Ten of my Favourite Rajendra Kumar Songs

I know I was supposed to do a post on Neetu Singh but was busy yesterday the whole day. And though none of the teams I was supporting reached the World Cup finals, I ended up watching the finals as an obligation. So didn’t have time. And today, being Rajendra Kumar’s death anniversary, I wanted to dedicate this post to him.

He neither had the good-looks, nor a great physique….he’s not the typical hero material from any angle, but there’s something very charming about him that I adore.

Wikipedia states : The 1960s saw Rajendra Kumar rise like no other star had risen, and the voice of Mohammad Rafi played biggest role in it. That doesn’t take away the fact that he was a very good actor. But the songs of his film in Mohammed Rafi`s voice used to become mega hits giving movies a fine opening, and there was a time when every film starring him was a silver jubilee hit. There were times when he had six or seven films running in their silver jubilee weeks at the same time. It was a success that was unbelievable and Rajendra Kumar was soon known as “Jubilee Kumar”. He was considered a golden boy for the movie producers in the sense that he was the actor who could recover the producers’ money in a matter of few weeks.

When Rafi and Rajendra Kumar combination had such beautiful meoldies, how could I resist from not doing this post. So here are my ten favourite Rajendra Kumar songs, all from the movies that I have seen and in no particular order –

1. Aye nargise mastaana (Arzoo, 1965) : I like this song more for Sadhna than for Rajendra Kumar. But when it’s Rafi singing, it doesn’t really matter who’s on screen. What a way to flirt!!! Love his “shikayats” and Rajendra Kumar looks cute reciting them. It’s a very beautifully shot song with great lyrics by Hasrat Jaipuri and music by Shankar-Jaikishen.  All the songs of this movie were very popular and very romantic, be it,  Chhalke teri aankhon se sharaab aur jyada, Ae phoolon ki raani, Aji rooth kar ab kahan jaiyega. These songs give a different meaning to love all together, hai na? And compare them to the songs of today… truly Love – Aaj Kal.

2. Tumse izhaar-e-haal kar baithe (Mere Mehboob, 1963) : This was another movie with such amazing songs. I know Mere mehboob tujhe meri mohabbat ki kasam is more popular but I somehow like this and Ae husn zara jaag tujhe ishq jagaye better. Sadhna looks drop-dead gorgeous…no wonder he keeps singing one lovely song after another for her! All these songs are so full of emotions which one can feel as well as see. The onscreen pair – truly lajawaab and the voice very intoxicating. It’s so subtle and sweet. Love Rajendra Kumar in it. Though I mentioned above that he wasn’t blessed with good looks, but I do find him pretty handsome at times, like in this song.

3. Bura maan gaye (Aayee Milan Ki Bela, 1964) : I love each and every song in this movie…each one is a gem – be it Tum kamseen ho, Main pyaar ka deewana, O Sanam tere ho gaye hum, Tumko hamari umar lag jaye or the title track itself. And to choose one song from this one album is extremely difficult.  There’s something very innocent (and romantic of course!) about all the songs in this movie. And this song has the playful factor to it as well. Listen to his complaints – they are so sweet…plight of an aashiq!

4. Teri pyaari pyaari surat ko (Sasural, 1961) : What an amazing song!!! And the way he sings Chashme Baddoor is simply awesome! This song never fails to brighten up my mood – it has such lovely lyrics that you can’t help but smile, beautiful music that compliments the feel of the song, the rendition is priceless and it’s picturised so beautifully. But in addition to this there’s a funny incident associated with this song. My friends had given me a CD of Rafi’s songs for my birthday during my college days. One Sunday afternoon, I was sitting in my room in hostel and  listening to it. One of my Telugu speaking friends came to my room (she couldn’t understand Hindi) and asked me : You are in a different world altogether when you listen to these songs…What’s so special about them? I started raving about the lyrics, music,rendition, picturisation, situation in which the song is sung in the movie, blah blah….I went on non-stop for a while, I was kind of marketing the song. After listening to me for so long, even she wanted to listen to it. And she wanted me to translate the lyrics for her. This song was playing then. Yun na akeli phira karo…., dekha na karo tum aaina….., nikla na karo tum raho par…At the end of it she got up and said : “He’s forbidding her from doing everything…what the hell does he want her to do???!!!” and walked out.

I didn’t know how to react to it for a while and then I was literally rolling down with laughter. But I didn’t have an answer to her question even after I recovered.  So everytime I hear this song, I think of that afternoon.

5. Yeh mera prem patra padh kar (Sangam, 1964) : This is one of Rajendra Kumar’s signature songs. It’s still a rage to this day, I can only imagine how popular this must have been back then. I somehow didn’t like the movie much – had seen it long ago, don’t know if I will feel differently about it if I watch it now. But I like this song. It was a part of my Dad’s collection and have literally grown up listening to it. So it has that nostalgic feel to it.

6. Chehre pe giri zulfen (Suraj, 1966) : Again, Baaharon phool barsaao is more popular. Not that I don’t like it but I like this better esp the way Gustakhi maaf is sung. Dad had a cassette that had Suraj songs on Side A and Sasural on Side B ( I think it was a T-series). He had lots of them but these were among his top favourites and used to play them more often. So these songs somehow manage to take me back in time. Rajendra Kumar does live upto these songs in his own way. He has a funny way of dancing but it kind of suits him.

7. Madhuban khushboo deta hai (Saajan Bina Suhagan, 1978) : I haven’t been able to figure out what exactly it is that I like about it song. But somehow, I feel good listening to this song – must be the inspirational lyrics! And oh yes, I do like Yesudas’s voice as well.

8. Dheere dheere bol koi sunna le (Gora aur Kala, 1972 ) : After battling a lot over Ek na ek din yeh kahani banegi and Dheere dheere bol, I finally chose the latter to add more vareity to the post. I have been concentrating mostly on songs sung by Rafi so far. I think I should give a chance to other singers as well. So it’s Mukesh this time singing for Rajendra Kumar. Both Hema and Rajendra look so good and so royal in this song. And they share a great chemistry as well. All in all a very romantic duet.

9.  Palkon ke peeche se jo tumne (Talash, 1969) : A very pretty song filmed against a beautiful backdrop. I had first heard this song on Vividh Bharati. It was much later that I actually saw the video. There’s this innocence and sharmila-pan about it which I adore – something that one could sense just listening to the song without even having to see the video.

10. Kaun hai jo sapno mein aaya (Jhuk Gaya Aasmaan, 1967) : Kaun hai jo sapno mein aaya, Kahan chaldiye idhar toh aao, Sachcha hai gar pyaar, unse mili nazar, Meri aankhon ki nindiya, Mere tumhare beech mein…..once again, all the songs are superb. Though I like Elvis Presley – the man himself and his songs, I find the Hindi version of this song more lively than the original Marguerita. Thanks to Rafi’s singing and Rajendra Kumar’s onscreen presence! This was the first Rajendra Kumar movie that I saw. And I had really enjoyed it as a kid.

RIP Jubilee Kumar!


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49 Responses to “Ten of my Favourite Rajendra Kumar Songs”

  1. Rajagopalan Says:

    Amazing isnt the word – your sense of music and the observations on the videos – yes, i too adore Sadhna’s eyes and overall in all her songs – still, you have literally taught me how to look at a song from different angles.. thanks a ton for that! One suggestion – or just a query – how could u forget Sangam when talking of Rajendra Kumar.. i thot that was one of the very good movies too!!

    Great work, admirable!! Keep it up.


  2. bollywoodeewana Says:

    well done, i loved reading your commentaries as usual, i myself had planned a week long special on him but since I’m away this coming weekend i thought i might have to cut down on posts i can do on him. Next week the 20th is his birthday too, one of my favourites is one i recently just discovered

    P,s Do you have Any idea if the song they play at the beginning of the ‘awaaz de kahaan hai show on b4u is from an filmi song, i really like it

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      Thanks for your lovely comment! Yup, 20th is his birth anniversary. So I am saving the review of Palki for that. Oh how I wish I could do a week-long post too but alas, am too busy to do that.
      Rimjhim ke geet saawaan gaaye is a lovely song and thanks for reminding me. I had almost forgotten it.
      And yes, Gustakhi maaf is amazing! 🙂
      Am sitting and watching Ram aur Shyam on tv now, am just not able to recall the beginning of awaaz de kahan hai . Will let you know soon.

  3. bollywoodeewana Says:

    I like the chere pe ghiri song as well i like the way Rafi goes Gustaki maaf like he’s about to clear his throat

    • Nasir Says:

      You are so right bollywoodeewana! Utterance of GUS-TAA-KHI MAAF is done so stylishly by Rafi Sahaab. This song is among my very favourites too for its simplicity and style.

  4. dustedoff Says:

    Great list, sunheriyaadein! I’m not much of a Rajendra Kumar fan, but one thing I’ll concede: like Biswajit, he had some superb songs picturised on him. Palkon ke peechhe se was the only one from your list that I’d never heard before, and a couple of the others were revelations, in that though I’d heard them, I’d never seen them, so didn’t realise they featured Rajendra Kumar!

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      Hee hee…I’m not surprised to her that. I had already figured out from your ealier posts and comments that you are not very fond of him. Yes, he did have lots superb songs picturised on him and they played a major part in his success.

  5. Sharmi Says:

    Hey, you know what? My father liked rajendra Kumar, too and I used to make fun of this actor saying that he was funny to look. But, now when I see his films I think he did have a kind of charm that made him so popular. And, yes awesome awesome songs. All of them are masterpieces. Good reminder. I have to see that Arzoo once again. Just for the songs. I also like his pairing with Meena Kumari in Chirag Kahaan Roshni Kahaan, though Pyaar ka Sagar was plain bad. Thank you, thank you for this awesome post 🙂 It is thouroughly musical. Brought back so many Bhuli Bisri Sunheri Yaadeins 🙂

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      My dad’s very fond of him too. He seems to be a hot favourite among our dads 🙂
      True, there’s something about him – a different kind of a charm which I find very adorable. And the songs….he was very lucky when it came to songs, he got to feature in some of the best songs ever. Rajendra Kumar-Sadhna pairing is one of my favourites, esp in Mere Mehboob and Arzoo . Aap Aaye Bahaar Aaye was ok. But I can watch these movies again and again just for the songs.
      I haven’t seen Chiraag Kahan Roshni Kahan yet but had read bollywooddeewana’s review of it. Pyaar ka Saagar is the one where he goes blind and the girl he likes, Meena Kumari, gets married to his brother (was it Ashok Kumar?)?
      And thanks! I am glad you liked the post and it brought back lots of memories (that’s the actual purpose behind this blog).

      • Nasir Says:

        Sunheriyaadein, Pyar ka Saagar was the newer version of Devendre Goel’s Aankhen (1950). While the older version was a hit, the newer one failed to impress the cinegoers. However, I love its song: Mujhe Pyaar ki Zindagi denewaale.

      • Sharmi Says:

        Yes that’s the film. but the elder brother was madan puri. it is a tad boring, the film. it starts well but peeters out! and the ending is baaaddd!!!

  6. Nasir Says:

    A great deal can be written about the hero Rajendra Kumar but I will restrict myself to ten songs my choice.
    1. Yeh mera prem patra padh kar (Sangam)
    2. Mere Mehboob tujhe meri mohabbat ki qasam (Mere Mehboob)
    3. Teri pyaari pyaari soorat ko (Sasural)
    4. Husn waale tera jawaab nahin (Gharana)
    5. Pehle mile theh sapnon me.n (Zindagi)
    6. Yaad na jaaye (Dil ek Mandir)
    7. Aye phoolon ki rani (Arzoo)
    8. Tum kamsin ho (Aayee milan ki bela)
    9. Mere Mitwa (Geet)
    10. Kehdo koi na kare yahaan pyaar (Goonj uthi shehnai).
    (I have omitted Bahaaron phool barsaao since it need not be mentioned at all and is well-known). Of course all the above are Rafi solos and nothing surprising about them since Rafi Sahaab and Rajendra Kumar were inseparable. For RK, Rafi Sahaab used a soft voice so that by just hearing the style one could predict that the song must have been picturized on RK. There are beautiful duets too some of which I mention below:

    1. Mujhe pyaar ki zindagi denewaale (pyaar ka saagar)
    2. Rimjhim ke geet saawaan gaaye (Anjaana)
    3. Jab diya haath me.n haath (Vachan)
    4. Yaad me.n teri (Mere Mehboob)
    5. Dil-e-betaab ko (Palki)
    6. Palkon ke peechhe se (Talaash)
    7. Yeh mausam bheega bheega hai (Dharti)
    8. Kaise samjhaaoo.n (Sooraj)
    9. O sanam tere ho gaye hamm (Aayee milan ki Bela)
    10. Tere pyaar ka aasra (Dhool ka phool)
    The last one is Mahendra Kapoor duet and deserves a mention because it was a very very popular song of its time.

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      Wonderful list, as always! And it reminds me that I’m yet to watch so many movies of his. I totally love all the songs of Aayee Miln Ki Bela, Mere Mehboob, Arzoo….
      Yeh mausam bheega bhaaga is sweet but I like Khuda bhi aasman se much better from Dharti. Palki had good songs as well, am planning to review the movie for his Birth Anniversary on 20th. And I think I can do another 10 favourite list again on 20th 🙂
      I can see from the third screen-cap above that Rafi saab and RK were inseparable. And yes, he did use the softer tone for RK.

  7. Sharmi Says:

    Okay I thought I just tell you this. I just figured that I have watched Bheegi Raat way back in Class 7. Stay away from it!!! Pradeep Kumar is intolerable, Meena Kumari is fat. The story is boring. Listen to the lovely songs on youtube. That should do! It is very very loosely based on An Affair to Remember (Meena Kumari sacrifices her union with Pradeep KUmar because she becomes handicapped). But it is a terrible adaptation. And, Meena Kumari is sad in her coloured film days, except for the first half of Pakeezah may be. 🙂

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      True Sharmi! I love Meena Kumari in her Black-n-White films. I am not very fond of her colored films. Bheegi Raat is out of my list. Thanks for the word of caution! 🙂

  8. Kanan Says:

    Entirely lovely! I can never get tired of listening to Rajendra Kumar songs, specially if they are sung by Rafi sahab which they are most of the times. There are so many good romantic numbers with quality lyrics, it’s almost irresistible.

    Sharing my top 10 of RK in random order 🙂

    1. dil-e-betaab ko seene se, Palki
    2. tumhe main agar apna saathi, Shatranj
    3. yaad na jaaye beete dino ki, Dil Ek Mandir
    4. saccha hai gar pyaar mera sanam, Jhuk Gaya Aasmaan
    5. aye husn zaraa jaag tujhe, Mere Mehboob
    6. husn waale tera jawaab nahin, Gharana
    7. mujhe pyaar ki zindagi, Pyaar Ka Saagar
    8. yeh mera prem patra, Sangam
    9. dhadakne lage dil ke taaro, Dhool Ka Phool
    10. jeevan mein piya, Goonj Uthi Shehnaayi

    There was this Gujarati movie of RK “Mehndi Rang Lagyo” and there’s really cute romantic duet in there with Usha Kiron “nain chakchur chhe” but I am not able to find video of it. That one was sung by Rafi sahab as well. 😀

    PS. I do love him quite a lot, for his acting, looks, his roles, and most of all his smile, regardless of what majority of the Hindi film views say. I just wish he didn’t die in some of the movies.

  9. Deen Says:

    Who says Rajendra Kumar was not good looking? Watch him in Shatranj (1969). A real hero in the real sense. Not like some of today’s heroes who like to show parts of their bodies! The world has really changed for the worse since those days when Rajendra Kapoor was a hero. Those were the days.

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      Ok…I’m yet to see Shatranj. I never thought he was strikingly handsome as such, but he had something in him – the charm, mannerism, attitude and acting of course, that just could not be ignored! And the more I saw of him, the more I started liking him. My fondness for him has grown over the years and I do find him good looking as well now.

  10. angel Says:

    u know what,,i just love rajendra kumar…
    plus d way u have written all these things about him n his songs..
    i felt lyk sum1 has stolen my word n thoughts abt him n has written here..
    n just lyk u,,i whwnevr i listen his songs or watch his movies or videos in hostel,,i tell my roommate each n every detail f him,,his song,,d situation f d movie in which it was picturised,,rather whole story..every minute deatil which i know..
    aftr sumtym she says she hs understood..n den she says “u r crazy abt rajendra kumar..”

    thnx fr dis whole post..
    gud to know sum1 z lyk me who adores RAJENDRA KUMAR… :):)

  11. ADNAN Says:

    Some firends are humilating Rajendra kumar here which is very bad thing.
    He was very handsome actor and a true legend.
    He was actor of par excellence.
    Arzoo,gora aur kala,saathi,sangam,dil ek minder….etc and many more….

    are his fantastic works.
    So,plz give him respect.
    he was not media star,he was real mass star.so that he was famous as jubilee kumar.
    People love him.

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      I do agree that he was an actor par excellence. I wasn’t around back then to see how the audience felt for him. But having seen his work, I am sure people must have loved him! Nobody becomes a Jubilee Kumar and has a success like he did for nothing.

  12. ADRIAN Says:

    Rajendra Kumar and Vyjanthimala were one of the most beautiful and most successful combinations of that era. i am over fifty and thanks to the internet,and the electronic age we are still able to view these and go down memory lane. I have had the pleasure and privilege of inviting lots of my family and friends of that era, some of whom are not so computer literate to view these over and over.Thanks to the many people who put all these together. i am originally from Srilanka but now live in Austrlia for many many years

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      It feels so good to know that music and movies have brought us all together. I am not an Indian either but I love hindi films and their songs and actors – in fact everything about Bollywood.
      Vyjanthimala was always so graceful. And they did make a wonderful couple.
      I am so glad you enjoyed this post.

  13. Adnan Says:

    Rajendra Kumar was a true entertainer.

  14. Sanchi Says:

    you forgot “ITNA HAI TUMSE PYAR MUJHE”…… from suraj

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      It’s not that I forgot it. There were just so many songs to choose from. Had to compromise one some of them. Will include it in the next post I do on him 🙂

  15. Niraj Says:

    I was a great admirer 0f Rajendra Kumar in my childhood & even had his Filmfare foto cuttings in my room in my college hostel.His movies were very sentimental and made you cry.Those were the days of idealism and he acted to the hilt.He had a perfect profile,which I hoped I too had! I remember his plight in Dil ek Mandir& romacing with Sadhna in Arzoo & Mere Mehboob.I tried not to miss any of his films.Can not forget him to this day.

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      I miss those days of sticking filmfare cuttings and celebrity posters in hostel rooms! It was strictly prohibited in our hostel, but we still used to find places behind the doors where warden wouldn’t check for them.
      That’s so true, his movies were often very sentimental and made one cry. I like all the movies that you have mentioned above and Aye Milan Ki Bela, Jhuk Gaya Aasman, Gora aur Kala, Kanoon and the list would just go on….And all the songs picturised on him are so fabulous.

  16. adnan Says:

    Rajendra kumar a champion actor.

  17. vijay rawal Says:


    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      Rajendra Kumar has so many songs that it was really a difficult task to choose just a few of them. I like all the songs from Jhuk Gaya Aasmaan.
      I remember watching Lalkar during my school days and I had quite liked it. Havent seen Zindagi and Aas Ka Panchhi, but really like the songs in them too, esp Pehle mile the sapno mein from Zindagi

  18. Anup Kumar Sinha Says:

    “Dhool Ka Phool” is the first film of Rajendra Kumar, which I watched while I was a student of class six. Moreover, Rajendra Kumar was the first actor whom I recognized and his impression on heart and mind was so deep that still I am his friend. People give weight to the story and music of the films in success of his films. I feel he was a gem and very natural actor who contributed to the success of films with his simplicity and invisible charm of his personality. Really I miss his prerence on the silver screen

    Anup Kumar Sinha ‘Manas’

  19. Anup Kumar Sinha Says:

    “Dhool Ka Phool” is the first film of Rajendra Kumar, which I watched while I was a student of class six. Moreover, Rajendra Kumar was the first actor whom I recognized and his impression on heart and mind was so deep that still I am his fan. People give weight to the story and music of the films in success of his films. I feel he was a gem and very natural actor who contributed to the success of films with his simplicity and invisible charm of his personality. Really I miss his prerence on the silver screen

    Anup Kumar Sinha ‘Manas’

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      Dhool Ka Phool was one of the early movies of his that I saw as well, I ust have been in 7th or 8th standard. Thankfully, it wasnt the first. I dont think I would have been this fond of him otherwise 😉
      The impression one’s role leaves in mind during early teenage is kind of strange. I had seen Insaaf Ka Tarazu at around the same time and I dont like Raj Babbar even today. I have to admit that he’s a great actor and I do appreciate him as an actor but cannot bring myself to like him.
      Simple, grounded and very charming. He was indeed a great actor.

  20. Suresh Says:

    Well, nice and heart warming comments for the legend. But I don’t agree when Rajendra kumar is not considered handsome. I think he was very handsome. If i have a choice to pick three handsome guys it will be Dev Anand, Rajindra Kumar and Dharmendra. Rajindra Kumar was a serious actor, he was a package for sensitive movies. I liked Chirag Kahan Roshni Kahan and watched it so many times. Others include Mere mehboob, Dhool ka phool, Jhuk gaya Aasman, Palki, Aarzoo. I liked his pairing with Sadhna. It was just fabulous and incomparable.

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      Sadhna and Rajendra Kumar made a very sweet couple. I haven’t seen Chirag Kahan Roshni Kahan yet.
      I wouldnt call him the most handsome actor, but he was attracted. Like I had mentioned in my earlier comment :
      he had something in him – the charm, mannerism, attitude and acting, of course, that just could not be ignored! And the more I saw of him, the more I started liking him. My fondness for him has grown over the years and I do find him good looking as well now.

      • Deen Parast Says:

        Shatranj was a spy thriller in the 1960s that featured Rajendra Kumar and Waheeda Rehman. He was a dashing hero in that movie, rescuing the heroine from the Chinese military and running rings around the enemy. Great movie.

    • Niraj Rohatgi Says:

      i was & will always be a fan of him

  21. Kharagh Says:

    RIP Rajendra Kumar ji. I wish i was born before he died so that i could see any movie by him. And i wish i was born in place of my father so that i could meet him in place of my father in 1969. What a time. I really wish to see that golden era and live in it. But alas i dosent matter. I ve seen some of the movies mentioned here and wish to see all of his. Thank you. Very much. Please contact or reply on this email address.

  22. Chars jot singh Says:

    I love Rajander kumer hi his only one off super star like rajsh khaan Ji it was so sad we loss them I miss than



  24. ADNAN Says:


  25. mukesh Says:

    RK was truly a great entertainer,handsome actor it is very sad that media ignored him or downsized him. i like all his movies let people say anything about him he was & will remain great eternal actor & a great human being( since his personal life is not being covered much)
    he had helped many people

  26. J K Khanna Says:

    Rajendra Kumar was the second super star of Bollywood, the first being Dilip Kumar. He was a great actor and a nice human being. He commanded great respect in the film industry and will be remembered for his great performanaces in many of his movies.- J K Khanna, Gurgaon

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