Ajanabee (1974)

Let me come come to an end with Rajesh Khanna special week with this movie.

One night, a pretty young girl, Sonia (Yogita Bali), gets down from a Taxi and runs towards the Railway station in Deena Pur asking for a ticket to Bombay.

The train to Bombay pulls off the station before she can board.  She doesn’t have any place to go and decides to wait at the station for the next train, the following morning. She’s carrying an attache case containing jewellery worth lakhs. She deposits it to Rohit, which he safely locks in his safe.

Since Rohit feels it’s not safe for her to wait at the platform he offers to drop her at his quarters, near by and she readily agrees to it.

It’s so obvious that she’s running away from someone and Rohit feels she must have stolen the jewellery but she denies the accusation. She tells him that she inherited them from her mother but there are goons behind her because of it.  And she’s escaping from them. He buys the story and assured that she’s safe and comfortable there, he goes back to the station.

Sitting on his chair in his office, he goes back in time and lives in flashback for a while thinking about how he first came across Rashmi (Jeenat Aman).

He’s riding a motorcycle on his way to his uncle’s (Asit Sen) house for his cousin’s wedding. On the road he sees a car ahead of him and they have a race. After a while,  Rashmi’s car runs out of petrol. Attempting to help her and also not wanting to lose an oppotunity of spending some time with a lovely dame, he empties all the petrol from his motorcycle into Rahmi’s car and decides to travel along in her car. But before he can get in, she drives off. With no petrol, he gets stuck and finally manages to get a lift in a lorry.

He meets her again for his cousin, Shanta’s sangeet, – she happens to be Shanta’s friend. When forced by everybody, he sings Ek ajnabee haseena se, saying it’s a true story.

They meet a couple of times during his stay there and they fall in love.

Her father, Diwan Sardarilal (Hari Shivdasani), is looking for an assistant for Moti Babu (Prem Chopra), her brother-in-law, who has been looking after the business now. And Diwan feels Moti Babu is over-burdened with work and responsibilities. Rashmi presents Rohit to Diwan and he agrees to hire him.

Rashmi has a hunch that Moti Babu is not as honest as he appears to be and tells Rohit about it. Rohit immediately begins auditing the records and discovers that the entries are not correct and a huge sum of money has been missing.

Moti Babu, scared that the truth will come out, plots against Rohit. Since Rashmi is so fond of him, the best way to get Rohit out of his way would be to somehow make her dislike him. As a part of the plan, they have a celebration with lots of Bhaang followed a dance Satra baras ki.

And with the help of Bahadur and Bijli he manages to prove that Rohit tried to rape Bijli and has cheated on Rashmi. As per Panchayat’s decision, a punishment, he’s thrased in front of the villagers and asked to leave the place immediately.

Moti Babu is celebrating his victory with Bahadur and Bijli. Rashmi happens to witness this and is disgusted. Much against Diwan’s and Moti Babu’s wish she leaves the house and runs away with Rohit singing Hum dono do premee . They go to Bombay and get married in a temple.

Two men show up at his office and they wake him up from his reverie. They introduce themselves as Inspector Tiwari and Inspector Sinha and enquire about a girl with an attache – Sonia. They tell him that she has stolen some valuables and has run away, and they are investigating the case. Though suspicious, Rohit doesn’t reveal her whereabouts. He goes to his quarters and confronts her. But she tells him she hasn’t stolen anything and gives him her mother’s letter. After reading it he’s convinced that she’s innocent.

He comes back to his office. It’s raining very heavily outside. Standing by the window he stares out and gets into a flashback mode again. This time the newly wed Rashmi and Rohit are singing Bheegi bheegi raaton mein in the rain.

Brought up the way she was, Rashmi doesn’t know much of household work. She has a tough time trying to learn how to cook. They get acquainted with Chetan Kumar (Asrani), who lives in the floor below and become friends with him. He also helps her develop her culinary skills

Rohit works for Bombay Publicity, an Ad Agency and Rashmi, on the other hand gets bored sitting at home the whole day with nothing to do. Since she has a good knowledge of colors she starts painting (inspired by Chetan) and wants to gift the painting to Rohit on his birthday. One fine day Chetan suggests her to start modelling.

Having seen how his boss, M.M. Puri (Madan Puri) deals with models, Rohit’s not happy about the modelling idea.

(That’s one of the models with M.M. Puri – I found her so much like Rakhee Sawant)

But Reshmi, with a wealthy background is not used to live the way she is living and doesn’t like compromising for every little thing. And she remains adamant about her decision until Rohit gives in. Indifferences start creeping in but Rohit is understanding and does all he can to keep Rashmi happy, though his ego keeps coming in between (sounds conrtadicting?). In no time she becomes a top model and even goes on to win a beauty pageant. And she’s so thrilled about it.

Soon after, she realizes she’s expecting. She wants to pursue her career and thinks it’s not the right time to start a family and even thinks of going for an abortion. But Rohit wants the child. So she decides to keep it. One day Rohit calls and when she goes down to Chetan’s flat to answer the call, she slips and falls down the staircase. This results in a miscarriage. But Rohit feels she got an abortion done and gets mad at her. They have a row and he walks out of the house. Having realized that he over-reacted, he comes back home in the evening and apologizes but only after a while he finds out that Rashmi has left the house and gone.

He later on learns from Chetan that she had fallen down and had a miscarriage. He calls her but she desont speak to him. He resigns from Bombay Publicity and he sets out to bring her back. He goes to Diwan’s house but learns that they have left the place and gone on a vacation. Noone knows when they’ll come back. Devastated, he goes to his uncle’s house. There’s a letter for him there, a legal notice asking for a divorce. Not knowing what to do next, he seeks employment and with the help of Mr. Saxena (Mama’s friend), he gets the post of a Station Master at a remote hill station, Deena Pur.

Back to present…he’s at work and Mr. Saxena comes to meet him. He’s surprised to see Mr. Saxena at such a remote place. To this , Mr. Saxena says he had come hunting with Diwan Sardarilal, who has put up at a place named Karimganj, near by.

He leaves for Karimganj to meet Rashmi. But he is humiliated by Diwan and Moti Babu because he is poor. He also vows that he’ll earn enough money and get Rashmi back.

But he doesn’t know how to get so much of money. He eyes the safe with Sonia’s attache. And next, he is arrested for Sonia’s murder.

Did Rohit really kill Sonia? Why did he take Sonia to his quarters? And who was Sonia in the first place?  What were his intentions? Is Rohit the Ajnabee who nobody actually knows? Will he be proved guilty? What happens to Rashmi and Rohit’s relationship? Will they get back together or will Rohit be sentenced to death/life imprisonment?

Few loopholes – Though Rashmi knows what Moti Babu is upto, Diwan never gets to know about it. And she also doesn’t do anything to get him caught. What’s Chetan’s profession? It’s never expalined (or was it deleted from DVD?) – he’s shown as an artist who sits at home painting, but once Rashmi decides to take up modelling, he becomes her photographer. And he’s an MC for the Beauty Pageant contest!

It’s a nice movie (though not one of my favourite Rajesh Khanna movies) – Story is quite convincing, but very predictable. Lovely tracks and good performance. But what I liked the most was Prem Chopra’s sidelocks 😉


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14 Responses to “Ajanabee (1974)”

  1. dustedoff Says:

    I don’t remember too much about this film either (well, not the loopholes you’ve mentioned, at any rate), but oh, Zeenat Aman looked so pretty! And the songs are excellent – especially the title song. I love it!

  2. bollyviewer Says:

    Sounds like a whole year’s worth of soap opera material squeezed into one film! I dont remember much about this film either – apart from Ek ajnabi haseena se which I thought was from a Rajesh Khanna-Simple Kapadia movie. So clearly, I remember nothing! Zeenat does look lovely in your screen shots, though – wouldnt mind watching just for her.

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      True….lots of drama. Unlike Ittefaq, this movie has all the possible bollywood masala sqeezed in. Not much of a suspense…very predictable story, and the way it’s revealed also is not all that great. But yes….you could surely watch it for Zeenat and for the songs.
      Rajesh Khanna – Simple Kapadia is Anurodh. I have that movie too but don’t have time to watch it at the moment 😦

  3. Suhan Says:

    Not one of my favorite RKs either but the music is fantastic. Memsaab did a review of this some time back [one of her early ones before her RK love started :-)] and there’s quite a bit of discussion there in the comments section.

    http://memsaabstory dot wordpress dot com/2007/12/16/ajanabee-1974/

    Enjoyed your RK week–thanks!

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      Thanks for that link. I haven’t been able to visit her site for more than a week. Overloaded with work. Will go through it soon. It’s always a pleasure to read her reviews.
      And thanks to you too! 🙂

  4. V. Manohar Says:

    Very good review Sunheriyaadein and thanks.

    Ajanabee is one my favourite movie of super Rajesh Khanna of all times. During 1974 it was super hit movie.

    AJANABEE – 1974.


    Middle-classed young and dashing Rohit Kumar Saxena falls in love with wealthy and lovely Reshmi, and both decide to get married. Reshmi’s dad, the wealthy Diwan Sardarilal is strongly opposed to this marriage, but relents when Reshmi refuses to marry anyone else. As a result, Rohit and Reshmi get married. Shortly after their marriage, Reshmi gets pregnant, news that is very well received. Then Reshmi enters a beauty pageant, and wins it – being crowned Miss India, with offers to travel abroad. Reshmi decides that she does not want the child now, but Rohit opposes this decision. Both quarrel, and separate, and Reshmi goes back to live with her dad. Shortly thereafter, Sardarilal sends a legal notice to Rohit asking for a divorce. Devastated, Rohit seeks employment, and finds it as a station master at a remote hill station. He meets with Reshmi and her dad, and is humiliated because he is poor. He decides to accumulate enough money to win back Reshmi’s love, and decides to do it quickly. This decision results in his being arrested for stealing a suitcase full of jewelery and valuables, and he is also charged with killing the owner of the suitcase – a Miss Sonia. Looks like Rohit’s dream of getting back together with his wife will remain unfulfilled during this lifetime.

    Producer :
    Girija Samanta

    Director: Shakti Samanta

    Music Director : RD Burman

    Lyrics writer : Anand Bakshi.

    Star Cast:

    Super Star Rajesh Khanna
    Zeenat Aman
    Yogita Bali (i)
    Madan Puri
    Prem Chopra
    Chandrashekhar (i)
    Babban Yadav
    Uma Dutt
    Manmohan Krishan
    Raj Mehra
    Asit Sen
    Hari Shivdasani


    Song 1 : ham dono.n do premii duniyaa chho.D chale
    Song 2 : ek ajanabii, hasiinaa se, yuu.N mulaakaat, ho ga_ii
    Song 3 : bhiigii bhiigii raato.n me.n

    Super Star Rajesh Khanna – He reveals a part of life’s deeper essence :

    Few are the actors that have earned their faces on celluloid forever. Such a one is Rajesh Khanna. The hardest thing in the world is to become what in truth you are. Mr.Khanna interprets the world’s spectacle so concisely that he reveals a part of life’s deeper essence, its wondrous function by his transformation of it. He expresses contradictory charms, conjures them into the locus of the human occasion to express its long lost tenderness. Responsive to multiform shades of emotion, from bliss to despair, chromatic moods that resonate with humanity’s emotional receptivity, rather than their encyclopedic knowledge. Khanna’s acting excellence is the potentiate memory of the future and that is how the spiral trajectory of our senses once awakened is able to be touched and re-invigorated in our hearts, now and forever by Rajesh Khanna.

  5. harvey Says:

    i love the songs of this movie!
    They are simply great! pancham at his best!
    Zeenat Aman looks lovely as well. Though she couldn’t act, she was nice to look at!

  6. bollywoodeewana Says:

    I myself love the songs, i’m yet to watch the films though, i love all your screen caps what a quality dvd from Shemaroo. bheegi bheegi raaton mein is one of my favourite rain songs ever

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      I watched the movie just because of the songs. I had seen it long ago, and I had forgotten the entire story (actually there’s nothing much in it to remember).
      Fantastic music…I love the title track the most but Bheegi bheegi raaton mein definitely finds its place in my personal favourite rain songs too

  7. Swarjit Biswas Says:

    You’ve provided excellent stuff, I love this move very much. It reminds me my childhood days. I love the music too, here I provide the link where You can Download Ajnabee 1977 High Quality MP3 songs free, Enjoy it with your friend who love listening Kishor Kumar Songs.

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