Budtameez (1966)

It was Sadhana’s birthday on 2nd September. She’s one of my favourite actresses and I keep raving so much about her. But look at the irony I couldn’t do a post on her birthday.

I was feeling bad about it but I made up for it last Sunday – saw two of her movies back-to-back. Arzoo and Budtameez.

Favourite actor, favourite actress and lots of fabulous songs – I was dying to watch this movie and it had been lying in my must-watch pile for quite sometime. And now I have finally done it! I had first seen this movie more than a decade ago. I had almost forgotten the story but some of the songs, esp the title track always remained afresh in my memory.

Shyam Kumar Saxena (Shammi Kapoor) hails from Allahbaad and lives with his younger sister Beena (Purnima) whom he lovingly call Binny and step-mother (Manorama). We are not taken to a flashback but through a series of conversation it’s revealed that Binny had met with an accident because of Shyam and she’s wheel-chair bound now. Movie begins with Shyam coming home at midnight and Binny keeping awake to wish him for his birthday. Though she’s his step-sister, she loves him dearly and the feeling is mutual.

But Manorama is not very fond of Shyam and keeps nagging him for not getting a job. So he leaves for Bombay the following day in search of a job.

A beggar asks him for some money on the streets of Bombay and when he takes out some money from his pocket a 100 rupees note falls from his pockets and goes flying into a car. He goes running behind and gets into the car in search of it. Just then the car-owner, Shanta (Sadhana) comes along with a bunch of friends and screams at him. She threatens him to get out of his car and drives away.

 Quite lost in the city, he’s just strolling around when he finds a wallet fallen on the ground and hurries behind a man to return it. Raja Bahadur (Brahm Bhardwaj) is highly impressed with Shyam’s honesty and when Shyam breaks a vase worth Rs. 100 in the store, he pays for it. Shyam is hesitant about Raja Bahadur paying for it but he tells him to return the money when he has it and gives his card before leaving.

Shyam comes across Shanta and her friends again at a swimming pool and demands for his money. They play the fool with him and sing Surat haseen lagta hai deewana. At the end of it he somehow manages to get his money back and goes to Raja Bahadur’s house to return the money.

As they converse, it turns out that Raja Bahadur was friends with Shyam’s grandfather in Allahbad. And he invites Shyam to stay with them. Shanta, Raja Bahadur’s granddaughter, is literally shocked to find him in her house. She tries her best to get him out of the house.

Raja Bahadur loves Shanta dearly and oversees her faults. Now this has made her such a spolit brat. He realizes that his affection has made her so headstrong and rude. So he has hired Rita (Laxmi Chhaya) to help him out in bringing Shanta back on track but all their efforts have been going in vain.

They sit down for breakfast the following morning. Shanta throws away the juice that her butler serves her because she doesn’t like it and half of it falls on Shyam. He argues with her saying she’s not the only one at the table and she should at least have some basic table etiquettes. They have a row over this. At the end of it, Shyam gets up, fetches a jug of water, pours it on Shanta  and walks out. Raja Bahadur and Rita look at the entire episode in awe. Shyam, guilty of his actions, goes to his room and starts packing. He wants to leave the house before Raja Bahadur throws him out for insulting his darling granddaughter.

But what follows next is quite the opposite. Raja Bahadur is highly impressed with Shyam and is convinced now that if someone can put some sense into Shanta’s head, it’s Shyam. So he hires Shyam as the Manager of the house! But before handing over the charge, he explains few things to him as to why Shanta is so aloof to everybody and why she hates men so much – Shanta’s father was a drunkard. The sight of her father getting drunk everyday and beating his wife has etched an indelible impression in her memory. One day when it gets too much to bear, her mother commits suicide. And this has turned her into a man-hater. She doesn’t believe in love and she feels all men are the same. According to her every love story/marriage would end either giving lots of pain or in a suicide. She is also the president of a Ladies Club, a club where she preaches how bad men are and all the members of the club are prohibited from falling in love.

Raja Bahadur also blames his son for all this and says he personally despises people who drink.

But now that Shyam has come into their lives, he is assured that Shanta will learn to love her life and people around her. He also reveals to Shyam his wish of getting Shanta married to him. According to him, he could never find a better guy for Shanta.

Now, there’s Devdas (Kamal Mehra) who has always dreamt of marrying Shanta. He happens to be a family friend’s son and is a little crazy. His sense of dressing is wierder than himself- one day he comes dressed as Robinhood to meet Shanta and the other day as a donkey. He’s such a joker. 

One day Shanta comes down to the hall from her room and is surprised to find the house empty except for Shyam. Shyam tells her that Raja Bahadur has gone to Khandala for some Business deal and Rita has gone with him. As she hates the sight of Shyam, she doesn’t like the idea of being home alone with him. So she decides to go to Khandala as well. She asks the driver to get the car ready.

And yes, you all guessed it right. Her chauffeur is none other than Shyam himself, in disguise of an old man. They leave for Khandala. He drives so slowly and keeps preaching so much to irritate her that after a while she takes over the wheel. 

She’s furious when she discovers that Shyam cheated on her and followed her. Like it happens in all Hindi films, their car breaks half way through. She shows attitude and starts walking. And to this attitude he sings Haseen ho tum khuda toh nahin.

Too add to Shanta’s plight, it’s already dusk, getting darker with every passing minute and it starts pouring heavily. Shyam suggests they go and look for some shelter but Shanta says she would spend the night in the car rather than go anywhere with him. So he leaves her in the car, goes behind a tree and hides. From there he starts roaring like a tiger to scare her. In less than a minute, he has Shanta running out of the car calling out for him, scared to death. They finally find the remains of an old abandoned house in the middle of the jungle and they go there to take shelter from the rain. And this is such a beautiful scene. It’s as though only the entrance of the house is intact – there’s only a space wide enough for one to stand there. Shyam, being a perfect gentleman, lets Shanta take refuge there but Shanta’s conscience doesn’t let her leave Shyam getting drenched in the rain all night. So she calls him and they try to adjust in that little available space. Shyam stands with his breath held in so that his tummy goes in and makes some space for Shanta to fit in as well. It’s so hilarious!!! And then Shanta spots a snake hanging nearby and faints in shyam’s arms. Just then, there’s a gunshot and Colonel Jung bahadur (Jagdish Raj) comes marching. He first thinks they must be lovers who have run away from their house and come and almost shoots them. But Shyam manages to convince him that they are already married and were on their way to Khandala but got stuck due to bad weather. Colonel takes pity on them and takes them to his bunglow.

What follows is a laughter riot. Shanta comes back to her sense, she gets murderous when she discovers that she’s put in the same room as Shyam. Now Shyam has to do all he can to make sure that she doesn’t come to know what he has told the colonel – that they are a married couple! He scares Shanta saying Colonel is mad. He has spent 6 months in a mental asylum and shoots anything and everything at the first opportunity he gets. He tells the same story to colonel about Shanta. He goes around the house singing Budtameez kaho ya kaho jaanwar.

When Shanta gets back home the next morning, she realizes that Raja Bahadur had never gone to Khandala. It was all his plan to get Shyam and Shanta together. She goes mad with anger. She goes to Devdas with her friends and tells him she would marry him if he helps her get Shyam out of her way. Devdas is more than eager to please her.  Remember, Raja Bahadur hates people who drink. So they make a plan to get Shyam drunk at a party and strike his name out of Raja Bahadur’s good books for good.

Devdas throws a party and everybody is invited. Shanta and Devdas give Shyam laddu’s filled with bhaang.

(Doesn’t she look like Kareena here? )

He gets drunk and sings  Apni baahon se koi kaam toh lo. The lines he recites before the song is  just awesome : Nashaa pilaa ke giraanaa toh sab ko aataa hai, Arre mazaa toh jab hai ke girton ko thaam le saaqi. Thanks Nasir, I had completely forgotten about this song until I saw saw it on your blog.  And now hardly a day passes without me listening to it.

Raja Bahadur makes his entry at the end of the song and is shocked to see Shyam stuporing. And Shanta adds to it saying he even tried misbehaving with her. But is it so easy to trap Shyam? The truth is that he already knew about Shanta’s plan and he never had the laddu in the first place! He was just acting drunk. When he tells the truth to Raja Bahadur, Shanta hits him on his head with a bottle rendering him uncounscious.

Raja Bahadur takes him home and summons a doctor. Doctor, after dressing his wounds and giving him an injection, tells Raja Bahadur that there’s a chance of Shyam getting blind. When Shyam recovers and gets up Rita enquires if he’s able to see. She then confides in him about the doctor’s fear of him losing his sight. This gives him an idea and he hides the fact that he can see. He acts blind in front of Shanta. And this makes Shanta feel guilty. He sings Dil ko na mere tadpao. But it doesn’t take her long to figure out his act. Slowly she starts falling for him. Being headstrong as she is, she’s reluctant to accept it even to herself.

And when she finally does followed by Pehla pehla pyaar hai yeh pehla pehla pyaar, a Baba comes to give news of Shyam’s death.

She almost has a nervous breakdown and goes running to the place where Shyam had dived into the river and drowned himself. Baba follows her and says Shyam had left a note behind for a girl named Shanta. When she tells him that she’s Shanta, he gives the note to her. She reads it and finds out how much Shyam loved her. She feels miserable that he died because of her. So she decides to end her life as well and jumps into the river. Baba catches her just in time and reveals his real identity. They sing Sirf tum hi toh ho jispe marte hai hum pledging their love for each other. This is where the dialogue in my earlier post comes into picture.

Raja Bahadur is delighted that Shanta has fallen in love with Shyam. He meets up with a Panditji and fixes a date for their wedding.

In the mean time, back in Allahbad, Manorama is looking for a guy for Binny. One Panditji tells Manorama that there is one eligible guy who belongs to a respectable family. But they will get their son married to Binny only if Shyam is ready to marry their widowed daughter! She knows that if she talks to Shyam about it, he wouldn’t even listen to her. So she tells Binny, without revealing the actual truth that she has found a guy for her and he has a lovely sister who would make a great match for Shyam. Happy and excited Binny immediately writes to Shyam about it and asks him to reply back to her letter immediately  if he’s ok with the proposal so that they can commit to them and begin with the preparations.

Raja Bahadur is busy with wedding preparations as well. When Devdas finds out that he’s getting Shanta married to Shyam, he tries to fight with him for Shanta. But Raja Bahadur doesn’t give a damn to him. Just then Devdas notices a letter addressed to Shyam on the table in the hall.

 He, along with his friend read the letter and reply to it. The letter never reaches Shyam! Now thinking Shyam is happy with the proposal, Manorama and Binny also start preparing for the weddings. Before you start wondering how they managed to copy Shyam’s hand-writing…they don’t write the reply back, they send a telegram instead, ruling out the possibility of getting caught! Smart guys 😛

Shyam leaves for Allahbad, with due permission from Raja Bahadur, to return with his family for the wedding. He’s in a shock to discover things at home. He has always held himself responsibile for Binny’s accident. She’s become handicapped because of him. Now there’s a good proposal come in and if he tells about Shanta and his wedding in Bombay, his sister may never get married. Who else would marry a handicapped girl, who can’t even walk??? So he quietly sacrifices his love and gets himself involved in the wedding preparations.

Shyam’s wedding card reaches Raja Bahadur in Bombay and he’s shocked to see it. He can’t believe that he made such a big mistake – He always thought of Shyam as someone who’s very reliable and responsibile. The guy who had left with a promise to marry Shanta is now getting married to somebody else!  Shanta, still unaware of Shyam’s wedding, is happily selecting jewelleries for her own wedding.

Shanta is heart-broken when she learns the truth and she becomes her old self again. Raja Bahadur is all set to cancel the invitaitons but Shanta insists that she will get married as planned but to a different guy,  Devdas. If Shyam can forget her and get married to somebody else, she argues so can she!

Will Binny get to know that Shyam had already  committed himself to Shyam before it’s too late? Will she be able to change their fate even qif she does find it out? Will Shyam ever discover that it was all Devdas’s doing? Watch Budtameez to find out.

It’s a lot like Ziddi (1964). Both are about  taming a stubborn girl but I liked this one much better. Not just because it has Shammi Kapoor in it (though that’s one of the reasons) but because the story is handled and executed better here. Sadhana is gorgeous!!! Shankar Jaikishan’s music is awesome and the songs penned by Shailendra and Hasrat Jaipuri are simply superb. Love each one of them!

The script was written for Shammi Kapoor…everything about the movie is extremely Shammi-sque. I can’t imagine anybody else doing this role. He is stylish, suave, romantic, flirty, smart, caring, funny….as always. Sadhana is amazing –  arrogant, stubborn, witty and very very beautiful. Sadhana’s Shanta was a perfect match for Shammi Kapoor’s Shyam! And they shared a great chemistry!  Apart from the lead pair, I liked all the others as well. Every character had a well-defined role.

I particularly liked Brahm Bhardwarj and Jagdish Raj!

Jagdish Kanwal’s dialogues were crisp and just perfect. I love him for that filmy dialogue alone! After an overdose of Manmohan Desais movies from the 70’s and 80’s with all lost-and-found themes (not that I don’t like them, I have seen most of them, not just once but so many times) I had almost forgotten that he had directed some great movies like this. This film just restored my faith in him.

All in all, a very entertaining film. I see myself watching it quite often – it has made its place in my favourite Shammi Kapoor films (others being : Dil Deke Dekho, Professor, Teesri Manzil, Raj Kumar…..). I thoroughly enjoyed watching the film. A great stress-buster! 🙂

I somehow missed Rajendranath in this movie. Kamal Mehra was great as Devdas but would have loved to see Rajendranath do that role.

You can watch if online if you can’t get a dvd.


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21 Responses to “Budtameez (1966)”

  1. Nasir Says:

    That’s what crossed my mind too: The role of Devdas in Budtameez would have been perfect for Rajendranath. He must have been very busy at the time I guess.

    Now that’s a lovely and lucid review there. Just for the record, I’d seen this movie when it was first released in 1966 at the Super Cinema in Bombay. I was already a fan of Shammi Kapoor and used to imitate him a lot. The songs are great too. I was particularly awe-struck with APNI BAAHON SE KOI KAAM TOH LO….The way he goes down on like a spring lip-synching – GIR NAA JAAOON MAIN HUZOOR THAAM TOH LO stuck in my head ever since I saw the movie at the theatre.

    Despite being released in 1966, Budtameez was a Black and White movie. In my opinion, that was the reason it is not included in the league of other movies of Shammi Kapoor. Same was the fate of Dil Tera Deewaana, Preet na jaane reet, Wallah kyaa baat hai all of which were the Sixties releases.

    Thanks again for reviving the times!

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      We are so used to seeing Rajendranath in Shammi Kapoor films doings roles like this that we actually miss him when he’s not around.
      Very true about the song and it’s picturization. Though it’s the title track that’s more popular and typically Shammi-sque, it’s Apni baahon se koi kaam toh lo that I like the most in this film – I truly love everything about it.
      I didn’t like Dil Tera Deewana much. It was dragged too much but the other two were pretty good.

      That could be the reason that these movies didn’t do all that well but I somehow find movies more fascinating when they are in Black and White. And I feel the actors looked better in these films than in the color films.

  2. Sharmi Says:

    Lovely lovely…It has Shammi Kapoor, my favourite and Sadhana, one of my favourites. And the story sounds so good.
    Thank God you are back. Have been missing you in blogosphere. And surely, you are back with a bang!!

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      Thank u so much, Sharmi!!! 🙂
      It’s a lovely movie…very very entertaining and a feast to Shammi fans like us. He looks very dashing here (not that he doesn’t in other movies…we love him in all of them, hai na).

  3. harvey Says:

    Sadhana looks simply great here!
    And the story sure has the 60s pattern of taming the shrew and marriage impediments! That is why I can hardly keep the 60s films apart.
    The one hting missing is though Pran blackmailing the heroine, but that wouldn’t ahve fit here.

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      Oh yes…both Shammi and Sadhana looked great in this! Very true, there are so many movies with similar stories, that it gets pretty confusing at times.
      Yes, Pran didn’t fit in here. There were no bad guys here. Had there been any other guy doing the blackmailing part, I would have missed him terribly.

  4. dustedoff Says:

    I knew I’d seen the film that had that dialogue! 😉 But I saw this years ago, so I can be forgiven for having forgotten most of it. In fact, I’d actually even forgotten how gorgeous both Shammi Kapoor and Sadhana look in this! Must watch it again, soon. Thank you for the review, and for that link to watch it online!

  5. bollywoodeewana Says:

    Ha ha i myself love Sadhana and i watched Arzoo last week too, that same thought of her resemblance to Kareena crossed my mind too, they do look alike i heard Sadhana is her aunty and her fashion in Arzoo was fantabulous (i don’t want to use fabulous as it was beyond that ;0) I’ll look out for this since its a better version of Ziddi which i quite enjoyed apart from the tedious Comic side plot which ate up the whole movie

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      I had quite forgotten Sadhana’s fashion in it. I had last seen Arzoo during my school days and had never paid much attention to them. But this time around I was wishing I could get dresses like the ones she was wearing.
      Yes, Sadhana was Babita’s cousin. And Kareena does resemble Sadhana a bit.
      It’s a nice movie and it doesn’t have the unnecessary CSPs.

      • Nasir Says:

        However, Sadhna was more influenced by Nutan’s style of acting. If you will note her dialogue delivery, you will see the resemblance in voice and style.

        She was a hot favourite of the Sixties, especially after Mere Mehboob was released. Here she looks gorgeous beyond words. It’s a pity that she suffered from some eye ailment (something later like Rameshwari). By the time AAP AAYE BAHAAR AAYI was released, she had lost her charisma. I think Inqiquam was her last truly successful movie.

  6. Sharmi Says:

    Hey where have you disappeared??? Miss your posts 😦

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      Have been very very busy….havent watched a movie for over a month, can u believe that?!!! No time to read your posts either. I’m missing it all so much. 😦 Got to login here after more than a month.

  7. Himmat Singh Says:

    I got a DVD and saw Budtameez a few days back. I have always liked Shammi (who doesn’t). But I had never really reacted to Sadhana’s performances when I was younger. I think guys like me got too involved then with her looks and sexiness to notice that she was an exceptionally fine and wide-ranged actress. Asli Naqli, Prem Patra and Humdono – when I watched these movies again – made me sit up and notice Sadhana as a poignantly straightforward performer, especially the way she portrayed vulnerable women. A pity she didn’t get the kind of roles Nutan and Waheeda got.

  8. sunheriyaadein Says:

    That’s cool!! Hope you liked the movie. Though it’s so entertaining, it’s somehow not much talked about. I find the songs of this movie absolutely awesome!
    She was a very good actress…she’s one of my favourites and she was definitely very good looking. I find her enticing in Lag jaa gale from Woh Kaun Thi? , just can’t take my eyes off her. So I can understand when you say that you were too involved with her looks.
    Sad she didn’t get that kind of roles…she definitely deserved some. But I love her nevertheless.

  9. digvijay Says:

    I believe Sadhana scored a bit higher than her contemporaries when it comes to mix of beauty and acting. Most of her movies were hits and some all time classic. But many people might have forgotten her as her stint was a little shorter coz of her illness and later she decided to go away from lime light.
    But what about so famous Sadhna cut…

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      Yes…she definitely had the looks and talent. She was a great actress but like you and Himmat above pointed out, she didnt get the kind of roles that her contemporaries got and her stint in the industry was short. But even in that short period she has done some great work, and we all love her!
      Sadhna cut…it used to be such a rage! Even today we all still refer to the fringe as Sadhna cut 🙂

  10. raja Says:

    Ah, now I remember the story thanks to your detailed post. I saw this a couple of years ago but I’d forgotten most of the storyline. Thanks bitiya for bringing it to my attention again. 🙂

  11. thandapani Says:

    Enjoyed that dialogue a LOT. This is a fun film to be sure 🙂

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