Ten of my Favourite Jeetendra Songs

I am not a big Jeetu fan, but like Nasir saysthere’s neither anything great about him nor a larger than life charisma, but there’s something about him, something  that just can’t be ignored. And some of his songs are truly awesome, be it Rafi or Kishore singing for him, they are just amazing! Here’s wishing him a very happy (belated) birthday and here is a list of songs through which he dances, flirts, jumps, romances, dances,  jumps and dances over and over again.

1. Baar baar din  yeh aaye (Farz, 1967) : I actually love all the songs from this movie, like  Tumse o haseena, Mast baharon ka, Hum toh tere aashiq hai, Dekho dekho ji  better but since it was his birthday yesterday and this one’s  one of the best birthday party songs, this is a special  dedication to him.

2. Musafir hoon yaaron (Parichay, 1972) : One of my favourite movies and surprisingly this song marks my introduction to the Jumping Jack  – this is the first movie of his that I saw. Guess that’s one of the main reasons why I like him still even after watching him in all the other not-so-good movies.

3. Rukh se zara naquaab (Mere Huzoor, 1968) : What do I say about this song…I adore this song for every possible reason – music, lyrics, Rafi’s voice, picturisation…it’s all so lovely. I came home late from work last night and put the tv on just in time to see this song on B4U music and that’s what prompted me to do this post.

4.  Saat ajoobe is duniya mein  (Dharam Veer, 1977) : Garam dharam in minis and Jeetu in such flashy outfits….and as though that’s not enough – it has an added advantage of Zeenat’s and Indrani Mukherjee’s  presence, glimpse of Jeevan and lots of other royal pleasantness. Just this song itself is so spicy – a true representation of 70’s masala movies.

5. Dhal gaya din (Humjoli, 1970) :  Here comes Jeetu in his trademark White Trousers and shoes combo romancing Leena over a game of badminton followed by lots of other goodies. I had seen this movie ages ago but still remember the entire story. This movie had some very catchy dance numbers –  rain dance in Haye re haye, Jeetu shaking a leg with gorgeous Mumtaz in  Tik tik tik mera dil dole.

6. Chadhti jawaani teri chaal mastaani (Caravan, 1971) : Talk about catchy numbers and here comes another movie full of them – Piya tu ab toh aaja, Chadti jawani teri chaal mastaani, Daiyya main yeh kahan aa fassi, Ab jo miley hai, Dilbar dil se pyaare, Kitna pyaara vaadha, Goriya kahan tera desh re….to choose just one song from this movie is so tough – all the songs are ek-se-badkar-ek, RDB at his best. I like Kitna pyaara vaadha a lot, it’s a very cute romantic number but with Aruna looking the way she is in Chadhti jawaani, I had to choose this one.

7. Tere haathon mein pehnake  (Jaani Dushman, 1979): If the other songs are catchy and foot-tapping, I would rate this as a shoulder-shaking song in addition to being catchy, peppy and playful! Jeetu’s energy level, Neetu’s bubbly-ness, cheerful lyrics, perfect rendition and great choreography – this song gives a different dimension to this otherwise mysteriously bride-disappearing saga and distracts viewers for a while from what is inevitable.

8. Tera saath hai toh (Pyaasa Saawan, 1981) : I don’t remember much of the movie except for the fact that Jeetu is playing a double role (father and son) in this, but I love the songs – Tera saath hai toh and Megha re megha re. It’s such a highly romantic number.

9. Tere sang pyaar main (Nagin, 1976) : It’s so nice to see Jeetu jumping around a little gracefully, though his steps (esp the hand movements) look so feminine, but provided that he’s a Naag, I guess that’s ok. I remember watching this movie as a kid and had thoroughly enjoyed it. I think I should give it a try again – feisty Reena seeking vengeance and some good songs doesn’t sound all that bad. Reena and Jeetu share a very good chemistry here and both their costumes are  very sexy.

10. Aa meri humjoli aa (Jeene Ki Raah, 1969) : One of the best hide-n-seek songs ever – it’s such a cute song. I like Tanuja’s reaction to the song –  the way she suddenly jumps up from her seat (love the blue saari that Tanuja’s wearing). The other songs –  Aap mujhe achhe lagne lage, Aane se uski, Ek banjara gaye  are nice as well.

As always, I’ve already reached ten songs and there are still so many more playing through my mind : Ke hum tum chori se (Dharti Kahe Pukar Ke), Raat suhani jaag rahi hai (Jigri Dost), Yeh mulaquat ek bahana hai (Khandaan), Tere khayalon mein hum (Geet Gaya Pathharon Ne), Dil ki baatein dil hi jaane (Roop Tera Mastaana), Pal do pal ka (The Burning Train), Meri saanson ko jo (Badalte Rishte), Kab tak huzoor roothe rahoge (Aulad), Kisi raah mein kisi md par (Mere Humsafar)  – to name a few

Ok…now I think I like Jeetendra a little more than what I have admitted at the beginning of this post – “Tumse o deewane kabhi mohabbat na maine karni thi, magar mere dil ne mujhe dhoka de diya” 😉


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29 Responses to “Ten of my Favourite Jeetendra Songs”

  1. dustedoff Says:

    Oh, lovely! I saw the title of your new post on Facebook (without reading the post) and thought to myself: “Baar-baar din yeh aaye? Musafir hoon yaaron?” Looks like we share some likes in common!

    And yes, I do think I like Jeetendra more after having seen that fabulous list of songs. Some really hummable songs have been picturised on him, na?

  2. bollyviewer Says:

    Thanks for reminding me of Tere haathon mein pehna ke choodiyan – I LOVE that song! And of course, the Caravan songs – each and every one of them is a gem. Jeetendra does have lots of good songs picturised on him, doesnt he? 🙂 I love the songs from his two early films too – Boond Jo Ban Gayi Moti and Geet Gaya Pattharon Ne. Yeh kaun chitrakaar hai and Haan maine bhi pyaar kiya are two rare Mukesh numbers from the 60s that I adore, and strangely enough, they work very well with the Jumping Jack, too!

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      Yes….he does have some lovely songs 🙂
      Tere haathon mein pehna ke choodiyan is a very lively number and one of my favourites. The songs from Caravan…. I think we could do a separate post just on them.
      I haven’t seen Boond Jo Ban Gayi Moti yet, but the songs are really nice.

  3. Nasir Says:

    Of the songs lip-synched by Jeetendra, my most favourites are:
    1. Rukh Se Zaraa Naqaab (Mere Huzoor)
    2. Baar Baar Din Yeh Aaye (Farz)
    3. Armaan thaah haamen jin ka (duet – Aulad)
    4. Phool hai bahaaron ka – (duet – Jigri Dost)
    5. Ba.de bewafaa hai husn waale – (Roop Tera Mastana)
    6. Ponch kar Ashq apnee aankhon se (Naya Rasta)
    7. Dhal Gayaa Din (duet – Hamjoli)
    8. Aisa na ho ke (Aakhri Dao)
    9. Aa mere hamjoli aa (duet – Jeene ki Raah)
    10. Pal doh pal ka saath hamaara (duet – Burning Train)

    I love the songs of Pyaasa Saawan, Caravan, Dharti Kahe Pukar ke, Aasha, and so on.

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      Thanks for that list….I love the songs from Pyaasa Saawan, Caravan, Humjoli, Aasha, Apnapan, Jeene Ki Raah ….. (the list will go on). I haven’t seen Aakhri Dao and Naya Rasta yet. Have to buy some movies of his, I have just a few of them.

      • Nasir Says:

        Aakhri Dao is no big deal, but the song Aisa Na Ho is just lovely.
        Naya Rasta is sort of a preachy movie but still within the ambit of Jeetendra’s light entertainment. However, the song Poch kar ashq apni aankhon se …. is great – Great Voice of Rafi Sahaab and Great Lyrics of Sahir Ludhianvi: NAFRATON KE JAHAAN MEIN HAMKO/PYAAR KI BASTIYAAN BASAANI HAI/PYAAR KI BASTIYAAN BASAANI HAI/DUUR REHNA KOI KAMAAL NAHIN/PAAS AAO TOH KOI BAAT BANE/….
        There is also a number sung by Balraj Sahni a rarity (Rafi again) which is philosophical: MAINE PI SHARAAB/TUMNE KYA PIYA/TUMNE KYA PIYA – AADMI KA KHOON.

      • sunheriyaadein Says:

        Half the time I end up watching movies just because I like the songs…so have got used to it. Now, after watching the songs I think I have seen Naya Raasta but don’t remember for sure – the preachy factor definitely rings a bell somewhere

  4. Chris Says:

    A list without single song of Jeetu with Sridevi and Jaya Prada is hurting me a bit. Is it because the songs were of the 80’s ? Jeetu’s movies were waaaay better than Dharamendra’s action potboilers in that decade. Kishore sang a lot of those songs. I am new to the blog world,enjoyed your reviews,thanks.

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      I am sorry to disappoint you, but I had ten songs even before I could reach the 80’s, Pyaasa Saawan being an exception. I like few songs of Jeetu with Jaya and Sridevi…will include them in some other posts later on – esp Naino mein sapna, ek aankh maaroon toh …these are such peppy numbers.
      Thanks for dropping by 🙂

  5. bollywoodeewana Says:

    Wow great post, we definitely have the same tastes in regards some of our favourite Jeetendra songs, i did a birthday tribute to him a year ago and surprisingly we picked some of the same songs


  6. bollywoodeewana Says:

    Oh Nagin is total paisa vasool i just loved Reena in that movie so much, i wrote it up a while ago


  7. Nasir Says:

    In my opinion, Nagin is one movie which could be said to be the best of Reena Roy – in terms of her role and her looks.

  8. caravan tv aerial Says:

    Lots of my favourites in their too. They all have nostalgic value. Great post thanks.

  9. bharat bhushan Says:

    I live most of the jituji films as well as songs. He started his carrier in 1960 or onwards but in 1980s he has outstanding songs of bollywood which are equally good like his 1960s songs. we pray to god give him long life.

    Jai Hind

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      Both movies and songs, I do personally prefer the ones in 60’s and 70’s. Movies in 80’s were too over the top, melodramatic and emotional tortures (well, most of the times). But the songs from Jeetu’s movies in 80’s were very catchy, and the dance, was even better

  10. Sukhpal Singh Says:

    I like all these songs very much. It is a great collection of jeetu ji’s songs. It is a good effort.


    Bathinda (Punjab)

  11. vijayraj chauhan Says:

    i love jeedra song

  12. Dhanak Khan Says:

    jeetendra is baist acetr

  13. Tabsie Says:

    hey can i get the name of the song where jeetendra dances with a heroine in a garden and a man watches them from a tree ?

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