Ten of my Favourite Mukesh Songs

When dustedoff had done a post on Mukesh on his Birth Anniversary, this is what I had said :

“I don’t know how exactly to put my feelings for Mukesh in words….it’s kind of confusing. Not that I dislike him…he has a wonderful voice and he has sung some of my favourite songs. But I’ve never been a great fan of his either.
1. Majority, at least the most popular songs of his, are usually so sad and full of despair that I try avoiding them.
2. My dad is a big big fan of Mukesh….and he has some of the saddest songs ever in his collection
3. A cousin of mine had once told me that when someone gets hooked on to old songs, it usually begins with Kishore, then gets into Rafi mode and eventually ends up liking Mukesh better. And when I initially started listening to Hindi songs, it was Kishore Kumar’s. Now I’m in Rafi phase but I never want to get over Rafi. 🙂 Since half of his prediction came true, I guess I am scared of getting into the final phase.

Frankly speaking, I never gave it much thought, but looking back, I have been subconsciously avoiding Mukesh’s songs. Though I would like to believe that it’s because most of his songs are sad, I’m yet to figure out the real reason behind it. I agree that just because I like Rafi so much doesn’t mean I shouldn’t like any other singers. And that’s never been the case, in fact. I am extremely fond of Talat, Hemat, Manna Dey etc. Anyways, more thoughts on that later. When I discovered it was Mukesh’s Birth Anniversary today, and started thinking of his songs, I realized that I love quite a lot of them. I really wanted to do a post but was very very busy. I was kind of feeling guilty about it and was hoping somebody else would so that I could at least list down my favourite songs here in the comment section. But now I have changed my mind…like you quoted And for all those years I failed to recognise your genius : I am also going to dedicate a post to Mukesh Chand Mathur.”

It’s over a month since I said that and I have been listening to a lot of Mukesh’s songs since then. And before long I found out that  there are hundreds of his songs that I really really adore. Like dustedoff rightly said,  Mukesh is one of those voices that grows on you –  it has definitely grown on me. I have learnt to appreciate his singing better now.

I can completely relate to what Harvey had said :  “I started off as a Kishore fan, went through Rafi phase, came back to KK and then again to Rafi and now I luv both! Have turned bigamist 😉 and am regularly unfaithful to them with Talat, Hemant, Manna and Mukesh and not necessarily in this order!” And this is a blisfful state!

I just realized I am a polygamist and it’s indeed a blissful state! 😀 😀

After having consciously explored his songs regularly for over a month, it’s very tough to list just 10 songs of his. So, as usual I have put some filter criteria to make my job easier. As Mukesh was the voice of Raj Kapoor and Manoj Kumar, I am intentionally ruling out their songs. Or else I will end up listing only 10 RK songs or 10 MK songs.

With my newly found fondness for him, there’ll be many more posts dedicated to Mukesh in the months to come. Will cover some of his rare gems in my later posts. For this one, my focus is on songs he sang for the actors who were generally associated with other singers.

So, on his Death Anniversary (27th Aug), in fond memories of Mukesh, here are my ten favourite songs of his –

1. Kahin door jab din dhal jaye (Anand, 1971) : This is one of my all time favourite songs from my all time favourite movie. Out of the few songs that Mukesh has sung for Rajesh Khanna – Jis gali mein tera ghar na ho (Kati Patang), Maine tere liye hai saat rang ke (Anand), Haan toh main kya keh raha tha (Raja Rani), Kahin door jab din dhal jaye etc, this one tops my list. When he sings tabhi machal ke pyaar se chalke, chhue koi mujhe par nazar na aaye – I can actually feel the song caressing me. The deep longing in mere khayalon ke aangan mein koi sapno ke deep jalaye and the sense of loss in  kho gaye kaise mere sapne sunhere…yeh mere sapne yehi toh hai apne…is simply mindblowing. Touching lyrics (Yogesh), beautiful picturisation, soothing music (Salil) and sensitive and poignant rendition makes this song a masterpiece. Only Mukesh could build this atmosphere of a deep longing. I never tire of listening to this song.

2. Phool tumhe bheja hai khat mein (Saraswati Chandra, 1968) : It was the songs that tempted me into watching this movie. Had it not been for Nutan and the songs, I would never have seen it. Now that I’ve seen the movie, I would rather forget about it…it was a torture. But I still love the songs – this, Chandan sa badan and Main toh bhool chali. Another iconic chitthi song picturised on Nutan and Manish…it’s very sweet and overflowing with love. Penned by Indeevar, composed by Kalyanji Anandji and rendered by Mukesh and Lata, it’s beautiful in every sense,  one of my favourite romantic duets. Sweet lyrics, music with just the right ambience and listening to it one can feel the nervousness, anticipation and love in it. This shows the level of involvement that everybody has put in creating this gem.

 3. Yaaron surat hamari pe mat jao (Ujala, 1959) : A delightful Mukesh-Rafi duet brimming with bromance – both in singing and in picturisation. It’s the carefree attitude with which these two dashing dudes – Raj Kumar and Shammi Kapoor run around and jump and dance and sing to this song that it scores over Duniyawalon se door for me from the same movie. Shailendra’s lyrics and Shankar-Jaikishan’s tunes are simple and sweet. It’s an absolute delight listening to and watching this song!

4. Kisi nargise nazar ko (Main Nashe Mein Hoon, 1958) : The fun quotient in this song is simply superb. Maruti dancing to Hasrat Jaipuri’s lyrics and Shankar-Jaikishan’s music, this lovely song somehow reminds me of Lakhon hai nighahon mein. I first heard this song on Vividh Bharati. And was pleasantly surprised to hear Mukesh singing a fun song!

5. Chal ri sajni ab kya soche (Bombai Ka Babu, 1960) : Picturised on Dev Anand, Suchitra Sen, Nasir Hussain and Achala Sachdev, it’s one of the most emotional songs ever. Mukesh has never been more suited to a song…there’s so much emotion in his voice – it looks like the song was tailor made for him. Majrooh Sultanpuri’s lyrics, SD Burman’s composition, Mukesh’s rendition and the vidai scene…everything is just perfect!

6. O jaane wale  ho sake toh laut ke aana (Bandini, 1963) : Very rarely did SD Burman use Mukesh. But when he did, the affect was truly magical and soul-stirring. Chal ri sajni and O Jaane wale are two such live examples. I love Mukesh’s voice here. Shailendra’s lyrics is touching and SD Burman’s music is classic. This song has something extremely melancholy and a sense of deep longing about it – something which only Mukesh could create. It takes me into a trance. Picturisation is equally beautiful.

7. Aaya hai mujhe phir yaad woh zaalim (Devar, 1966) : Another gem of a song picturised on my favourite jodi – dashing Dharmendra and enticing Sharmila. His rawness and her sophistication – simply an amazing combination. And Mukesh’s pathos leaden voice adds to the magic. When I first saw this film, it was Kaajal wale nain that stole my heart away but the next time I saw it, it was this song that captivated me. Fabulous composition from Roshan. Anand Bakshi’s childhood beckoning lyrics , Mukesh’s rendition, Dharmendra and Sharmila’s story in the movie everything put-in together, really takes me back to those carefree childhood days.  

8. Sambhal ke karna jo bhi karna (Ek Phool Char Kaante, 1960) : Each song in this movie is a masterpiece. And I had a real tough time choosing one. But the Shammi-Rafi-sque feel of this song just wins over the rest for me. A beautiful flirtatious melody picturised on Sunil Dutt and Waheeda Rehman. You can feel both Mukesh and Sunil enjoying the song to the fullest singing and portraying it.

9. Tu kahe agar (Andaaz, 1949) : Suhana safar aur yeh mausam haseen, Dil tadap tadap ke and Yeh mera deewanapan hai are more popular Mukesh songs picturised on Dilip Kumar. And I do love all these songs. I haven’t seen Yahudi yet, and the Madhumati songs are too popular. So my vote goes for Tu kahe agar.  Mukesh’s voice brimming with love and Dilip Kumar’s expression singing it onscreen as Nargis leans over his piano, it’s just amazing! Also, it’s one of those few compositions of Naushad that has Mukesh as the playback singer. Majrooh’s lyrics is very sweet and romantic.

10. Dil jalta hai toh jalne de (Pehli Nazar, 1945) : This is a historic song…historic as in, it brought Mukesh to limelight. It was his first hit song. It’s a known fact that it was Motilal who first noticed Mukesh and brought him to Bombay. He got his break as a playback singer in 1945 with the film Pehli NazarDil jalta hai toh jalne de was composed by Anil Biswas and lyrics penned by Aah Sitapuri. It was incidentally picturised on Motilal himself. He was such a big fan of K. L. Saigal that in his early years of playback singing he used to imitate his idol. He does sound so much like Saigal here. In fact, it is said that when K. L. Saigal first heard this song, he said “That’s strange, I don’t recall singing that song”.

It’s ten songs already. And I had so many other songs in my mind 😦

Dekho mausam kya bahar hai, khayalon mein kisike,Tumse hi meri zindagi, waqt karta jo wafa aap hamare hotey, Mein to har mod par thujko doontha chala, Gardish mein ho taare, Yeh sehar bada albela, Mile na phool, Kabhi kabhi mere dil mein, Jinhe hum bhoolna chahe, Kahin karti hogi woh mera intezaar, Tere hothon ke do phool pyaare pyaare, Oh re taal mile, Yeh kaun chitrakar hai, Hum toh tere aashiq hai, Aye dil na mujhse chhupa, Mujhe raat din yeh khayal hai, Jaaoon kahan bata aye dil, Tum ruthi raho main manata rahun etc….

For someone whom I have subconsciously ignored all these years, I spents hours devoted to him on the eve of my birthday. And now that I have finally done a post on him, I am feeling really very happy! 🙂

May your soul rest in peace Mukesh Chand Mathur! Though quite late in life, I have finally realized how much I love your voice.

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38 Responses to “Ten of my Favourite Mukesh Songs”

  1. Nasir Says:

    Mukesh had actually begun in 1941 both as an actor and singer but only found success in 1945 with DIL JALTA HAI JALNE DE singing it in the style of K.L. Saigal. His duet with (I think Khursheed): BADARIYA BARAS GAYI USS PAAR zoomed his singing career. There was one last attempt by him as a producer (Malhar) which had songs that are still very popular BADE ARMAAN SE RAKKHA HAI BALAM TERI QASAM…etc., but despite that the movie flopped miserably and he had had it by then. He did appear in cameo roles too such drving a bullock cart for Raj Kapoor singing CHAR DIN KI KAHAANI TERI. I don’t remember the name of the movie at the moment.

    You have mentioned all my favourite Mukesh’s songs there. But for the heck of it, the following are my most favourite solos. I haven’t done the duets:

    1. Bhoolne waale yaad naa aa (Anokhi Ada – 1948)
    2. Gaaye jaa geet Milan ke (Mela – 1948)
    3. Yeh mera deewaanaapan hai (Yahudi 1958)
    4. Sab Kuchh seekha hamne (Anari 1959)
    5. Tum bin jeevan kaise guzraa (Anita – 1967)
    6. Tum jo hamaare meeth na hote (Aashiq – 1962)
    7. Bhooli huwee yaadon (Sanjog –1961)
    8. Ay meree jaane wafaa (Neele Ankhen -1962)
    9. Muft huwe badnaam kise se haay dil ko lagaa ke (Baaraat-1960)
    10. Kisi nargisi nazar ko dil denge hamm (Main nashe mein hoon 1959) but have to also add:
    Hamne tum se pyaar kiyaa hai jitnaa (Dulha-Dulhan -1964)

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      Sincce I ruled out Raj Kapoor’s and Manoj Kumar’s songs completely, half of these songs were left out. Otherwise they would have definitely made it to my list.
      I loooooveeeeeeeeeee Humne tum se pyaar kiya hai jitna from Dulha-Dulhan, Tum agar mujhko na chaho toh from Dil Hi Toh Hai, all the songs from Anari, Aye sanam jis ne tujhe from Diwana, Ruk ja o jaane wali ruk ja from Kanhaiya, Jeena yahan marna yahan and Jane kahan gaye woh din from Mera naam Joker.

  2. Suhan Says:

    Love the Mukesh love going around 🙂 Another wonderful Mukesh number on Kaka is ‘Zubaan pe dard’ from Maryada (1971).

    And I just adore the songs from Milan (1967) especially ‘Saawan ka mahina’, and ‘Rame kare aisa ho jaye’.

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      Thanks Suhan! 🙂
      Oh yes…thanks for reminding me of that. I didn’t like the movie much (I had seen it during my school days and havent seen it again since then)…so don’t remmeber anything of it except for Chupke se dil de de naite .
      Milan’s songs are amazing – Saawan ka mahina being one of my all time favourites. But I had ten songs already before I could enter into the the era of color films. Except for Kahin door jab din dhal jaye which I couldn’t do without for obvious reasons, all the other songs are are either from 40’s, 50’s or 60’s…

  3. Kanan Says:

    Cool post! I am going to listen to the songs later tonight. I got to say that I am not as big a fan of Mukesh as Mohd. Rafi’s but I like him more for his sad songs. I would not trade those songs for anything else. My favorite Mukesh songs include “aansoo bhari hai”, “zubaan pe dard bhari”, “dost dost na raha”, “sansaar hai ek nadiya”, “mujhe tum se kuchh bhi na chahiye”, “chandan sa badan” and many more that I can’t really recall right away. And there is so much more I’ve never heard of that I can already see in the post. 🙂 My most favorite is Ramayan that is sung by Mukesh ji & chorus. Have you listened to it?

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      Thanks! Hope you liked the songs. True, sad songs were definitely his forte but he was a very versatile singer. He has sung songs in different moods and sung them very well. I used to ignore him because of the fact that he sings these sad songs with sorrow brimming from every syllable and now I find them so remarkably beautiful and intriguing!
      The songs that you have mentioned above are great. And I love the Ramayan song..have always loved it ever since I was a kid. Thanks for reminding me of it!

  4. Nasir Says:

    Kanan, you just reminded me of AANSOO BHARI HAI that’s one of my most favourite among Mukesh’s songs. Is that on the Roopak Tal?

  5. Geet Gaata Chal Says:

    Nice post to remember Mukesh ji, as Kanan said Ramayan is also one of my favorite along with lots of other songs he sung.

  6. Sharmi Says:

    I think I too have to start listening to Mukesh’s songs more often. Your post has listed some really beautiful songs that on any other day would have not registered too much as they are sung by Mukesh. But, come to think of it, this singer really does grow on you. In fact, I quite like the way he sang Bagon mein kaise yeh phool khiltey hain in Chupke Chupke. I found the song very sweet. Awesome post Archana. 🙂

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      Thanks Sharmi!!! Yeah, that’s a sweet song. He definitely grows on you and once you start listening to him, you will grow quite fond of him. He is undoubtedly a great singer!

  7. bollywoodeewana Says:

    Great Post as usual and your anecdotes are always very interesting, i’m most familiar with the songs of Anand but the film just can’t make it onto my lists of favourites, perhaps knowing what would eventually happen to the Anand character beforehand spoilt things for me, but the songs are Fab none the less

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      Anand has been my favourite film for over a decade, until I saw Aakhri Khat!
      I must have seen the film over 40 times and I never tire of it. When I had first seen it as a kid (I had a major crush on RK at the age of 13 – that’s when I began watching Hindi movies and was a big fan of his), I had cried so much at the end. But I liked it so much that I saw it again after a fortnight and this time around I started crying halfway throuh knowing what would eventually happen to the Anand’s character.

  8. harvey Says:

    Wow, you have included nearly all of my fav mukesh songs except ‘Kahin karti hogi’. well, there aren’t many mukesh songs which I like!
    thanks for introducing me to Yaaron surat hamari pe mat jao

  9. harvey Says:

    O jaane wale ho sake toh laut ke aana has a special place in my heart, I feel this song every time when I am leaving Bombay and flying back.

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      I felt the same till I began this post 😉 But in the process I discovered so many songs of his and ended up liking a lot of them. I could do another couple of posts on them.
      I first heard yaaron surat hamari pe mat jao on radio and fell in love with it immediately. I don’t know how my life would be without Vividh Bharati.
      Some songs do hold that emotional attachment. I feel the same way everytime I go home and have to come back here.

  10. Nasir Says:

    Since I forgot to mention the duets, and there are many many favourite duets, I could only pick up my following favourite duets sung by Mukesh: Just 10:

    Badariya Baras Gayi Us Paar (with Khursheed and Hamida Bano in Mooti 1945)

    Khyaalon mein .. (with Geeta Roy in Baawre Nain -1950)

    Bade Armaanon se Rakkha hai .. (with Lata in Malhar – 1951)

    Yeh Waadaa Karo Chaand Ke Saamne (with Lata in Rajhat – 1956)

    Dil TaDap TaDap ke keh rahaa hai (with Lata in Madhumati -1958)

    Jis Pyaar mein Yeh Haal Ho (with Rafi in Phir Subah Hogi – 1958)

    Nayn tumhaare mazedaar O janaabe Aali (with Asha in Junglee – 1961)

    Sapnon mein mere koyee aaye jaaye (with Lata and Usha in Poonam ki Raat – 1965)

    Kahaa.n le chale ho sajan albele (same movie as above)

    Saawan Ka Mahina Pawan kare Sor (with Lata in Milan – 1967)

    I hope the above songs will give pleasure to those who have not yet listened to these.

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      Such lovely songs Nasir! Thank you so much for this! These more or less make my 10 favourite duets of his as well. Love each of the songs you have mentioned above.
      I have always had a soft corner for Bade armaano se rakha hai balam – it’s such a beautiful blend of love, fear and nervousness of first love, happiness that their love promises, innocence. And the music is extremely soothing!
      I would have Jab se hum tum baharon mein from main Shaadi Karne Chala with Kamal Barot in place of Badariya Baras Gayi Us Paar in my list. I just love this song…both versions of it – Rafi-Suman and Mukesh-Kamal. I used to listen to it a lot when I would go home during holidays but I had completely forgotten about it until it popped up suddenly while doing the Rafi special post. And I haven’t been able to get this song out of my head ever since.

      • Nasir Says:

        You’re right about that Mukesh-Kamal Barot number. I used to hear this song very often on the radio – which means that it was a popular song of its time. In fact I wanted to enlist this but since you had already in your list, I avoided it. I put BADARIYA BARAS GAYI USS PAAR just to point out the turn of event in Mukesh’s career.

        By the way, did you get a chance to hear TUM KAHAAN LE CHALE HO from Poonam ki Raat? I needed a confirmation or denial about this song. Is it just me who find this song spell-binding? I don’t know. Archana, I wonder if any one among the known critics here has reviewed Poonam Ki Raat. I don’t know what pulls me towards this movie: whether it is handsome Manoj Kumar, or the debutantes Kumud and Nalini, or Bela Bose or the melodious songs. I love watching this CD again and again despite the fact that it’s just an average movie.

      • sunheriyaadein Says:

        I was rather surprised to see your reply at this time. I thought I was the only one sitting alone till early morning and listening to songs. And then it struck me it’s Ramzan. Feels good to have a company.
        I had heard the Tum kahan le chale ho on radio and I love the song. It’s very sweet and romantic. Everytime I heard it I would get so mesmerised with Yeh safar hai anjana, yeh pyaar ki hai raahein, zara sang mere tum aao toh esp the way it’s rendered at the end, after chhup jayegi shaam suhani, bandh jayegi ek kahani, simat kar meri dono baahon mein tum sharmao to …Mera khud ka mann karta tha ke main bhi sang chali jaun 🙂
        I have been looking for the dvd of this film for quite sometime now but haven’t got it yet. Will watch and review it once I do.
        I had never seen the video of this song. I saw it now and the picturisation just stole my heart away, esp the lines I mentioned above in last antara. Thank you so much!
        I love Manoj Kumar in B&W films when he did the romantic lead. This is Kumud’s first film? She looks enticing – very beautiful. I just happened to watch a part of one of her movies few hours ago on tv – Moojrim with Joy Mukherjee and Dev Kumar. I saw it for around 15-20 mins, didn’t like it much so put the tv off and switched to youtube.
        And the songs of course! I have lots of reasons to watch this film 🙂

  11. dustedoff Says:

    Lovely post, Archana! Some wonderful songs there – the more I listen to Mukesh and the more songs I discover of his, the more I realise how much I like him.

    Btw, thank you for warning us off Saraswati Chandra. The music is so fabulous, I’d been meaning to try and get hold of the film. Will halt my efforts to do so immediately! 😉

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      You inspired me to do this post to a great extent. So thanks to you! 🙂
      He definitely has lots of good songs. And the more I listen to him the more I realize what a versatile singer he was. So much for typecasting him as someone who specialized only in sad songs.
      Watching Saraswati Chandra was such a torture. Story is not all that great and on top of it they drag it so long, if I am not mistaken it’s 3 hours long or even more than that. I was just yawning and waiting for it to get over.

  12. Nasir Says:

    What a relief to know that TUM KAHAAN LE CHALE HO has not just hooked me! Thanks for that spontaneous details about this song.
    Yes. Poonam ki Raat was Kumud’s first movie. Besides her, Nalini and Shiv Kumar too were introduced in this movie. There are two scintillating songs of Asha Bhonsle too, filmed on Bela Bose. I also love Rafi Sahaab’s song: DIL TADPE TADPAAYE… since it’s a bit different and is typically a Salil Da’s tune. I hear that Poonam ki Raat has a bengali version too with the same music and songs in Bangla.

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      I listened to all the songs from the movie that day, I had heard them before but didn’t know all of htem were from this movie. I need to watch this movie. I hope I find it next time I go out to buy dvds. Would love to watch it in Bengali as well…but that’s more like a dream. Let mes ee if I can order it online. Thanks for all the info 🙂

  13. Nasir Says:

    Most welcome Archana!

  14. John Says:

    hey, nice blog…really like it and added to bookmarks. keep up with good work

  15. vimal Says:

    शानदार !!!!!मुकेश जी की आवाज़ में द्स गाने चुनना आसान नहीं है…फिर भी आपका प्रयास सराहनीय है…कुछ और शानदार गाने छूट जाने का मोह भी रहा होगा…वैसे इस तरह दस बेहतर गानों के बारे में आपका अंदाज़ अच्छा लगा आपके ब्लॉग पर पहली दफ़ा आया हूँ…और अब तो आपकी काफ़ी सारी पोस्ट को पढ़ना भी एक अलग एहसास दे गया……अब आता रहूंगा…बहुत बहुत शुक्रिया
    वैसे …मुकेश जी की आवाज़ में ” नैन हमारे चांद चकारे भी ……”चीनों अरब हमारा …रहने को घर नहीं है हिन्दोस्तां हमारा …बहुत से गीत हैं जो अगले दस गानों में शामिल किये जा सकते हैं ।

  16. vimal Says:

    वैसे ३० अगस्त को आपका जन्म दिन था….उसकी भी बधाई ले ही लें…….

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      Thank you so much! 🙂
      Welcome aboard! It is very difficult to choose just 10 songs, but there’s always some other occasion to look forward to. Isi liye itna dukh nahin hota. But my usual reaction is : “itni jaldi dus gaane ho gaye???!!! 😦 Abhi toh shuru bhi thik se nahin kiya tha”.
      And thanks for those songs…I have already started compiling songs for my next post. Some of them will definitely appear on it.

  17. Himmat Singh Says:

    For those of us who were in their mid-teens in the early 70s, Kishore was the singer to root for. I think all of us had had enough of Rafi then. He had sung just tooo many songs and that too in practically every movie. Then came the nearing horrible mid 70s and the pure horrible 80s, when film song lovers like me started seeking out 50s and 60s music – not an easy thing to do then. We fell in love with Rafi again, then Talat Mehmood. Then we moved back in time and heard KL Saigal. That’s where we stopped, because once Saigal gets to you the rest sound superficial. Mukesh never made it to the root-for list despite the fact that we did like many of his songs. Same with manna Dey. I think one of the reasons is that their voices didn’t have a ‘romantic’ quality.

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      I love your description – nearing horrible mid 70s and pure horrible 80s 🙂
      I am still totally crazy about Rafi. I love Kishore and Mukesh’s voice has definitely grown into me over the years. I adore Hemant Kumar and Talat Mehmood as well.
      I haven’t started listening to KL Saigal much yet. But if that’s where one would stop, then I would like to venture into other singers first before trying him 🙂
      All of them have their own flavours and are good in their own way. While Mukesh is more of tragedy king, Manna Dey had the classical touch to his singing.
      I grew up listening to the pure horrible 80s and 90’s. Unfortunately I was born during that time so couldnt help not hearing them. Thankfully my dad was a huge fan of songs from the 40s, 50s and 60s and had a huge collection. That’s how I got hooked to them.

  18. Partha Says:

    Great article my friend…looks like have all been in the same boat..I love Kishore and Rafi, but not sure what Mukeshs magic is..he seems to be close to my heart than anyone else..being non hindi speaking, am not sure why I am involved with Mukesh’s voice and songs..To be am in a different world and zone when am hearing his songs…..

    Again thanks for such wondering article

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      Thank you, Partha!
      Mukesh’s songs have a depth in them. And they just take us to a different world altogether. He was a genius when it came to depicting and emoting pain and sorrow through his voice.

  19. thandapani Says:

    I like the quality of his voice. I don’t he is a great singer though. But he happened to sing some very melodious songs. I think it is thanks to the great music directors who knew what songs to use him for.

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      I have learnt to appreciate him in the last few years more than I ever did before. I was never fond of him but I do like him, a lot these days 🙂
      Music Directors definitely know who to give a song to

  20. majid Says:

    In my view, no singer in the world can match the Great Mukesh. he was the one who would turn any song into evergreen one. he was greater than Rafi, Talat, Hemant, Manadey and Kishore kumar. if someone has a slightest doubt or disagreement with me, they can ask and i will justify.


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