Ten of my Favourite Dilip Kumar Songs

As Dilip Kumar (Yusuf Khan) turns 87 today, here’s wishing him a great day, lots of happiness and good health! ūüôā

Dilip Kumar is considered to be one of the greatest actors of Indian cinema. Starting his career in 1944, he has starred in some of the biggest commercially successful films from the late 1940s, 1950s, 1960s and 1980s. His performances have been regarded as the epitome of emoting in Indian Cinema. He was the first actor to receive a  Filmfare Best Actor Award and holds the record for most number of Filmfare Awards won for that category (8 filmfare awards for Best Actor and 19 Nominations , now isnt that something???) !!!

He has done a wide vareity of roles  (be it romantic, comic, social, negative, historic) and is better known as the Tragedy King of Indian Cinema.

1. Ude jab jab zulfen teri (Naya Daur, 1957) : This was one of the biggest hits of the year and it grabbed 3 filmfare awards : Best Actor (Dilip Kumar), Best Music Director (O.P Nayyar) and Best Story (Akhtar Mirza). One of the most successful films of B.R Chopra, this movie was set in post-independence India where Industrialization is slowly creeps in and the impact it brings when the son of a rich landlord (Jeevan) begins operating a bus service in the town of Tangawallahs, who earn their livlihood transporting people from one place to another by Tangas(horse Рcarts). 

I had seen this movie long long ago (around 12 years back)¬†but I still remember quite a lot of it. To start with, it’s music. It has some great songs, be it Ude jab jab zulfen teri¬†, O.P Nayyar’s signature song¬†– Maang ke saath tumhara, Yeh desh hai veer jawaanon ka, Saathi haath badhana¬† or Reshmi Salwar Kurta Jali Ka. ¬†Then the starcast – Dilip and Vaijanthi¬† made a great pair (though originally Madhubala was¬†signed to do the role of Rajni), Ajit, Jeevan, Leela Chitnis all were wonderful in this film.

2.  Suhana safar aur yeh mausam haseen ( Madhumati, 1958) : Directed by Bimal Roy, this movie was one of the earliest movies that dealt with the concept of reincarnation. Though Dilip sahab didnt bag an award, the movie went on to win 8 filmfare awards РBest Movie, Best Actress (Vaijanthimala), Best Director (Bimal Roy), Best Music Director ( Salil Chowdhary), Best Supporting Actor (Jhonny Walker ), Best Art Direction (Sudhendu Roy), Best Payback Singer (Lata Mangeshkar) and Best Editing (Hrishikesh Mukherjee). This movie was a musical delight.

3. Do sitaron ka zameen par hai milan (Kohinoor, 1960) :  The Tragedy King and the Tragedy Queen of Bollywood come together in this light-hearted fairy-tale movie. They both look so good in this song and it really feels great to see both of them smiling throughout. Music by Naushad is very melodious and along with this,  Madhuban mein radhika nache re   was very popular. Dilip Kumar  went on to bag a filmfare ward for Best Actor once again for his role as Rajkumar Dhivendra Pratap Bahadur Chandrabhan.

4. Tu kahe agar (Andaz, 1949) : Three reigning stars of the era in the same movie caught in a love triangle!!! I dont remember the details, but had really enjoyed watching it. Dilip Sahab in a grey shade (wont say negative) – heroes those days were expected to sacrifice their love for their beloved’s happiness. But he pursues Nargis in this movie even after he learns that she’s engaged to Raj Kapoor.

5.¬†¬†Nain lad jaye hain¬†¬†(Ganga Jamuna, 1961) :¬†¬†Produced by Dilip Kumar himself, the film stars real life brothers Dilip Kumar and Nasir Khan as two brothers on opposing sides of the law – where Dilip Kumar plays a leader of a dreaded band of killer bandits and Nasir Khan, a Police officer (story sounds familiar???).¬† The music of this film is by Naushad and the lyrics by Shakeel Badayuni. It’s a beautiful composition. All the songs (Dagabaz Tori Batiyan, Dhoondho Dhoondhore Sajna, Do Hanson Ka Joda, Insaf Ki Dagar Pe, Jhanan Ghoonghar Baje) from this movie are really nice and they were big hits too.

6. Insaaf ka mandir hai ye (Amar, 1954) : I have always loved this song. Though it’s not my usual romantic, fun-filled type, it’s a great composition, beautifully rendered and brilliantly portrayed.¬† I just¬†came across¬†a comment on youtube, a fact that never struck me as such but is really amazing :

“Given the essentially Hindu ethos of the song, when you consider the fact that ALL the key people involved in the song (Writer – Shakeel Badayuni, Music Director – Naushad, and both the actors) were muslims, you have to bow your head to this demonstration of trueÔĽŅ secularism.”

7. Pyaar kiya toh darna kya (Mughal-E-Azam, 1960) : Though this movie doesnt need an  introduction, here are few facts (courtesy : wikipedia) :
It’s an Indian epic film produced and directed by K. Asif. With its lavish production, K. Asif’s magnum opus took nine years and Rs 10.5 million to finish. The film broke box office records in India when released and held the record for the highest grossing film ever until the 1975 film Sholay broke its record.

This was (counting Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Devdas) the most expensive film ever made in Indian history. Tailors were brought from Delhi to stitch the costumes, specialists from Surat-Khambayat were employed for the embroidery, Hyderabad goldsmiths made the jewellery, Kolhapur craftsmen designed the crowns, Rajasthan ironsmiths crafted the weapons, and the elaborate footwear was ordered from Agra. For the battle sequence, 2000 camels, 4000 horses and 8000 troops were used, many of them soldiers on loan from the Indian Army. Altogether the film cost Rs. 1.5 crores (38.29 crores in present terms).

It’s not just the movie that created a history, the song “Pyar Kiya To Darna Kiya” has an unusual history to it:¬† it was written and re-written 105 times by the lyricist, Shakeel Badayuni, before the music director, Naushad, could approve of it; it was shot in the renowned Sheesh Mahal (Palace of Mirrors); and in those days of sound recording, editing and mixing, as there was no way to provide the reverberation of sound, Naushad had Lata Mangeshkar sing the song in a studio bathroom.

8. Saala main toh saab ban gaya (Sagina, 1974) : Not one of my best songs, but this song definitely pops up in my head when I think of Dilip Kumar.

9. Tere husn ki kya tareef karun (Leader, 1964) : An award winning performance by Dilip Kumar, yet again!!! This movie has some very romantic numbers : Aajkal Shauq-E-Deedar Hai, Ek Shahenshah Ne Banvake, Hameen Se Mohabbat

I was¬†really confused as to which song to actually put in the list because I like all the songs in this movie. But then felt, as long as I mention them, it doesnt matter ūüėÄ

10.¬† Imli ka boota (Saudagar, 1991) : One of his later successes, this movie brought back Dilip Kumar and Raj Kumar together after almost three decades (they last appeared together in Paigham in 1959).¬† It’s a very cute song and feels so good to see both of them so happy and cheerful¬†singing “imli ka boota beri ka ped, imli khatti meethi ber” at this age.¬†And their chemistry is rocking!!!

As a youth,¬†Manoj Kumar¬†admired Bollywood superstar Dilip Kumar so much that he decided to name himself Manoj Kumar after Dilip’s character in Shabnam (1949). Though it sounds little wierd (no offense meant), I wonder if anybody else has gone to the extent of changing¬†his(her) name and making a mark in the same industry as Manoj Kumar did. If we look at it in one way, I think it’s the biggest tribute one actor could pay to another actor.

He’s definitely a great combination of good looks and great performance. An actor who everyone looks up to. Happy Birthday Dilip Sahab!!!


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18 Responses to “Ten of my Favourite Dilip Kumar Songs”

  1. dustedoff Says:

    Good list! I love the songs from Madhumati, Naya Daur and Kohinoor in particular – though my favourite song from Kohinoor is Madhuban mein Radhika naache re. Despite the fact that I’m not a fan of classical music, I love that song – it’s fabulous!

    Oh, and Shaam-e-gham ki kasam from Footpath (though I’ve not seen the film), and Aaj ki raat mere dil ki salaami le le from Ram aur Shyam. That film had a couple of good songs too.

    BTW: Love those photos at the end of your post.

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      Thanks ūüôā
      Same here, I love the songs from Madhumati, Naya Daur and Kohinoor. I rewatched Kohinoor today, will put up a review in the evening.
      Oh yes, Aaj ki raat mere dil ki salaami is very nice and it was there in my list too but didnt realize that I had already crossed the limit of 10 songs. Hopefully, it’ll find a place in the list I’m making for Rafi, but again just to choose 10 songs of Rafi is going to be really tough.
      I was searching for his pics and came across those…they looked classic and I really liked them myself, so thought I might as well put them up.

  2. bollywooddeewana Says:

    Great list of all you’ve posted i only knew of suhana safar and uden jab zulfen teri from Naya daur and the one from Andaz. Whata ahndsonme young man he was, here are some i would pick if i were to make a lsit

    Toote na dil



    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      Yup, he was indeed a very handsome man, and looked great esp in his B/W days.
      I like all the songs from Andaaz. Mere pairon mein is nice as well. I hadnt heard Hum mehnatkash . Thanks for this one ūüôā

      • Nasir Says:

        To say that Dilip Kumar was handsome is an understatement. Please don’t mind my differing with you. Dilip Kumar was NOT conventionally handsome. However, there was something that left the viewers spell-bound when he made his mere screen-presence. It was this special charm, persona and aura of Dilip Kumar that electrified the screen. Not to speak of his acting and performance!

      • sunheriyaadein Says:

        ūüôā His acting and screen presence apart, he had this charm that was so fascinating. And I find him very good looking. I just couldn’t take my eyes off him while watching Kohinoor

  3. bollyviewer Says:

    I have recently been delving into his old B/W films and he is superb in them. Plus, his films from the 40s and 50s are way better than anything his contemporary actors made – very depressing too, but always with so much substance to them.

    My list of favorite Dilip songs would include almost everything from his B/W days – especially all the lovely haunting ghazals Talat Mahmood sang for him. dustedoff has already mentioned my favorite one, but I love Yeh hawa yeh raat yeh chandni (Sangdil), Jab jab phool khile (Shikast), Ek main hoon ek meri (Tarana), too. Oh! I would also include the songs my favorite Dilip-Meena film, Azaad – another comedy starring the tragedy King and Queen. Hmm… I should not even try to make a top 10 Dilip songs, obviously – I couldnt limit myself to 10, 20, or even 100! ūüôā

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      Thanks a lot for those lovely numbers. Talat’s ghazals are really superb! And though most of his roles/movies were depressing, he was fantastic in those roles.
      I have seen very few movies of his (and I am glad about it, or else I wouldnt have been able to make this list either) ūüôā

  4. Callie LaDay Says:

    Excellent post here. Thank you for a very educational site! Have you seen Veer Zaar yet? I think you would enjoy watching it if you have not. Excellent movie. Visit my site if you’d like to read more. Cheers!

  5. Nasir Says:

    Not to forget the all-time classics: O DUUR KE MUSAAFIR from Uran Khatola (1955) and MEREE KAHAANEE BHOOLNE WAALE from Deedar (1951). These used to be the bench-mark of the aspiring singers, (professional or bathroom) with the light number SUHAANEE RAAT DHAL CHUKEE.

  6. sunheriyaadein Says:

    I have only listed the first ten songs that came to my mind (tried limiting myself to songs from the movies that I have seen) at that time. There are so many other lovely songs…I’ll try to put them in other posts soon ūüôā

  7. Riyaz Hussain Says:

    Hello. Assalamoalykum Mr Yusuf Khan this is Riyaz Hussain M from uttar Pradesh (Moradabad) meri age 22 yers hai, mai aapko bahut pasand karta hun maine aapki bahut sari movi dekhi hai, yusuf sahab mai aapki qadar karta hun aour aapka bhala chahta hun ye dunya jo allah subhana ba tala ne banai aour is dunya mai sabse khubsurat insaan ko paida kiya to isliye ki hum uski ibadat karen aour usse har waqt toba karen taki wo hume maaf kar de mai apne aour aapke humare tamam musalmaan bhaiyo ke keliye allah se dua maangta hun ki wo marne se pahle har musalmaan ki magfirat farma de aap allah ko yaad karen be shaq allah bada meharwaan nihayat reham wala hai, yusuf sahab mujhe aapse milne ki tamanna hai insha allah kabhi allah ne mouka diya to zarur mulakaat hoge mujhe yakeen hai ki jab tak mai aapse nahi milunga aapko insha allah kuchh nahi hoga, allah hafij aapka best freind Riyaz Hussain.

  8. Dr Kazi Says:

    Dr , Professor Kazi:
    19 April 2012 Reply
    Hello. I am a great fan of Dilip and I started watching when I came from my village and fortunately I saw first film ANN . He is like my family member. My views about him are unique. He is better than Marlon Brando and there is no body in Bollywood who can stand next to him in the past or future. I met him to know that he rejected role in Lawranec of Arabia which was given to Omar sharif . I am also a fan of Omar Sharif. But in our language we say ” where Rajabhoj and where is Gangu Teli”..

    • sunheriyaadein Says:

      So good to know that you are such a great admirer of Dilip ji. He was a great actor and is incomparable.So, you found out why he had rejected the role in Lawrence of Arabia when you met him?

  9. Shahbaan Says:

    I like this songs for dilip kumar.

  10. Bspenwala Says:

    You should also include these two songs.
    Film aan mohd rafi – maan mera ehsaan
    Film leader mohd rafi – humi se mohabbat humise ladaai
    Excellent music n superb acting by dilip. Kumar

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