Rafi Sings for Shammi Kapoor – Part I

I’ve been toying with this idea for quite sometime now but was just too busy with lots of other things.

It was dustedoff’s post on Rafi that triggered it all followed by bollyviewer and kanan. I sat down to think but couldn’t get past the romantic numbers to think of any other moods or rasas. To be honest, I wouldn’t even be able to classify Rafi’s songs into moods and rasas correctly. So I came up with an easier option but that was a herculean task in itself again!

 Rafi + Shammi Kapoor + Romance = Hundreds of magical numbers and each one a masterpiece.

So I decided to follow bollyviewer’s trick again  – yes, alphabetical listing of Rafi’s songs picturised on Shammi Kapoor. But when I started thinking of songs that start with ‘A’, I came up with 6 songs in less than a minute…That made matters worse increasing my plight. Since there are so many songs of this duo, I’ll do this post in parts. This is the first volume of the series. And also I had to impose so many other rules so that I could at least come close to finishing this post – like listing not more than one song from a movie, all the numbers preferrably a solo (which I’m sure I’ll break half-way through), but will try to follow as much as possible (without this I’ll never be able to decide on one song,  and also this way, I’ll get to cover a wider range).

 Four most important men in my life : My Dad who introduced me to the other 2, in fact all the other three . Dad had a huge collection of retro songs (cassettes and LPs) and those was my first introduction to Rafi. We were in Bhutan initially and the advent of television had not reached there in the 80’s. It was after we came to Nepal in the early 90’s that I actually saw these songs on tv. Again, it was Dad who used to follow Rangoli and Chitrahaar regularly and that led me to Shammi Kapoor. Most of the songs were already familiar by then and seeing them on screen, most of them filmed on Shammi Kapoor simply stole my heart away – I instantly fell in love with this jodi. Then I put in an extra effort to learn Hindi so that  could understand the lyrics as well. The final man, being my brother, though he isn’t interested much in retro movies and music, I love him nevertheless. These are the most important men in my life whom I love and adore  the most. And this post is dedicated to them. Love you all!!!

This is what Shammi Kapoor himself  had to say about Rafi.

A. Apni baho se koi kaam toh lo (Budtameez, 1966) : I go weak in my knees everytime I hear this song. Had I been in Sadhna’s place, sirf thaamna nahin main toh utha hi le jaati Shammi Kapoor ko 😛
The video on youtube doesn’t have the entire song, but the audio is available. Only this Rafi-Shammi duo could have done justice to this song – Rafi’s intoxicating voice and Shammi’s inimitable style and crazy moves – it’s simply mindblowing.

B. Badan Pe Sitare (Prince, 1969) :  Romantic, naughty and peppy all at the same time. Outstanding rendition by Rafi – the way he changes the tenor of his voice when he sings Zara paas aao toh chain aa jaye, creates a shivering effect. And nobody could match Shammi Kapoor when it came to wooing a lady – he did it with style. Hai banne sawarne ka jabhi mazaa, koi dekhne wala aashiq toh ho….(very occasionally I use make-up but when I do and look at the mirror, this line automatically pops up into my head ;-))Mohabbat ki ye inteha ho gayi, ke masti mein tumko khuda keh gaya…….what beautiful lyrics! And the way Shammi and Rafi carry themselves throughout the song, their energy level is truly remarkable.

C. Chakke pe chakka (Bramhachari, 1968) : This song doesn’t spell romance like how majority of Shammi Kapoor’s songs do. This is more of a fun and lively song that he sings with a bunch of kids. Picturization apart, we can feel the fun and masti in Rafi’s voice. All their songs give us that feeling that Rafi actually enjoyed singing them and Shammi Kapoor enjoyed portraying them equally.

D.  Deewane ka naam toh poocho (An Evening in Paris, 1967) : Lively and romantic! How his leading ladies managed to ignore and resist him is beyond my comprehension. Shammi Kapoor has this interesting style of expressing emotions through his body language – his head, neck, body movements were and still are very unique. Great lyrics, refreshing music, amazing starcast, beautiful city and Rafi and Shammi in total synch with each other – a deadly combo.

E.  Ehsaan tera hoga mujh par (Junglee, 1961) : Shammi Kapoor’s first film in color. This song is soft, romantic, sensous and intense all at the same time.  He emotes so well, especially with his eyes, they are so intense that everytime I see this song,I get carried into a different world all together. And it’s not just Shammi doing that, we can hear the emotion in Rafi’s voice. I love the variations in the word Mohabbat…it’s rendered differently every time.  Shammi Kapoor looks terrific in this and Saira is lovely. Fabulous composition, sweet and romantic lyrics, magical voice and heavenly Shammi Kapoor!

F. Yahoo!!! Chahe koi mujhe junglee kahe (Junglee, 1961) : Can’t think of any song that starts with ‘F’ or “Ph”…So, here I go with the most popular song of this jodi. I know I’m breaking the rule and making it all the more obvious by listing two songs back-to-back from the same movie. But how can I not include this song in a Shammi Kapoor special post – it would be a sin! This song has more or less become his pehchaan over the years. Shammi Kapoor looks so attractive esp when he sings mere seene mein bhi dil hai…and ek muddat se yeh toofan…adore him inspite of the lipstick. And god, his eyes, I get drowned in them (Sharbati teri aankhon ki jheel si gehrai mein, main doooooooob jaati hoon…btw, what’s the masculine version of Sharbati?) and so is Rafi’s voice, it’s magnetic!

G. Govinda aala re (Bluffmaster, 1963) : This festive and lively number is one of the best things about this movie. And here I go breaking my own self-imposed rule of including only solo rendition! Shammi Kapoor dances with frenzy in his typical signature style making this song highly entertaining. And Rafi’s energy is amazing!

H. Hai duniya usiki zamana usika (Kashmir Ki Kali, 1964) : Not a very lively song like the rest of them, it’s more of drowning the memories of an old love in drink, but romantic nevertheless. O.P Nayyar’s Music and Rafi’s voice on Shammi Kapoor is an unbeatable combination.  The guy on Saxophone rocks…and the entire ambience is so lovely – scene of a closing bar, one last jam and this magical song. If you just listen this song, you will feel like Rafi is acting and when you watch, you feel it’s Shammi singing the song (which is the case in most of their songs). Absolutely brilliant – voice and acting made for each other.

I. Is rang badalti duniya (Rajkumar, 1964) : This song renders me speechless! It’s an example of a composition and combination par excellence. Yeh dil hai badaa hee diwaanaa, chhedaa naa karo is paagal ko tum se naa sharaaraat kar baithhe, naadaann kee niyat thhik nahi …followed by Kashtee ko sanbhaalo maujon se, toofaan kee niyat thhik nahi and Main kaise khuda hafeez kehdoon – amazing lyrics. And the passion with which Rafi sings those lines and Shammi portrays them is mindblowing. Helplessly in love and trying his best to resist lovely and ethreal Sadhna, he warns her from provoking him and at the same time lures her into doing that very thing – truly classic!

J. Jawaniya yeh mast bin piye (Tumsa Nahin Dekha, 1957) : One of Shammi Kapoor’s earliest hits and it’s through this film that he attained the image of a light-hearted, stylish and romantic hero. This is the introduction song where he is appreciating the bevy of beauties around him, with an expectation that some day he will also find somebody and enjoy blissful love from a fair maiden. Rafi’s voice modulation is amazingly perfect and Shammi Kapoor looks soooo delicious!

K. Kiss kiss kiss kisko pyaar karoon (Tumse Achha Kaun Hai, 1969) : I am not very fond of the movie…the only reason I saw it and saw it till the end was because of Shammi Kapoor and all the lovely songs it has.  Look at his energy even at this age! Rafi  matches that onscreen energy so well. Nobody else could have performed this song the way Shammi Kapoor has. One would think it is him singing this song. And he is the only one who can dance like this without looking ridiculous.

L. Log kahe mujhe pagla kahin ka (Pagla Kahin Ka, 1970) : I adore Helen and I’m a big fan of her dancing. But I love it all the more when Shammi Kapoor is around to give her a company. I actually wanted to include Lal chhadi here but couldn’t think of any other song from M other than Meri mohabbat and Main gaun tum so jao. I already have one song above from Brahmachari and if I had to choose Lal chhadi here, I would have had to think for another song from ‘M’. I’m just making my work earier. Great song again – hyper-energetic singing from Rafi to match Shammi’s dance.

M. Meri Mohabbat Sada Rahegi (Jaanwar, 1965) : Good looks, inimitable style, velvety voice, such aashiqui – how could anyone resist! Shammi Kapoor and Rafi add to the scenic beauty and infuse romance in the air. Just listening to these songs makes one want to fall in love – Timeless Classic! Forget singing, if anybody would just dedicate one Shammi Kapoor song sung by Rafi to me, I would be on cloud nine.

N. Nazar bacha kar chale gaye ho (Dil Tera Deewana,  ) : Another movie which I am not very fond of but it has such fabulous music! I haven’t come across a Shammi Kapoor film that doesn’t have good songs. I usually like all Shammi Kapoor movies but this and Tumse Achha Kaun Hai, I felt, were dragged too long.  But again, as long as I get to see Shammi Kapoor on screen and listen to Rafi’s voice, I don’t mind watching/re-watching any movie, esp when Shammi Kapoor is looking so YUM! This song was also the background score of Shammi Kapoor’s home page.

O. O  haseena zulfon wali (Teesri Manzil, 1966) : All the songs that I can think of are duets, so I am going ahead with my all time favourite song from one of my favourite films featuring my favourite jodi.  Oh jaane wale sun zara, O jhuke jhuke naino wali, O mere sona re sona re were the others, but as long as I have an option of choosing Teesri Manzil song, the others don’t stand a chance. O mere sona re is more of an Asha song than Rafi. So here I go with this. I’ve been resisting so hard to include Teesri manzil songs from the time I started this post. I wanted to include Deewana mujhsa nahin but I sacrificed it for Tumne mujhe dekha (one song per movie restriction) but got stuck here. Let me think of some other song that begins with ‘T’ now.

 P. Pyaar ki kasam hai (Dil Deke Dekho, 1959) : Each song in this movie is a gem and I was desparately waiting to include at least one of them here. I could almost do “My ten favourite Shammi Kapoor songs” from just this one album. Be it the lyrics, music, Rafi and Asha’s rendition or the handsome pair on screen – it’s simply awesome! Dashing Shammi Kapoor, gorgeous and young Asha…There’s innocence, a chulbula-pan, playfulness and romance about it that I adore in this song.

Q. Q – Jab mohabbat jawaan hoti hai (Jawaan Mohabbat, 1971) : The closest I could come to Q was Bada quatil hai yaar mera but when I was anyways compromising, I thought I might as well do it with a song that I really like. Though I love and adore Shammi Kapoor, I prefer his films from the 50’s and 60’s more than the 70’s (in fact, this is not just for Shammi Kapoor films….50’s and 60’s are my favourite decades). But again, a Shammi Kapoor film with so many songs by Rafi is too much of a temptation to resist. I had seen this film long ago, I don’t really remember the story to comment on it, but I love the songs. I had first heard Na rootho na and that alone led me into watching the entire film. I didn’t really notice this song when I actually saw the movie 😉 But later heard this song on Vividh Bharati and fell in love with it. I’ve been trying to figure out and fit this song into the movie ever since  but with no luck so far. Guess, I’ll have to re-watch Jawaan Mohabbat.  I had almost forgotten about it until Nasir posted it on his blog one fine day and I listened to it non-stop for few hours together. I felt as though I had found some long-lost possession. 

R. Rasa sayung re (Singapore, 1960) : Awwww….I simply love this track! Initially I was thinking of Rahi mil gaye raho mein from ‘R’ but since I included a song from DDD above, I had to think of another song and though it’s not a solo (again), I simply couldn’t think beyond this number. I can’t imagine anybody else other than Shammi Kapoor in this song. Nobody else can carry himself the way he does, jump around, dance like crazy and yet look so adorable! I know it’s a Shammi Kapoor special post, But I can’t help not mentioning how lovely Helen looks – like a doll, with such graceful movements and amazing expressions. And Rafi so effortlessly matches upto the onscreen chemistry, liveliness and the folklore.

S. Salaam aapki meethi nazar ko (Boyfriend, 1961) : What a romantic song this is! There’s emoshun, magic, nasha and romance in Rafi’s voice and Shammi Kapoor portrays each of them so beautifully. It’s a treat to the ears as well as to the eyes – a delightful song with a very pleasant picturization.

T. Tum ne mujhe dekha (Teesri Manzil, 1966) : I did think of couple of other songs from ‘T’ (from other movies) but this is something I couldn’t move ahead without. And, now this is a direct cntrl+C – cntrl+v from bollyviewer‘s post ( I can’t even think of attempting to write anything as apt and beautiful as she has – am admiring beauty in every form)-

“While most if us are lost in the wonder of his voice, Rafi could be vocally lost in the wonder of discovery in other ways – as this song highlights. “Tumne mujhe dekha hokar meherbaan” (you looked kindly on me) – you can hear the joy and the wonder of a man who, contrary to his expectations, finds himself loved by his beloved. Rafi banks down his vocal energy, playing this as a sweet love-lorn man, just happy to have his love reciprocated, and you can’t but feel for Shammi’s joy. Is it any wonder that Asha Parekh is weeping into her cocktail at having to deliver a heartbreaking-punch – I wouldn’t be able to do that in the face of that golden voice!”
(In my own words – neither would I!)


U. Ukele ukele kahan jaa rahe ho (An Evening in Paris, 1967) :  The only song I can think of is Ukad dukad bamba…if only this had been a duet 😦 Ukele and akele don’t sound very different, do they? 😉

 Another classic song….Shammi Kapoor pursuing his ladies is something that I just can’t get enough of  (I love  him, and love him lots but I don’t get jealous ;-)…hee hee)- it ensures lots of fun, masti, his antics and fabulous music which is always a pleasure to watch and listen to.

V. Voh Marne Se Nahi Darte (Shama Parwana, 1954): I had never heard this song before, thanks to Venkatadri sir. Anything in Rafi’s voice is a treat and that too when it has Shammi Kapoor in it, it’s like sone pe suhaga. Not as lively and full of energy as the other songs but mindblowing all the same.

W. Woh bijli hai hum shola (Vallah Kya Baat Hai, 1962) : I never knew that a film like this existed until I heard Ek toh surat pyaari on Vividh Bharati one morning just as I was leaving for work but I missed the name of the movie. A playful number like this had to have Shammi Kapoor and the mention of Neeli Aankhen, Rafi’s voice and O.P Nayyar-ish music just added to my suspicion. I decided to check this song on youtube, but by the time I reached office, I forgot the mukhda except for the Neeli aankhen part. Unable to recollect the song, I was so restless that I cound’t concentrate on my work. So I spent quite sometime searching for the song – googled for Shammi Kapoor’s fimlography, then searched for and listened to all the songs of the movies I didn’t know/hadn’t heard of till I finally hit the jackpot. And was quite surprised to find out that Roshan was the Music Director! One song led to another and I ended up buying the movie. It’s review has been pending for a very long time. Let’s see when it’ll find it’s place here. For the time being, this song will have to do. A song like this is Shammi Kapoor’s forte, he twists and turns  and rocks-n-rolls and sets the floor on fire. Must say Beena looks enchanting here. And Rafi and Shammi Kapoor – is jodi ki Vallah Kya baat hai!

X. X-Baar bar dekho hazaar baar dekho (China Town, 1962) : I could compile yet another list just with the songs he’s performed in the night clubs! There are so many of them and all of them are ek-se-badh-kar-ek! Not many songs that begin with X, so here I go with another favourite song of mine which I couldn’t include earlier due to my self-imposed restrictions. And it struck me only now, I could have called this jodi Shafi (or Rammi rather). This is such a catchy and peppy number and if Shammi twists to it, it’s Rafi who rocks! ( I’m not very sure what that means myself, I am just going with the flow and  typing whatever comes into my mind).

Y. Yeh chaand sa roshan chehra (Kashmir Ki Kali, 1964) : This song is so cute! Kashmir’s beauty, Sharmila’s dimples, Shammi Kapoor’s antics, Rafi’s voice, lilting music and colorful Kashmiri women – marvelous!!! A true paean…can it get any better than this? Dil ko choo lene wali aawaaz and dil ko chura le jaane wali adaayein, tareef karoon kya uski jisne aap dono ko banaya! This is yet another exception – a classic signature song of the jodi, couldn’t leave it out though I have already added a song from Kashmir Ki Kali earlier. Anyways, majority of the songs starting from Y were from the films that I have already included – Yahoo, Yun toh humne laakh haseen dekhe hai, Yaar chulbula hai etc….

Z. Zara thehro…khuli palak mein jhoota ghussa (Professor, 1961) : What a beautiful song! Shammi Kapoor’s eyes are breathtakingly intense and so is Rafi’s rendition. Our man waltzes like a dream and romances with panache. Kalpana, here is secretly relishing the attention and flattery bestowed upon her (who wouldn’t). And Mr. kapoor knew the affect he could have on women – one intense look with those neeli aankhen of his and he would have the her running into and melting in his arms. But he knew women better and went on to sing such lovely songs for them…No wonder he’s such a top favourite among all of us! Rafi always put in that X-factor into the songs, or is it the other way round? Half the time I keep forgetting who’s singing and who’s acting.

When I listen to the songs I feel it must be Rafi acting and when I see them I feel it’s Shammi Kapoor who’s singing them.

Thanks to dustedoff, memsaab and nasir…most of  the time I searched for Shammi Kapoor’s images in google, I hit your blogs! Thanks Sharmi for those little description you add about the songs in your posts…they helped me a lot. I got the time to drool over the man himself instead of sitting and thinking about what to write 😉

And thanks to bollyviewer for that amazing description to Tumne mujhe dekha!

Special thanks to Nasir and Venkatadri for helping me out with songs when I got stuck. 🙂

This is the longest I have taken to draft and compile a post…lots of other things kept me busy initially and even when I started compiling the list seriously, I spent half the time gazing at Shammi Kapoor….I would search for a song on youtube to attach the link here and I would end up watching the entire song unable to take my eyes off Shammi and ears all reserved for Rafi.

This post had been pending for such a long time. I had thought of posting it on 1st, ie Aditya Raj Kapoor’s birthday. I actually wanted to review his films but the dvd’s are not out yet. So thought the best way to wish him would be to publish this post but my badluck, I could’nt. I could finally complete it today (btw, this day marks my employment anniversary). And contradicting to my own statement at the beginning of this post, I’m not even going to attempt doing a volume 2 for this – it’s too huge a task. Going forward, I would compile one list each of the songs that start with a particular alphabet, but never A-Z in a single post again. I’m so confident that it would take me months to finish if I do.


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31 Responses to “Rafi Sings for Shammi Kapoor – Part I”

  1. bollyviewer Says:

    Thanks so much for the shoutout, Sunheriyaadein. It’s made my day! 😀

    Shafi/Rammi is certainly one dynamic duo! Like Shammi says in his tribute to Rafi, they certainly were made for each other, cinematically speaking!

    Love your list and can easily imagine how much work this must have been. But “research” must have been such fun – lots of lovely Shammi+Rafi to wade through on youtube. 😀 And thanks for reminding me of Vallah kya baat hai. I had seen Ek to surat pyaari on Chitrahaar/Rangoli but had completely forgotten that such a film exists! It does seem worth watching for B/W Shammi (my favorite kind of Shammi), lovely Bina Rai and the superb music, but I can’t wait for your review to see if it’s worth watching on other counts.

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      It was indeed a hard work but something that I enjoyed doing thoroughly. I would search for one song on youtube and then end up watching all the related posts. I got to see and hear so many songs which I had never heard before. It was a learning experience.
      Shammi Kapoor looks mouth-wateringly delicious in Vallah Kya Baat Hai but major chunks of the film were deleted from the CD, I could kill them for it…grrrrrrrrrrrr. I had a tough time trying to figure out what was happening initially – everything appeared so disjoint, but got used to it later on. And Bina Rai looks lovely. I love Ek toh surat pyaari the best. Will post the complete review soon.

  2. dustedoff Says:

    Such a wonderful way to begin my day – by reading your post! Loved every single song on your list (yes, I love the songs, even though – as in Dil Tera Deewana or Bluffmaster – I may not much care for the film itself). I could just go on watching/listening to Shafi/Rammi. Thank you so much! 🙂

    I remember watching Vallah Kya Baat Hai years ago (love the Ek Toh Soorat Pyaari song, too), but have forgotten what it was all about… will be looking forward to your review!

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      Though I was confused most of the time, it was difficult to choose one particular song from such a vast collection, it was so much fun doing this post. And I’m glad that you enjoyed reading it as much as I did compiling it.

  3. Sharmi Says:

    I just got a snub from my mad boss and came out angry. Only, to see this brilliant, amazing, fantabulous post. How you have betterd my mood and made my day. And thanks for the scknowledgement. That was so sweet 🙂
    When Rafi comes together with Shammi Kapoor, nothing less than firecrackers is expected. His silky and passionate voice and Kapoor’s irrepressible persona. I think, you, Madhulika and Bollyviewer are too brave to attempt such difficult posts. I would never ever try to pen down my thoughts on my favourite Shammi songs sung by Rafi. I would be thinking of a hundred songs at the same time and get muddled up in their melodious tunes and write gibberish in the process. No madam, I’m away from that 😀
    It is amazing, this compilation. In fact, when I was reading the individual letters, I kept thinking of so many Shammi songs with the same letter. It is so difficult to forget him right. Like say, Aaj kal tere mere pyaar ke charchey, Aaja aaja main hoon pyaar tera, Teri zulfein paresha (Preet na Jaane reet), Kisina kisise kahin na kahin, ae gulbadan, sawerein wali gadi se chaley jayenge, Bolo bolo kuch to bolo, yaar chulbula hain, dekhiyein sahibon woh koi aur thi…in fact it is difficult to chose from his songs. All of them are fantastic 🙂
    Thank you Archana for this post. It is a celebration of the mellifluous mastery of Rafi and the sheer charisma of Shammi Kapoor 🙂 Kudos 🙂

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      I’m delighted that I could contribute in making your day through my post! 🙂
      I had never thought myself capable of listing just 26 songs of this dynamic duo. But with all those restrictions, I had to actually do a research on Shammi-Rafi songs to complete the list and that led me to so many other lovely numbers – doing this post has been such a pleasure, an outright musical journey! You will see lots of other posts on this jodi coming up here in some form or the other.

  4. Nasir Says:

    This post is so overwhelming, so descriptive, so musical, and so brilliant that I’m at loss for words to come out with further comment. Song selections are superb. A job very well done, Arachana which would make any one justly proud. And thanks for the gift of that acknowledgment which I accept with humility!

  5. yunus Says:

    its an outstanding post really. I am still searching for some songs starting with the alphabets u hav given. will surely find. still hope. really nice post.

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      Thanks a lot!!! Please do…like I mentioned in the post itself and also in the comment above, I’ll be doing lots of other posts on this jodi, so songs are are always welcome 🙂

  6. harveypam Says:

    Thanks dear sunehri for this wonderful post. I couldn’t beleive that the very first song of the list was unknown to me. It is simply amazing. This is an encyclopaedic collection.

    Loved the way you have included ‘ukele, ukele kahan ja rahe ho’ and ‘X baar dekho’. For Q you could have also taken its rponounciation as K and use the songs beginning with kaise or kyun.

    A great post. Love dgoing through it and am sure will be visiting it quite often for reference! 🙂

    I was shifting thus the absence at your blog. Looking forward to reading your panchamda post!

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      Thank you so much!!! Had read it in ur blog that you would be shifting…missed you all this while, I was actually waiting for your comments.
      I couldn’t think of any romantic song from ‘U’ so, came up with a work-around. I didn’t realize it then, but now when you mentioned it X Baar baar dekho (in scientific term, where X is any variable/number), it actually makes some sense 😉
      I actually wanted to do that for ‘Q’ but could only think of Kahin na kahin toh from Kashmir Ki Kali, and I already had 2 other songs from the movie…so I left that.

  7. bollywoodeewana Says:

    well done for this awesome compilation (I’VE BOOKMARKED IT FOR FUTURE REFERENCES) and another yet awesome way of tackling the Rafi pyar that has been making the rounds on the blogosphere, I was waiting to see what you would do with x but i loved the way you handled it ;=)

  8. Kanan Says:

    OMG! You are so awesome.. I just discovered this post right now and can’t believe I didn’t know of it. I can’t wait to listen to these now… tonight! 😀 specially the clip about what Shammi ji has to say for Rafi sahab. THANK YOU!

  9. CSS Says:

    This is a great selection. Pics and all. Thanks.

    Just today I wrote this as part of my Physics poster “IMPERTINENT QUESTIONS”. Hope is is OK
    Rafa and Rafi

    ‘I wake up every morning with the illusion to
    practice and to improve, with the illusion to
    play well another time’
    That was Rafael(Rafa) Nadal at the Winners
    Ball in London soon after Wimbledon 2010
    Triumph. Now can there be a better motivation
    for any youngster worldwide? Coming from
    someone who made Roger Federer cry openly
    at Melbourne at the Australian open sometime back?

    ‘Moko kahan dhundere bande, main toh tere
    Paas mein’(Kabir)
    “Tum saamne baithee raho, main geet gaoon
    Pyaar ke”
    Waves of music-non film of course- coming
    Out of the valve radio loudspeaker at the
    College Reading room ( a part of Town Hall
    At Tumkur,Karnataka) at 12=30 PM.
    The singer? Mohd Rafi.

    Whose 30th death
    Anniversary was on 30th July ♦2010.
    1963-1968 was the heyday period of Binaca
    Geet Mala. Where I got to listen to ‘Ehsaan
    Tera hoga mujh par’, “Yahoo”, “Baharo
    Phool barsao” A feast of classical based film
    Music. Much Rafi.
    What makes for a good song?A melody? Such as Rafi can render?
    Shouldn’t it not satisfy the physicist’s continuity equation? With the taala modulating the carrier raga? Of course raga is a continuous function of time while taala is a kind of delta function. Music flows like salil(water) as Salil Chowdhuri’s “Tasveer teri dil mein” demonstrates.
    Even religious songs during Ramzan
    “Aanewala hain din kayamat ka…’ I heard over
    the PA system of a masjid near my home. Rafi
    One can make an alphabetical list of Rafi
    Aaja aaja main hun pyar tera
    Babul ki duayein leti jaa
    Chahoonga main tujhe
    Dil ke jharoke mein
    Ek tha gul aur ek thi bulbul
    Falsafa pyar ka
    Gulabi ankhen
    Hum bekhudi mein tumko/Hum kale hain to kya
    hua dilwale hain
    Is rang badalti duniya mein
    Jo waada kiya who/Jaan sakey toh jaan(Bhajan)
    Khilona jaankar tum toh
    Laal chadi maidan khadi
    Man tarpat hari darsan ko aaj/Madhuban mein Radhika nache re
    Nav kalpana nava roop se(non film)
    O mera prema patra padhkar/O sone ke dilwala
    Pardesiyon se na akhiyan milana/Paas baitho tabeeyat*
    Rang aur noor ki baarat kise pesh karoon
    Suhani raat dhal chuki(first film song)
    Tum bin jaaon kahan
    Vaada karle saajna
    Woh jab yaad aaye
    Yaadon ki baarat
    Zindagi bhar nahin bhoolegi
    Our generation grew with Rafi and his contemporaries.
    Internet(U Tube) and FM makes Raf accessible. You will be enriched. Refreshed. Lets you do your MSc M Tech PhD better.
    What more can I say except the following:
    Baar baar suno
    Hazaar baar suno
    Yeh sunne ki cheez hain…♦

    *In the early 1980’s I used to travel by RTC bus from Mehdipatnam to HCU. In the 216 B route there used to be a conductor who used to sing “Paas baitho tabeeyat bahal jaayegi’ gazal very well. When I complimented him he simply said “Sharminda mat karo saab”. There was a funny episode in this bus. A lady didn’t buy ticket for his teenage son. When our gazal singer conductor asked her to buy a ticket, she said ‘Who toh abhi bacchha hain” To which he shot back “ Meri ammi mujhe bhi aisi pukarti”

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      Rafa and Rafi – that’s interesting! I somehow never got to listen to Binaca Geet Mala myself but have heard so much about it that I feel like I’ve always been a part of it. Yes, we can make an alphabetical list of Rafi’s numbers. But this list comprised only of Rafi’s songs picturised on Shammi Kapoor. I just did a post yesterday as a tribute to Rafi, you can check it here –
      It also included few songs you have mentioned above.
      Ah… ‘Sharminda nako karo saab’ and ‘Meri ammi mujhe bhi aisi pukarti’ sound so very Hyderabadi. I love this city!!!

      How I wish we had conductors who could sing well like that even today!

  10. Archana Says:

    Chaa gaye tussi tho! I havent seen most of the movies..but have definitely heard of the songs..they r legendary. no matter how gr8 dancers we hv in industry today..nobody can match the style of Shammi kapoor. hes an icon .
    “Aaaj kal tere mere pyar ke charche har har zuban pe”….can u stop ur head from beating into rhythm when u hear this.
    This man is irresistable

  11. indravadan M pandya Says:

    i am 62 years old. I still love to see Shammi Kapoor on the screen. Rafi sang for Shammi Kapoor. Every song is thrilling and moves me.

  12. Prasad Says:

    Thanks a lot for the great work. Only maniacs can do this!

    One resemblance to your search for “Woh bijli hai hum shola” (Vallah Kya Baat Hai, 1962). I was travelling from Nashik to Mumbai by Neeta Volvo once and could listen to Mukesh – Lata duet with wonderful tune. I returned from trip and discovered I have lost the words. What I was left with a guess of duet been to Mukesh – Lata and tune in memory (LaSS la laSS la la la la) which could hardly mean anything to my regular CD shop owner to make him understand the song. Even Mukesh – Lata duet was too vague address to locate any thing. I had to buy couple of CDs of the duo. I was growing too impatient and nervous to confess that I had lost a wonderful piece of music. And Yes ! I got it in second CD. It was 57th sound track singing “Dekho Mausam Kya Bahar Hai…” from film Opera House. And finally my Naiya Par Lag gayi.

    I can understand the phase of restlessness you must have experienced when you missed track id and wanted to restore it.

    That’s why I wrote : Only maniacs can do this ! Just remain to be a maniac. All the best to your wonderful work.

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      That’s so true! These days when I hear a new song, as in a song that I’ve never heard before, I save the words in my phone (Draft folder) and then look out for it the moment I can lay my hands on my laptop. Otherwise the restlessness drives me crazy if I come across a good song and then lose it.

  13. shankarbhushan Says:

    we miss them

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      Yes….miss them terribly! But the good thing is that we can see and listen to them anytime we want 🙂
      And now that they are together, they must be having a gala time up there.

  14. vina Says:

    I also like Raat Ke Rahi, Boyfriend, Basant and that one song where he is singing from top of the car yayay yipee…
    Love SK

  15. paresh Says:

    I want one song ” nazer nazr mili” name of film.

  16. mike guddoy Says:

    Shammi Kapoor and Mohamed Rafi were a pair made in heaven. Their work was magical and we will never ever see or hear anything similar. We will always love them for all the happiness they have brought in our lives. Thank you.

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      So rightly said, Mike! They really were a pair made in heaven – a lethal combination.
      I’ve been compiling second part of this combination but havent completed it yet.
      Thanks for dropping by 🙂

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