman whom the hero obviously loves much more – guess who):

    And I like this song from Dillagi, in which Shyama is a mere child on a swing…

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      Thanks so much for dropping by! And it’s never too late. I had only heard the song from Tarana, had never seen it. Shyama looks so young and beautiful.
      Though I had seen the song from Dillagi as a kid, I had never realized that it was Shyama. I dont know why but I always thought it was Suraiya singing that song on screen.Thanks for that one! 🙂
      Yup, there are so many songs. I could have made a list out of the songs just from Aar-Paar, Bhai Bhai and Bhabhi! And there are so many that I haven’t heard/seen yet.
      And yes, what a tough choice it must have been for the man in question to choose between the Madhubala and Shyama!

  7. 786nasir Says:

    Archana what a wonderful job you have done! I feel, that if it were not for your writeup, written as it is with a gay abandon, enthusiasm, and a child-like stroll in the musical park of Bollywood, we would not have had such an insight into those songs that you have listed. Thanks for all that. The only trait of Shyama that puts me off a little, is her looking upwards to her left while dancing in most of her songs. But for that and looking at the times she is one of the most beautiful actresses of the era.

    I also commend Richard S for his selection of the Tarana song, for that was the song that first came to my mind relating to Shyama. If Madhubala portrayed LOVE in Tarana, Shyama portrayed DEVOTION.

    Yes, in Barsaat ki Raat we find both Madhubala and Shyama after nine years but not with much interaction.

    Once again thanks for the treat Archana!

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      Thank you so much!!! She does look upwards to her left quite often while dancing but I dont mind that. I love the way she squeezes her nose up and her eye light up and sparkle so brightly! She looks so lovely!!!
      Yes, the songs that Richard had shared above are beautiful! I am yet to see both the movies but I love the songs in both.
      I think you had posted the comment using a different email id, that’s why it went for moderation and didn’t appear here immediately.

  8. Nasir Says:

    My comments have gone missing!


    I just remembered two of SHYAMAji`s beautiful songs, which, I don`t know you have mentioned here or not ,
    1)Choti Bahen(1959)
    a)”Kali anaar ki na itna sataao, pyar karne ki koi reet bataao”:Asha bhonsle, Mannadey:Shankar jaikishen:(Rehmaan, Shyama)(Beautiful duet ignored by one and all)

    b)Mukesh:”Jaaoon kahan bataa ai dil, duniya badi hai sang dil, chaandni aayee ghar jalaane”(In this film Shyama plays a grey character,who seperates her husband rehman,brother in law Balraj sahni, from their Laadli Behen -NANDA)(Rehman refers Chaandni to SHYAMAJI, which I liked, and the song became Shyamaji`s)

    2)Dil diya dard liya:1966:Lata & chorus:
    “Kya rang-e-mehfil hai dildaaram, o jaane aalam, matwaala har dil hai …bhai vallha”(Eventhough this song is waheeda`s song, SHYAMAJI steals the show”)(Naushad)(Eventhough she is past her prime in this song, I like her dancing very much)

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      Thanks for dropping by and reminding me of all these songs 🙂

      I hadn’t mentioned the songs from Chhoti Behen, though I had mentioned the movie itself.
      Kali anaar ki is such a sweet duet. I had never paid much attention to the lyrics of Jaun kahan bata aye dil – chaandni aayee ghar jalane part where he’s referring to Shyama as Chaandni.
      Somehow these songs didn’t strike me. Could be because I am not very fond of this movie and my subcouncious mind must have blocked them out. But it definitely had great songs.
      I had completely forgotten the song from Dil Diya Dard Liya..

  10. Karthik Says:

    Of all the songs pitcurised on Shyama, the one that I love most is Garjat Barsat Sawan Aayo Ri-look at her, the body language so much like a classical singer.(after the titles at 2:54)
    I have been in love with the prelude that was used by Sangeeth Saritha for years.

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      It’s such a beautiful song! And yes, her body language, posture is so much like that of a classical singer. Though I have heard this song pretty often, I had seen it only once when I had seen the movie during my school days. So, I had quite forgotten how it’s picturized.
      Thank you so much for re-introducing me to this song 🙂

  11. vikas pandey Says:

    hello everybody u r going to love our show on shayma and other heroine of 1950 to 1960 era…. as shyama je jabeen ji….watch them on Zindagi Live…. today at 8 pm in IBN7

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      Vikasji, I wish I could have watched it. But was travelling whole of Feb and March and didnt even have access to tv and net at times. Any idea if I can find a recorded version of the show?

  12. yadav nilesh Says:

    aap ki hum jitni tarrifh jarien woh kam hai jo aapne itni acchi trah se shyma ji ko explain kiya aur aaj k logo ko us zamane k talent se rubaroo karwaya shyama ji ka koi jawab nai jitni woh sundar thi utni unki adda bhi sunder thi

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      Main aap ko bata nahin sakti aap ke comment padh ke mujhe kitni khushi hui hai! Shyama ji toh thi hi itni khaas ke unke baare mein jitna bhi likho kam hi lagega – chahe woh unki khoobsurti ke baare mein ho ya phir unki abhinaye aur adaa ke baare mein

  13. Vaijayanthi Srikanth Says:

    All are really wonderful songs

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