I hardly have time to blog these days. Am usually out over the weekends as well. I was home last Sunday and saw a couple of movies. This is a conversation that Shanta and Shyam have in one of them. I totally loved this!!! Can you guess the movie?

Shanta : (wakes up Shyam by addressing him) Ae chhote nawaab… Ek tha ladka…Junglee!
Shyam : Raj Kumar
Shanta : Uhmmm…Jaanwar
Shyam : Laatsaheb
Shanta : Budtameez
Shyam : Ek thi ladki
Shanta : Woh kaun thi?
Shyam : Ziddi
Shanta : Yeh raste hai pyaar ke
Shyam : Aao pyaar karen
Shanta : Main chup rahungi
Shyam : Pyaar kiya toh darna kya
Shanta : Pagla kahin ka
Shyam : Mera kasoor kya hai?
Shanta : Pyaar Mohabbat
Shyam : Dil hi toh hai
Shanta : Dil tera deewana
Shyam : Dil diya dard liya
Shanta : Dil ek mandir
Shyam : Dil deke dekho
Shanta : Ji chahata hai
Shyam : Kahin aur chal
Shanta : Door gagan ki chaao mein
Shyam : Jahan mile dharti aakash
Shanta : Tumsa nahin dekha

Review coming up next. Hopefully by the end of this week.


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14 Responses to “Guess”

  1. dustedoff Says:

    Oh, this sounds very familiar… I’m sure I’ve seen this! It’s on the tip of my tongue – but no. Can’t guess. What?

  2. Nasir Says:

    OMG I had only seen the e-mail and note just two characters, Shanta and Shyam and based on this I sent the reply that the movie was Ram Aur Shyam. However, now I find a whole set of conversations. I wouldn’t know this one! Of course, the term “ChhoTe Nawaab” refers to Mehmood. But it should be interesting to know about the movie.

  3. Sharmi Says:

    Gawd this reads soo familiar yet i just cannot get it!! Wil be waiting for the review.

  4. sunheriyaadein Says:

    Will put it up soon 🙂

  5. Nasir Says:

    How about a clue? All those movies that are named all belong to the Sixties, except one.

  6. harvey Says:

    totally clueless!

  7. Nasir Says:

    Rafi’s songs? SJ?
    Let me check: Budtameez kaho …
    apni baahon se koee kaam toh lo..
    haseen ho tum khuda naheen ho…
    dil ko na mere ta.Dpaao…

    This must be it. BUDTAMEEZ!

  8. Nasir Says:

    However…..How come PAGLA KAHIN IS MENTIONED? That’s a 1969 movie.

  9. Budtameez (1966) « Bhooli Bisri Sunheri Yaadein Says:

    […] Bhooli Bisri Sunheri Yaadein Old is Gold « Guess […]

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